How To Sell Perfume Online

guys welcome make that sea change Paul

here with you again today and today we

honor how look at how to sell perfume

online now this is quite an interesting

one I actually had quite a bit of fun

writing this one mainly for the fact

that it's a real challenge I think when

you're looking at something like this

because online you can't smell perfume

which is its number one selling

requirement I mean if you go into a you

know going to a department store or you

know designer store pick up a bottle of

perfume take it away because you like

the bottle you do it because you put

them on little bits of cardboard and you

smell them and you test them put money

skin and see how I feel etc so if you're

looking to sell online you don't have

those tangibles that you have in a store

which is what makes it a little bit more

interesting but certainly not something

that's not possible because whilst it is

something that people when they look at

buying parfum they didn't want to smell

it I don't want to feel it cetera they

do however get to know certain brands

and the world of perfume is

predominantly I shouldn't say work

control predominantly stopped by the

designer brand I was no Dolce Gabbana's

Chanel DKNY Ralph Lauren those sort of

those sort of designers apart from

clothes almost all of them have

fragrances that they that they release

as well as part of their their portfolio

so let's have a look at how to sell

perfume online now the first thing I've

looked at here is just keeping in line

with everything else that we we want to

make sure when we if we're going to step

into an online market me if perfume is

something that you're interested in

passionate about and want to make money

out of online then we need to look at

something to make sure that there's a

market there so what I've done is I've

gone into jacksie which is a keyword

tool instead of looking at the search

numbers just to see what's about so

39,000 people odd per month search for

perfume Dolce & Gabbana has about

seventy seven and a half thousand

searches Burberry perfume

and dodging about a light-blue perfume

of the first ones that come up so you

can see that people are searching for

those brand names that I mentioned

before which is helpful because if they

know it they don't likely buy it online

especially if they get it cheaper then I

would look for perfume sale because I'm

thinking people want to buy perfume they

might want to buy it on the more

budget-friendly it levels

1200 people search for both for perfume

sale angel perfume sell perfume stores

in particular areas obsession branded

perfume sales so that's you your

designer brand labels as well so again

now mr. armors big as what they were for

perfume but there's a definite interest

there in people wanting to buy perfume

and I just went back and had a look at

that first one I mentioned that does on

brands couple of times I've mentioned in

the first post how there was a lot of

interest in those so dr. Jacob and

perfume gets seven and a half thousand

searches per month as I mentioned Chanel

six thousand per month Dior 15,000 per

month Hugo Boss four thousand per month

for the aftershave and odie colonge

men's stuff so that what's that tell us

the sales has two things there's a big

interest in the branded and designer

label stuff there and people search for

discounted options there as well so I

mean if you go to a you know a boutique

department store I don't know

we call them iron David Jones here

Macy's maybe Bloomingdale's are the ones

that I know of I don't know of any of

the European ones my apologies but they

will have a genuine you know the retail

prices so uh above a perform in cook

excuse me Bloomingdale's might cost you

eight on a box whereas people looking

online to buy for fifty or sixty so

that's what I'm talking about with a

discount at range and there is quite a

few sites that do that okay so we're now

a sustainable as far as searching search

requirements if we look at the trends

over the last past five years its

maintained as interest big spikes around

Christmas but Friday time so obviously

it's a because it's a gift

by that as gifts or what to be honest

they probably buy it once a year because

it might take me a year to run through

it so but definite spikes of that at

that time of year but interest is

maintained well throughout the year so

at the end of the day if we're looking

for perfume the numbers are huge

actually in sales women right that

thirty-one point five billion dollar US

dollar industry per annum so people who

spend money on it and these numbers here

as shown that they will spend it online

so a good market here and if it's

something you're interested in let's get

keep going okay so the first thing to

look at when you if you're looking to

sell perfect online perfume is a niche

and it's a smaller nice so it might be

something that you can cover in general

sometimes if we talk about only one

recently on home products and that's a

massive niche broken down into sub

niches like furniture foot bed and bath

and bedding home decor outdoor excuse me

oh excuse me

outdoor furniture and the life is all of

your submissions within the home

products niche when it comes to perfume

probably don't have that wider array of

submissions but it is something to think

about if you if you if you want to talk

about something that you know about or

something you think you've got a good

idea to sell through you might want to

break it down we've already discussed

something about the use designer brand

names which is a sub niche you have

women perfumes I've show for men

chemical free pet and vegan perfumes are

actually quite an emerging market vegan

and chemical free perfumes in particular

or good emerging markets might be

something to jump on there I've actually

even seen a CBD oil based perfume I

couldn't find the side but I have seen

it in in my travels in the past so it

might be something to look at as well so

yes I think about that so the first

thing to think about is what nice you're

doing just if you go too big it might be

hard to narrow to get into a good rhythm

with all your post because you're trying

to cover too much but that said perfume

I think you could probably do as a

general make sure you know about it have

an interest in it and we can go from

there if you're still struggling with

that think about it from a

problem-solving point of view

now think about all the searches you do

online there's a very very high chance

that the searches you do online are to

do with solving a problem so in the

perfume side of things it might be I

need a perfume that's good for sensitive

skin what's the best perfume what's the

longest lasting perfume I can find

what's a perfect one of the best

chemical free perfumes are there generic

options for the perfumes like God there

are my problems I want to buy a good

perfume for my friend's wedding those

sort of things are the problems that

people would search for things like I'm

allergen allergic the chemical based

perfumes are they deported homely there

are the problems that I have you will

solve those problems with your sub-niche

and the way that you sell that sell the

products that you deal with so if you're

dealing with women's perfumes it might

be what's a good perfume for sensitive

skin or might be what is a very floral

smelling scent it might be one of the

most masculine female perfumes some

females like someone some ladies like

the young the more woody masculine smell

perfume so that could be an avenue that

you could go down in your posts so think

about the problems you're going to solve

within the sub niche that you've got it

could be matching products to use which

is the best ones to buy design label

perfumes for example what's best what's

the difference between a perfume and an

elite well a percentage of perfume or

apparently all those sort of things are

what you're what you're looking at for

solving problems then the third thing of

it thing to do with that then is who are

you going to target so if you're going

to write think about even a designer

perfumes I mentioned before about exotic

perfume being in Macy's and designer

perfume online that's discounted if

you're looking at the luxury end of

designer perfume you're not going to be

aiming your post at the budget market if

you're looking in the budget market

you're not going to be writing about

buying the most expensive Chanel perfume

you can from from Harrods in London I

think so you need to make sure that the

excuse me you need to make sure the

people you are writing your post for

matching the niche you've got and the

problems you're trying to solve so

someone might want to specific so you

need to make sure that Irani

all you know about that specific perfume

or as some of my go your photos making

your perfume what's the best one I can

get for 50 bucks so it might be the best

speaking you know eight best fifty

dollar perfumes on the market or

something like that could be how to

target that audience and solve their

problem there are like anything there

are collectors people click perfumes so

they're going to want to know how

compares to the others they've got or it

might just be here so I just released

get into it so if you if you know that

someone is going to buy the latest

release get it to them so they can buy

it don't spend hours and hours now I was

talking about they can get a cheaper

here and cheaper they're cheaper there

just get in front of them and if you

laughter if you're doing about race and

then we just want to find it just tell

us what there is how much it is and let

us buy it again we don't want to be

bombarded with you know buy the latest

there's a dollar brand from Harrods we

want to just be able to find another

shape that we can buy and go from it so

deep so that's the three things to

consider if you're looking to sell

perfume online what is your niche are

you going to keep it as a perfume niche

or break it down what problems are you

looking to solve within that niche and

who are you targeting

write that down and have a good idea of

it in your head because that's would

move on to the next section you'll

probably want to reflect back to that

and think about that as well now before

we do continue on if you are looking to

get started and sewing perf in my life

and you're not quite sure where to get

started with with all this other stuff

there are a couple of banners in this

page about a four-step method to make

you money online which is find a niche

we talked about perfume you'll need to

build a website we'll discuss that in a

second you'll need to solve attract

audience which is solving your problems

and you'll need to monetize your site

which is what we're going to talk about

now so if you think helping any of that

click on these big red buttons on these

banners and I will help you out you'll

get in there for free you'll be able to

build a free website okay the first one

we can look at when we talk about

selling these perfume

selling products online is affiliate

marketing now we're talking about the

online sales here so affiliate marketing

is the first one what that entails is

you write about we mentioned desire

perfumes before so say for example

Chanel is releasing a new designer

perfume Chanel number six convertible

ambition I know Chanel number five but

there could be Chanel number six so

you're right all about Chanel number six

what you will then do is you will refer

your readers you will put a link in your

post or a banner in your post your rinse

will click on that they'll get sent off

to another site hot perfumes or can't

remember any other names and they feel

at least I've got they will they will

then do the purchase do the sale the

customer buy from them they pay your


so that's effective what affiliate

marketing is you write about the product

link it off to another program another

another website where they the reader

purchases and then you get a commission

for that purchase that's how it works as

you go through just kind of searching

and type of affiliate perfume and you'll

bring up all sorts one that's one in

here for love scent perfume affiliate

perfume calm so if I'm writing all about

perfumes if you're in a budget one this

site this I could Derick perfume there

is sites chemical free and vegan

perfumes so you can go through do your

searches find your filly programs then

you apply for them make sure they match

your niche make sure they match the

problems you're solving mesh well and

that your target audience and then you

apply to join make sure you don't do a

half page over the application because

they will reject you they want to know

that you're going to put a whole whole

effort into selling their products but

affiliate marketing is one thing you can

do have a read more it but I've gone to

it in a way more detail a person and we

look through that as well next one is

drop shipping now drop shipping is a

similar to affiliate marketing the main

difference being is well affiliate

marketing as I said you you write about

a product you click on a link person

goes after that vendors website and


at the price I've set with drop shipping

that first parts are same except when it

comes to the sale

you've already struck up a wholesale

deal with the supplier so you managed to

sell at your end at whatever price you

see fit so if an affiliate marketing you

send someone off to a website they pay

80 bucks for a a bottle perfume you

might get a 10% commission if you're in

drop shipping and you can purchase that

product for $60 and then you sell it for

$80 you'll make $20 which is more than a

percent but you've had you have to

handle the sale you have to handle the

the customer service you have to handle

all those side of things that with in

affiliate marketing that person does

someone else does for you that's the

difference you but you can't set the

price in so if you buy it for $60 you

might sell it for $70 which gives you a

$10 undercover for the affiliate

marketing sites and you can you make

more sales that way you get less profit

but it's something that you can you can

consider as well so you've got drop

shipping again do a search online you

can find all the drop shipping it's in

the post if you want read for it and

then the third option you've got there

so you can sell your own the process is

called white labeling and similar to

drop shipping you'll find a supplier and

you go out to them and you'll say okay I

like that perfume I like that perfume

can you sell me a hundred bottles of

each of those you bring them in you make

up your own labels you put your own

labels on it you then set up your

website to be like an e-commerce website

or you might sell it on Amazon or

Shopify or eBay or any of those sort of

sort of marketplace sites and you're

selling it as Paul's aftershow Paul's

birth you you know all those sort of

things and you you are you're selling

your own product you can even go as far

as manufacturing own product if you've

got the means obviously the more

advanced you go all this so even

purchasing from from a supplier is going

to cost you more money up front and what

affiliate marketing is so you you have

got that outlay to start with but if you

can build up your label and build up a

good brand following there you're going

to make a lot more money as you move

forward so that's called white labeling

yeah so for all that what do we need to

do we need to build a website

website if your affiliate marketing

dropshipping that's where you write all

your problem-solving post that we

discussed before so the seven best

perfumes under $50

Chanel Hearst I'll take your bar which

is best so you might review both and you

know fine feedback from other people on

what they've liked or not liked about it

and collate all that into a thing into a

post and then people can get a good

version of it I'm allergic to perfumes

what can i buy same write all about

those things on your website then leave

people off the other web affiliate

marketing drop shipping or to your own

product that you might be selling as

well again under the Builder website

there's a big red button says check it

out if you need help building your own

website or setting up your business

click on that button once you build your

website you probably want to look at

some sort of social media so social

media B might be Facebook where you

discuss your your perfumes or discuss

the post that you've done it might be

joining like-minded groups that's a

great idea for finding information on on

anything so going to Facebook and do a

search on groups perfect on perfect in

groups they will they will come up all

over the place you'll better join them

you ain't got to get on there so hey I'm

selling my perfume but you get a real

life up-to-the-minute idea on what

people are looking for people might be

discussing the latest release from DKNY

you get on your website you write all

about it review it get it up there

because you know that's what people are

looking at right now what people might

be discussing about the best ways to

make chemical perfumes last longer so in

your post you go back and you write a

whole big like and post about how to

make your perfumes last longer on the

skin you should help people have that

problem they come in they find your site

so Facebook groups and the like are

really good then if you're looking at

think about that one of the things I

discussed earlier was at the very

beginning was about the intent towards a

perfume you can't smell it you can't

feel it if you're selling it online

think about how the big designer labels

promote their perfumes if you if you're

familiar with Chanel a few years ago

with be here because nicole kidman did

it and she's an Australian actress but

she shots and Chanel

it's for Chanel number five I think it

was could be wrong

and it was all it was her was walking at

night and a big flowing gown in the you

know in the streets of Paris at night

having just come from an opulent

restaurant or something like that

didn't even really mention the perfume

until the very end there was nothing she

did instead and so here's this perfume

that smells like this it was all about

the the atmosphere and a feeling and the

and the exclusivity of of having that

perfume so that's something you can you

kit and you can use Instagram Pinterest

YouTube for any of those sort of things

and it might be Here I am at the beach

and my best perfume at the beach is this

and it's about you at the beach you are

sitting on a towel

enjoying the the surrounds that's what

social media can do for you it can help

you get around those intangibles as well

okay how to make money selling perfume

online let's just recap quickly think

about your niche what are you selling is

it perfume or is it a sub niche of

perfume what problems can you solve for

your readers and who are you targeting

if you've got those three things really

clear in your head then you can start to

work about how you gonna sell it are you

gonna do a fillion marketing you can do

drop shipping are you going to sell your

own through white labeling or something

like that then you'll need to have a

look at building a website you'll need

to set up some social media and you can

join some groups to get some ideas about

what people are talking about that's it

in a nutshell there's obviously a lot

more to it than that so he need me help

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