| Part 1 | How to Make $4000 A Week Selling Fragrances?!?

you know what is up guys today I'll be

showing you how you can make an extra

four thousand to five thousand dollars a

month from selling colognes and perfumes

if you guys have ever seen any of my

previous videos sometimes I talk about

selling video games and actually I've

talked about selling clones before and

fortunately I really didn't get into it

enough to where I was actually trying to

start a business out of it this time is

a little bit different I'm feeling

really passionate about and I think this

could go really well and um I'm gonna

try to just transfer all of the

information I have to you guys so this

video should only be a couple minutes

but it should be very impactful and full

of information so I hope you guys stick

around to the end so real quick I'm

going to show you guys exactly what we

are selling so it's it would look

something like that

if you guys can make that out this says

blue D chance and it's compared it's our

version of blue deschanel so and all

they are is impression two colognes

impression perfumes and I'll even take

one out for you guys real quick to give

you an example but like that would be

it's called verse but it's actually the

golden crystal Versace they all actually

smell similar and they smell awesome so

you know it's a fantastic business and

I've done so well so far just just from

the first lot I've ordered and I plan on

making this a big business for myself

and hopefully just another network of

pass passive income I hop for myself so

you know guys real quick a little tip

for you guys the more amount of income

streams you can create for yourself the

better you want to make sure you can

master that income stream and then move

on build another one master it build on

and you just keep doing that and you

grow and that's how you that's how

people get wealthy fast so little Tim

real quick before I continue guys guys

like to know hair do I look a little bit

like a neo-nazi and I'm okay with that I

tried getting myself a coherent group so

this is where I'm at not really too

concerned so I don't know but yeah guys

I mean there is such potential in this

business and you really can't see that

one but one thing nice about these

comparing this to my video game business

this you can

by Anna limited supply of so whereas the

video games you're only able to get what

you can get and you could sometimes you

can run into you know standstills or you

can never like me right now i can't find

anyone that's selling their video games

and if they are it's way over pricing i

can't even make a profit on it so it's

it that business is tough for that

reason alone other than that is a great

business so if you guys didn't already

check out that video there should be a

link somewhere or something but yeah

that video i talk all about selling

video games and i'm getting a more

detail with that one so check that out

it's underneath my channel and if you

are interested in making more money with

youtube and making more money online and

offline just like this stuff you can

check out my youtube channel and

subscribe and i'll be coming out with a

lot more content like this for the

clozapine guys if you guys want to jump

into this business cuz I think it's just

honestly exploding right now and I'm

doing so well obviously christmas is

coming up so they're just they're

killing it and if you guys are

interested in getting it into it please

get a hold of me at three three zero

five zero seven seven nine seven four

you can also check out in the

description below

I posted my number down there and you

can comment but most the time if you

comment something a question about it

I'm just gonna post my phone number so I

like to do any of my business deals

through texts or through phone call it

doesn't make a difference to me I prefer

those two methods though I think they're

the most efficient that's what I'm

always checking

I don't really check my email and I

really I checked my YouTube maybe once a

day so I hope you guys get a hold of me

you know what even if you're not ready

to buy right now I still want to talk to

you I want to talk about your game

playing a little business you're getting

into I love getting a hold of you guys I

love talking to you is my favorite thing

in the world you know I don't I don't

make enough money on this to do it for

the money on YouTube so I do make a

little bit of money on YouTube but not

enough to the point where it's even

worth it

so the amount of hours I'm putting in I

might be making like fifty cents a

dollar an hour or something like that

but I do it a lot because I really enjoy

growing my business and I enjoy helping

people grow theirs especially kids I

enjoy helping them just get started and

work their way up you know and I you

know obviously I'm still

I'm excited to see how much I can learn

and sometimes I use it as a way to track

my own progress so it's nice checking

back three years ago on videos where I

was talking about you know like knew

half of what I know now so it's

fantastic to see the growth so it's a

great like journaling system I have

actually um so thank you guys so much

for watching I do have some social media

stuff below you can check out also like

I said get a hold of me by text phone

call three through zero five zero seven

seven nine seven four and I love hear

from you guys thank you so much for

watching see ya