How to Sell Perfect Money $ on NAIRA4DOLLAR! Turn your USD to Naira!

I want to do a record in there okay I

read you all right that's my daughter

day saying yeah yeah we are

communicating all right this is the

reader I just did now write 500 100

that's 600 right let me show you how it

has reflected that should be my he me oh


this is Rudra with profits money this is

perfect money notification notify me of

that deposit this is first on dread then

the one above is 500 so meaning I have

me the withdraw of 600 so let's go and

sell it because this video is about me

showing you how to sell your perfect

money now I appreciate if you use my

link in the description below to connect

with naira $4 alright let's go okay here

is my referral link for good profit

money and naira $4 all you need to do is

click on area $4 like this and then you

sign up create an account

I already have an account so all I need

to do this come here and see login into

accounts right so I've click on log into


I should be logging into my account

right now so the first thing you have to

do will be to make your order that's the

first thing you have to do you can see

right here my previous my previous was

it called my previous transaction with

them completed you can see 96,000 this

this was actually my first try out with

them why because I have a lot of student

who I want them to also be using but I

need to test and be sure it's working

well so I'm selling you can also buy and

sell so you click on

you click on cell here which is down

okay maybe I'll go back howdy the game

I'll go back and do it again yeah okay

the first thing you do is you click on

cell here this is you click on cell here

and then you will enter just a minute

okay where you have right up here you

can see where you have buy or sale now

this is by yourself you can see me

selecting you need to click on sell cell

is here okay just a minute I need

okay sorry there I had to step away from

where my daughter is now when I said

click on cell this is what I mean if you

want to buy your click on buy this is

where you click on so when I click on

this what will happen let me show you

I'm clicking on it right now

I flicked on cell so let's see its move


it's loading right so the next thing is

it has loaded now it's gonna give you

this option take a close look at it it's

gonna ask you what do you want to sell

perfect money or Bitcoin I'm selling

perfect money right so you can see

perfect money price is 350 per dollar so

I select perfect money right now select

that perfect money what you observe here

is that I need to zoom him so that you

can see all this information properly

what you observe via is see the rates

the rate is dead the rate will always be

there indicated my bank details has

already been imputed when you are

creating your account you're good impute

that so all I need to do for us to

select my bank amount in USD I have 600

I know you're gonna charge like $5.00 or

$6.00 like 2% 2% of 600 will be like six

six that's 12 so 12 right so I'm gonna

say if you if I have 600 600 - 10 - deal

five ninety so I'm put in five ninety

which is two hundred and six thousand

there right two hundred and six thousand

there that's it so my perfect money

account number

just a minute are the right back I will

copy that and out okay for those who

don't know there are perfect money

number it's always the one that starts

with you now look at it here my starts

with you one two three blah blah blah

blah blah you getting it

now you may be wondering oh how did I

get to know this let me show you I think

I've logged into my perfect money you

can see it here that's where I have the

money says you one two three seven three

three plus six right this is where I am

referring to yes that is the perfect

money ID right that's where I have the

perfect money so since I have the

perfect money bear and I've already

copied the perfect money Heidi I'm going

to head back to my browser where I have

where I'm actually trying to sell I have

because of charges now I believe we are

gonna take like super saying for me to

say that six hundred so I'm going to

impute my number here the one I copied

you one two three seven six six six six

right I can say my second is my second

these actually my second tryout is my

second tryout

so the first I had to test the speed and

accuracy and everything before I can

refer this to people now I can say here

and all you need to do is click on

proceed click to proceed and I say click

to proceed now these are how profit from

trading on binary so I'm trying to cash

it out and turn it into physical cash

what you observe is that you're going to

get this

or that approve now you can see yes a

click here so what you have to do now is

you click here where you have

recommended you click here you click on

it once you click on it it takes you

that's an email confirming the whole

diagnose please you can see it you you

automatically get an email from them

confirming the order now you can see you

have agreed to sell 500 and $90 worth of

perfect money you redirect to a perfect

money secure website now ensure you have

up to 5:19 your preferred money I can

before proceeding you are getting this

now so all I need to do is a transfer

click on transfer once I click on

transfer what is going to do for me is

it will bring me here where I'm supposed

to make this payment excuse me

so all I need to do is click on make

payments you have to make payments are

you getting it so I'm going to right

here I'm going to write the mind second

try out okay so um you can see I have to

log in to my account to allow this so

what I'm doing right now is entering

this torrent number and I'll see preview

payments now it's going to show you what

I have in my own account you can see

what I have in my own account

I have 603 now I'm to pay 601 u13 where

am I getting all this from let me

indicate see the usually childlike about

two percent so two percent of 600 would

be like him to off right yeah twelve so

that's why I reduced it to 590 because I

knew I have some small change there left

so Hal I need to do right now is to

click on confirm payments

now I've click on

from payments and the payment has gone

true right it has controversy continue

now what you observe here is that you

can see here he said below had the

payment details submitted earlier please

verify they are correct they are all


now all this transaction has been

completed now all I need to do is to

wait for Nara $4 to make the payment

into my accounts that's all I need to do

if you want to do a physical transaction

they also have physical location you can

check out how they are let me log in so

that I can show you you can check out

all the videos different location where

you can go there you are still going to

do online transactions you can see the

transaction here you can see the second

transaction here you can see it

that's the 590 that's the second

transaction there you can see it they've

received it they've received it now all

I need is to receive payments from them

that's all I need and this will happen

how within like let me show you the mail

from them so that you get to see okay

all within like oh okay this is when I

meet the Hodor

it was approved right then the next

thing is I'm supposed to get this is

when I made it harder so I'm expecting

two hundred and six thousand right so

two hundred and six thousand five

hundred now that's what I'm expected so

now this is the notification when I

would Dru

now I will do this this is the

notification you can see the

notification from my own perfect money

now the last email I got from them is

this now

your transfer off with the batch number

has been received so they have received


payments of perfect money what happen


listen to that she said I think I should

suck you this so that you get you guys

can get two seats now you see this your

payment will be made within the next 24

to 48 business hours

usually the last time I checked that I

meet such a stuff I think I did it about

7:00 a.m. and by 8:30 by 8 o clock

I've received they start that on D

officially from 8:00 so by 8:45 I

received it almost one hour after I did

all the cool processes so you should

learn to hoe so follow this when hi I'm

gonna post this video and show you when

I received a cash from there just to

complete it look at the time now is 944

so I'm expecting the payment in the nest

in the nest fuel-house so I'm going to

post and then get back to you okay here

we are we have the payment has showed up

right now look at the payment here thus

two hundred and six dollars 206 five

hundred and you can see it's from Nara

$4 yes it's from Nara $4 alright so the

money has showed up which is two six

five hundred Duster minutes that means

the deal and the transaction has been


this is 10:45 you can see is now to an

hour and the payment has been received

206 500 is the amount so transaction has

been concluded now I want to show you

what you should do

in case you try connecting and probably

maybe you need it faster you need the

money faster now you observe that on

naira $4 you have to make your number

please read this smart a lot it's come a

lot we do not give out our bank details

or transaction via social media or

transaction must be done on our website

or any of our offices be we are fake

facebook another account pretending to

be our agent

they are scammers always use the site or

office or confirm from us only here now

there are two numbers I want you to work

with which is one this is for phone

number you want to call them this is the

number you should call zero seven zero

zero four zero zero seven zero zero zero

now that is the number you should call

if you want it fast tracked call that

number now if you want to chat with them

on whatsapp this is the number this is

just what's up only and this is also

their email now about their address I

need to show you the addresses in

different locations you can see them

address here is in the Daisy bar down

there is a bar Donald Daisy Bardo this

is an icon computer village do you have

sir Larry

now I believe so there is the Amedeo and

you see you have them also inside your

shoe that is in Yabba sue ruler a title

for Yabba you can easily contact them

call them hope anytime the principle

applies to both buy and sell you wanna

buy is the same you wanna sell is the

same remember you have to log into your

accounts to do this you have to login

and sure you are logged into your

account to do this this is a simple

process of how to sell your perfect

money to an IRA for dollar and you'll be

able now this transaction is completed

already it is the same process if you

want to buy all you need to do is click

on buy and you fill in the details the

account you want to credit

the perfect money - now this is for my

student if you are buying please note

that don't buy directly from naira $4

directly to your to your binary account

no don't do that

first buy from Nara $2 get the money on

your own passwords money account then

from your own password money account you

will now create a binary platform this

is very important that you follow it is

very important that you follow god bless

you and I will see you on in another


god bless you