Red dead redemption 2 | How to sell pelt / skin

well hello youtube this is Eva last

module today I'll be showing you guys

how to sell pelts or skins of animals

that you skinned and where to sell them

so in order to obviously get skinned you

have to kill an animal I already killed

one and already skinned it I care I

killed a deer and I skinned it and I put

the skin underneath the deer cell socket

I don't have to like do the skinning

part again okay so depending on how you

kill the animal the price of the skin

can go down so if you shoot it which I

did by the way this is just an example

if you shoot it with the arrow

it won't do as much damage as you would

if you were to shoot it with a gun which

I by the way did so my skin is not gonna

be like as like worthy I would say it's

not gonna worth as much so depending on

how you kill it they are there are

rounds that you can use to like prevent

the damage again depending on how you

kill it you can get different prices so

if you wanted to sell a skin you will

have to come to a nearest butcher not

the one in your camp because that guy

will only take it for free because it's

your camp and you can donate it instead

of donating it you could sell it to the

butcher nearest to any town so if you

come to this town over here the nearest

one to this or my camp go to the butcher

over here and you could sell it it

doesn't matter if you have it on your

horse you can carry multiple by the way

so there's a trick if you kill multiple

deer just take their skin put it on top

of each other like three and then put

the deer on top of that that way you can

carry more stuff that that's the thing

that you can do where am I going

I should be going over there I went the

other way sorry okay okay so go to the

the butcher and then you can sell the

meat and you can sell the the skin and

help whatever you want to call it so

I'll take a shortcut over here

he's the guy outside would be I think

like dead things hanging outside not

dead okay it's not hanging but there's

meat all over okay if you well he's only

available at like certain times so if

you look at my Pelt it's not very good

looking yelling yes one side out of

three the pelt from the deer is poor

condition because well I shot it and

shooting it can be a little bad for your

price so I get it I get 90 cents I guess

which is not as bad as like not getting

anything so you can get some money off

of that I get a hunt I get a dollar in

40 cents but basically I just earned two

dollars buy and also you get like like

me and fat and stuff that you know you

can also sell my skinning animals you

can get meat in fact so yeah this is

basically how you sell like pelts and

meat and fat and horns and I guess heads

and carcasses and basically all the

stuff that you you would go get from

hunting anyway hopefully you guys

enjoyed this little tutorial feel free

to subscribe the channel let me know in

the comments what do you guys think of

this game and yeah peace bye