How To Sell Any Property/Vehicle In GTA 5 Online (Full Guide)

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I'll be showing you I can go ahead and

sell your vehicles as well as some of

your properties in GTA online or get a

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today's GTA 5 online video so I've made

a lot of videos in the past I've done it

very well and I thank you so much for

actually supporting those videos as well

but I've made a lot of videos in the

past showing you guys have to go ahead

and sell or refund most of your items

inside the game now first things first I

want to get out of the way that if

you're trying to do this process the

refund process you're gonna have to make

sure that the vehicle or the property

that you bought is purchased within a 2

to 4 weeks now it's if it's after 4

weeks and it's even longer

most likely roxxor will not actually be

able to refund your product because this

is actually past a time frame that

roxtor have the ability to check and see

your history of your purchases so what I

recommend is right when you purchase

something uh probably a Pegasus vehicle

or if you purchase a plane or if you've

got a property and you're trying to get

the most amount of money back especially

now with Rockstar giving back to the

community giving 2 million dollars a lot

of us actually go ahead and purchase

some things that you may might not

actually want and we just want to get a

refund on them so if you want to refund

some of the items and now in specific

gonna be showing you guys a list of what

things you can go ahead and a refund but

if you want to refund your items you're

gonna have to create a ticket or send an

email to them down below inscription

it'll be a link to Rockstar Games

support page and through there you have

to submit your gamertag and etc on all

your details and then you're gonna go

ahead and in the description you're

gonna make kind of like an excuse send

that oh my sibling or something

accidentally went ahead and purchased

this property or vehicle without my

permission and I didn't actually want it

and I want to get a refund on it could I

please get one and you just have to make

some sort of excuse that sounds pretty

reasonable that can get you your

property or your money for your vehicle

back in GTA 5 online now for some of the

vehicles that you will have to get a

refund on or some of the properties even

is that you can essentially do it for

anything inside the game but what I

recommend to doing it on is doing it on

maybe like a facility maybe on a night

club something like that because you

won't be actually be able to get a lot

of money back by

so you're gonna be losing money if you

go ahead and downgrade your properties

or sell them because you most of us

actually do put upgrades on it and with

the upgrades such as like that gun

locker and etc it actually it decreases

the value that you're gonna be getting

back and in all long term you'll

actually be losing money instead of

making money back so that's why I

recommend to refund those types of

things and also some planes and vehicles

maybe you got a luxor deluxe by accident

a ten million dollar golden jet or

whatever go ahead and refund that from

the description through the Rockstar

link right there and that should be able

to help you guys out for that now a lot

of people already know how to sell their

cars on motorcycles if you purchase it

off legendary motorsports southern San

Andreas or if you just got one off the

streets you can go to your nearest Los

Santos customs that's little spray-paint

icon on your map and go there and go

ahead and customize as well sell your

vehicles straight from that place a lot

of people already know that but besides

that you can also go ahead and sell some

of your vehicles like the oppressor mk2

as well as some other Pegasus owned

vehicles as well through your MOC

Avenger or terabyte and most likely if

you have an oppressor mk2 you probably

do have a terabyte at a nightclub so if

you go into your terabyte with your mk2

oppressor you can go ahead and sell it

right through there so if you have a lot

of money or if you spent a lot of money

sorry on them get to a price you're

trying to get some back and you not

actually use your mk2 oppressor anymore

you can go in and sell it right through

there and also if you have a property

for example a apartment now apartment is

one of my making a video on how to sell

your apartment is one of the most viewed

videos on this channel I will not go

back to that and talk to you guys on how

it's very easy to do so but you got to

make sure that your property that you

own is not the cheapest property because

you will not be able to get your money

back now say for example you have the

most expensive property such as the 202

million dollar or 1 million dollar

penthouse in GTA online you can go ahead

and go to purchase the del Piero

apartment which is 200 thousand for

example and go ahead and overwrite your

to are 1 million dollar penthouse

property and be making the difference

back I'll be showing you here two

examples of me actually downgrading my

apartment from the one

dollar penthouse to the $20,000 two-car

garage and making likes four hundred and

seventy or four hundred and eighty

thousand dollars or something like that

and also I actually went ahead and

downgraded my hangar in Fort Zancudo to

the cheapest hangar in Sidell si a and I

went ahead and made 1 million dollars

back from that so you do actually can go

ahead and get a lot of money but just

make sure that you don't have a lot of

upgrades or any upgrades at all on your

businesses because that I can actually

decrease the amount of money that we'll

be getting back

or you might sometimes actually lose

money so just make sure of that if you

do have the orbital cannon that can

actually very much make your price

suffer and you will not be making as

much money at all compared to you not

having the orbital cannon at all so say

for example the property that you're

trying to buy right now is two hundred

thousand and the penthouse that you own

is 1 million you can go ahead and trade

it or downgrade it and make eight

hundred thousand back or 750 thousand

depending on how much the upgrades you

put on the penthouse or whatever you'll

be able to get that difference back onto

your GTA online account and usually most

the time people do do this because a lot

of us actually use our apartments

anymore at all it was only basically

used like the high-end apartments or

essentially to use just for the older

house and not a lot of people actually

play with them but even with the del

Piero $200,000 apartment is still

considered a high-end apartment and

you'll still be able to do highs from

there so that's why this is one of the

best ways these guys can actually go

ahead and make some money back I'll have

an icon on top right a screen that goes

in-depth and I can do this with your

properties as well but yeah guys that's

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