Gta 5 Online How to Sell Pegasus Vehicles

you know what's up YouTube brought me

back here and today I'm going to be

telling you guys I just saw Pegasus

vehicles in Grand Theft Auto 5 online so

whether it further ado let's get into

this video so it's fairly simple to do

my no rock star that actually added this

into the game which I really wish they

would but um so this method um you won't

get banned from this because there's

actually a lot of people doing it right

now and it's really easy so let's do

this so all you're going to want to do

is go onto the Rockstar support page

just search it up on your internet

browser and once you have done that all

you're going to want to do is go to the

help thing and just select the topic and

just say that you want to sell a Pegasus

vehicle so all you have to say is hi

Rockstar support my name is um whatever

and then you're just going to want to

submit that and say that I wish to get a

full refund for whatever Pegasus vehicle

as you want I invent just say I don't

use them whatsoever you're just taking

up space and I would really like to have

my money back they'll be fine with it

and they'll give you a complete refund

now this does work there's probably

going to some there's probably someone's

going to say in the comments or

something that this will get you banned

or something like that well it won't get

you banned because some people have been

saying that in some of my videos but

everything that I post won't could you

bend or will end what how many viruses

so yeah so it's really that easy I've

actually done this once

I sold my Frogger helicopter by doing

this and it's really simple good way to

get a little bit of cash especially if

you did buy a lot of them like I

remember before people used up a ton of

money by all these pegasus vehicles and

then rockstars took all your money away

so what I would say doing is just sell

the Pegasus vehicles and stuff that you

don't want anymore

and then yeah you can just do that now

you can also use this method to sell

your own clothes as well all you have to

say I wish to sell whatever shirt and

you have to be specific it only gets you

a thousand dollars I don't really think

I should use it because it's a thousand

bucks but if you even have like a small

little plane I can get you a hundred

thousand dollars so it's pretty good so

yeah that's really it so I hope you did

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- smart awesome GTI content thanks for

watching I'll see you guys later