so back to it ours hey what's up guys

it's relics year I'm Renu another GTA 5

online video today guys I'm going to be

telling you a brand-new updated method

on how to sell Pegasus vehicles now I

don't know how long this method is going

to be around I don't know if it's going

to work for all of you to be honest it

should work because it's a pretty good

method and yeah I hope you guys enjoyed

the video and let's just get straight

into it

alright so it's fairly simple as you

guys know I've uploaded a couple of

these videos now most of them do not

work anymore because everybody was doing

it so I don't know try not to do if you

guys are all watching this in the same

time we try not to do it all at the same

time but at this exact same time as I'm

saying this I kind of want you guys to

all do it as soon as possible just in

case it does not work in the future so

you know what you guys can do it

whatever you want if it might work for

some of you may not work with another

part of you but like you know it should

work if you're watching this video at

the start right when I upload into the

next week or so so this method is very

simple so I just push is good into it

alright so what you're going to want to

do is either two things you can email or

call I suggest call just be this is a

lot faster you can get your reflect

faster and stuff like that it's really

easy emailing works - it's just it'll

take a little longer 24 hours at maximum

- for them to receive the email and

respond to you so it does take a little

bit longer so I suggest calling just


easier and you can talk one other one

and stuff so yeah let's gonna do it so

let's say you're calling what you're

gonna want to do is call them I actually

want to leave the number if you guys

didn't want to call rocks there um and

Rockstar support actually contact them I

guess about this I mean only the number

down below said you guys want to do that

you guys can go ahead um next thing that

you're going to want to do is you're

going to want to tell them the problem

so you guys can tell them your own

problem if you are having a problem with

the vehicle itself but if you're not

then say something that's very

believable not like um I don't want my

vehicle I want a refund so don't say

that you're them you're not going to get

the refund what you're actually going to

want to say is something like I'm trying

to call my Pegasus vehicle in and it's

not working um now if you are calling

it's a little bit easier just because it

won't take as long so what you're gonna

want to say I'm trying to call my

Pegasus vehicle let's use the dumb truck

for instance trying to call my dump

truck in and it's not working um I've

tried everything I've tried reserving my

game I've tried restarting finding a new

Lobby stuff like that I'm restarting my

console or you can see if that's the

problem with um I just tried calling

Pegasus back and just keep trying to get

one in play it's just not spawning in so

I can not pull my dump truck or whatever

other Pegasus via go out you have

everyone to say that and then see what

they say um if they say any

troubleshooting problems try it out and

then maybe call back but if you already

tried it or it's something like you just

said then just say I've already tried

that anything to work and then what

you're going to want to do from there

it's just more or less just you trying

to persuade them if you're on the phone

if you're emailing try to point at all

anyone and just persuade as best you can

so at this point you're going to want to

say I would like a refund or my money

back or whatever for this vehicle

because I cannot use it and it's just

sitting there I would like to remove it

from my Pegasus vehicle that's

have the money put back in my GTA couch

please that's your evening feeling

emailing them but if you're calling them

just say umm I can't call it in it's not

working I tell them all the issues and

everything like that and then once

you've done that you're just gonna want

to say can I please have a refund or

something because I cannot call it in my

vehicle and I really would like to call

in the vehicle but it's just not working

so once you've done that that's more or

less it it's it's pretty easy to be

honest um it's just you guys got to

think inside the box so that those are

the two methods emailing or calling so

once again I'm going to leave the email

down below and also the number because

the last time I voted you guys are

having trouble finding that so I don't

can be a little bit confusing trying to

find um the actual number and stuff and

also the request submit a request stuff

but it's really easy once you got it you

just got to put in your email on your

gamertag web platform what the problem

is and if you can still play the game

I'm Xia it's that simple it's pretty

easy um and hopefully you guys do at

your money back a couple of times people

have been saying I haven't done it it

doesn't work that's because they already

know that a bunch of people are trying

to do this and it's not working but this

is a new method so try to do it as soon

as possible

um so you can try to get that money back

for the vehicles you're not using I know

I need to get rid of tons of Pegasus

vehicles on this account because I don't

have as much money anymore

and I have 50 pairs of skis or something

41 41

Pegasus vehicles and there's a lot of

them I've never used um I'm pretty sure

the box file I used for the first time

when I bought it so I'm probably never

gonna use that ever again um so yeah

there's vehicles that are wasting money

and sometimes you guys might actually

get a bonus um I saw one person placed

on their video saying um that they

actually got a $100,000 bonus because it

was like an inconvenience or something

so that's pretty cool you guys may be

able to get that as well so an extra

$100,000 you guys can actually spend on

something else which is pretty cool and

yeah that's it so I'm going to go

through it one more time really quickly

you guys are calling just be sure to say

all of the problems that you have so I

cannot call in the vehicle it's not

spawning anywhere I tried every single

thing possible in terms of researching

my game reserving my console calling

back Pegasus stuff like that

and once you've done that you're just

going to want to say I would like I

would like to issue a refund just

because I cannot access this vehicle and

it's sitting there and I wasted a bunch

of money on it that I can and I cannot

use it so once you've done that you're

just going to want to wait for it if

you're waiting for an email or you're

just going to want to wait for them to

respond to you if they're talking on the

phone and if you're talking on the phone

try your best pretend like your life is

at stake here which it isn't but pretend

like your life's at stake that you if

you don't get this vehicle all the money

that back from this um your parents are

going to kill you or something like that

but it's that simple guys hope you guys

enjoyed the video let me know if it did

work for you because if it didn't

I would suggest keep trying and also be

as nice as possible you're gonna want to

be really nice to them you do not want

to be mean and you just don't want to

swear at them and stuff like that

because they probably have to go through

this every day it's their job they go to

probably go through it for like nine

hours and just imagine a bunch of kids

coming in just calling you I start

screaming at you and a lot of stuff it

gets really annoying and probably gonna

say no to that and also it doesn't work

it could just be the person that you're

calling so try calling back maybe like

five or six times right after and you

may get a different person or try every

other hour or something like that who

knows but it could also be that reason

that you're not getting I'm sold so keep

trying um and that's it for the video

guys if you didn't join be sure to leave

a like and subscribe if you're new and

I'll catch you guys in the next video