What are my pearls worth?

hi everybody we're here in downtown

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questions Who am I I am Chris R Burton I

am a part owner of a family business

that has been in operation since 1972

I've worked here full-time since I was

18 years old I am 52 so I have quite a

bit of experience of buying selling and

appraising I have a lot of people that

ask a lot of questions so I've decided

to make these videos to answer questions

so let's get to it let's get right to

answering questions right now a question

I get all the time I almost have a daily

basis as are my pearls worth anything

it's a very interesting question because

historically pearls have been quite


however the reason for that is that

Japan has been the main cultivator of

pearls depends a very small Geographic

country very small landmass surrounded

by saltwater and saltwater pearls are

got out of saltwater oysters that grow

at a very slow rate which is kind of

kept the Pearl market in the stability

for all those years however the Chinese

yes the Chinese have once again entered

a market and have flooded the market of

pearls they have decimated the market

and the way that they did this is they

took a freshwater pearl that grows at a

much faster rate and grows in fresh

water such as a river bed or lake and

they are growing freshwater pearls at an

alarming rate basically it has destroyed

the market so are some pearls worth

something yes if you have Mikimoto

pearls from the 1970s below or even I

guess from the 90s or below as long as

they're marked Mikimoto

it's a brand name if you have that brand

name yes those are valuable send a text

send a picture we'll get a valuation out

to you do you have pearls that are ten

millimeters or larger because that's the

break off point when your pearl gets to

ten millimeters in diameter it becomes

more valuable because it's a rare size

to cultivate also if you have any kind

of odd color large pearl those can be

quite valuable there's abalone pearls

there's different pearls that are out

there again any pearl like that you'd

have to send someone a picture so that

they could verify it for you

and remember if you do have a strand of

pearls and it has a nice heavy gold

clasp or diamonds in the class that can

make it worth as much as well as also so

again feel free to text call we'll be

glad to help you out thanks for

listening thank you everybody for

watching today it's we went through

quite a bit of information so if you do

have any additional questions about what

you saw feel free to call text or email

and also if you have a special item that

you're trying to determine the value or

possibly liquidate that's what we're

here for

send me a picture send me dimensions and

I'll do the best I can to help you

determine a value if I can't buy it I'll

try to put you in the right direction so

again thank you very much for tuning in

today have a great day