hmm oh oh she banky what I'm gang gang

gang it's a girl Principi and we back

one another

what a beggar with some / girls from

Elijah okay also I know previously you

guys saw video of one of my subscribers

aka one of one of my own

other YouTube buddies he um cuz that was

Elijah he sent me a care package and he

sent me some of these girls y'all so I

was like I'm going to well it's feeling

you know open he's on camera for the

gang gang game but before we get into

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check out the family and I'll also have

a large as link below so you guys are

gonna see all his videos open it up

these pearls so he's sent me three I

text him and I was like Elijah high post

openes because Mary Shawn was watching

his videos and he Hal Orchestra Shuker I

was like do I have to come out orange or

sugar he was like no he was a butter

knife so I got about a knife and he told

me I hope you don't get a stinky 100

don't be sending me don't put this C in

the mail okay not do that so we're gonna

go ahead and start opening these he told

me make sure out what her gloves though

so we definitely got the blows on this

is one it smells

okay it kind of smells like kitty litter

with a little bit of alcohol it smells

weird it's not like some stain shrimp

shells with a little bit kill for me

yeah wow I'm excited to see what colors

I'm going to eat so you know I had to

watch a thousand of this tutorials I'm

kind of open these things so this is how

you look up close this is how do you

look so maybe not just well one see that

y'all isn't it so pretty

they're different sizes this camera is

so long like I told you really load this


if only it wasn't so heavy all right so

I'm gonna open the first one see what I

get so I saw all with this sucker he did

it different so I wanna do it the best

way I came without a sucker so he's

gonna oh I think I'm incorrect holding

out shield alright here we go

gotta get up in there girl what some

stuffing in oh oh my

come on office don't come for me in the

comments if a cuz I'm new to this oh


okay look I'm already getting my nose

prepared to see what's about to Trent

happy about to transpire that's how I

look on the inside what got do a little

thing in it but this is the pearl right

here I'm supposed to do like this so get

some real color of pearl is oh so we

just calm about a little white pearl

look at that Wow so I'm gonna put that

one right there yeah see it

I have will have some close-ups I leave

it for y'all can see id have a close-up

right here first one

that is I might turn a hole like a

professional shocker you mean start at

y'all you shucking oysters in there but

are these even really oysters already is

just like another type of creature

like upper JJ

this is way in there

y'all see that look at the pearl it's a

little black pearl strange rocky

smelling me oh yeah this is a pretty one

I'll have a closer go this one

see so we got a white one and a black

one so far I didn't know pearls can come

out to be the color

I thought they died but Dave

I heard the white pearls are worth to

live I'm not trying to give me a couple

stage somebody's Elijah how many steps I

can get it easy bro

okay this one yeah she's not really easy

to sliding like he'll just slide in

there's like here someone get to a place

where I feel like I owe this one might

have a bigger ass probably me I probably

give out 50 stats for this one oh right

maybe why sure you want to open in Excel

out she was Oh Sheikh hmm oh oh she buy


oh she's fine

oh she's like a peach pearl

oh she's peachy oh yeah she's beautiful

I see why he said weird alerts the

gloves whose baby you okay so we got a

white pearl yeah huh that's so silver a

silver pearl we got a black pearl

blackish bluish yeah we got a pink pearl

this was pretty fun I can't wait to do

the other scallops very interesting and

the inside stuff is like real oyster

that's just thing who give this video

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