How to Sell An eBook Online for FREE - Selling Downloadable Files with Koji Tutorial

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i love talking about passive income

ideas on this channel and selling ebooks

is one of the best ways to make money

online it's also one of the easiest

businesses to start because you don't

need any upfront investment except your

time and effort to create the product

yes you can create and sell your ebooks

without any paid platforms and in this

video i will show you how to do it for

free step by step just to make it clear

you don't need any hosting or domain

name and you can simply use your social

media accounts to promote and sell your

ebook watch this video until the end and

you will see how it's perfect for

beginners because yes you don't need to

sign up for multiple services with

expensive monthly fees you will go

through all the steps in this video with

no credit card in your hand at any point