How to Sell an eBook Online ABSOLUTELY FREE using Canva + Payhip

selling an e-book is a fantastic way for

you to take your surface based business

and turn it into an impulse buy now many

of you have watched my how to make an

e-book video but I have never taken you

through the entire process so in today's

video I am going to show you how to

easily sell your ebook online without

further ado let's hop in


hi I'm LaShonda founder of about 90

marketing and host of the bootstrap

business a show where I teach you how to

grow your business without breaking the


I have given you tutorials and I have

also shared business advice but in this

video I am going to give you a brand new

app review today we're going to be

walking through the application pay hip

and I will be using canva smart mock-ups

flow desk and Squarespace in

collaboration with pay hip to show you

step-by-step how you can easily sell

your ebook online I am also going to be

placing the example in this video inside

the VIP vault because many of you have

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help into the app review I need to award

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comments right now I am giving away $20

in canva credit now in the last video I

asked the question if you were to speak

on a topic what would that be and the

number one comment was from Angela

chance Angela said that if she were to

step on the stage she would talk about

the psychology of wearing her natural

hair now this is a very popular topic

right now I love that hair love won an

Oscar recently and I personally will be

experimenting with my natural hair on

this channel so just know from video to

video I'm going to look different

because that is the beauty of my hair

and it means so much that Angela would


on this topic so Angela make sure that

you go to about 90 mark ENCOM click on

that contact page and let me know your

email address so that I can send you

your canva credit step one of the

process is designing your initial ebook

and here are a couple tips that I want

to point out number one is you want to

make sure that your template is the same

size as a normal sheet of computer paper

some people like to print their ebooks

when they purchase them online so if you

use a template that's not the same size

you're going to make it more difficult

for your customers to continue to use

this resource so definitely keep that in

mind from the beginning you can utilize

the magazine template within canva that

is already the same size as a sheet of

paper the other thing is watch your

colors you definitely want to

incorporate your brand photos within

your design but you also want to keep

printing in mind so try not to use

full-color backgrounds within your ebook

so you can see how I incorporated the

screen and a little bit of black here

but once you get inside the e-book it's

mostly white with just a pop of color at

the top so when you finish designing

your ebook within canva you're just

going to click on the arrow here and

you're going to download it as a PDF now

again I would strongly suggest that you

do not click PDF standard although this

will be a smaller version of your ebook

we want it to be high enough quality for

people to print if they choose to do

that so you'll just click on PDF print

and download it to your desktop


and as you can see this is what the

finished design looks like


so we are going to make this available

within the VIP vault as a premium

resource so I'm going to go ahead and

close this out and do something super

important once you design your ebook you

want to show people what they can expect

once they get your resource so you're

going to need to create some graphics so

we're going to click the same arrow and

select PNG and here you can change the

size you'll see the pixels down here you

can drag and make it a bigger file or

smaller file and we're going to go ahead

and download the cover so we'll select

that page click that box and download it

your cover is something you definitely

want to utilize for your design but

we're also going to download a couple of

the interior pages just to show people

the quality of the content they can

expect so now that I'm inside smart

mock-ups I want to design two different

things one is a colorful graphic to show

the cover of the e-book and the other is

a smaller graphic to show those interior

pages so I selected this one by hovering

over print selecting magazines and books

and that's the category we're in and I

chose portrait magazine on the table so

all I need to do is upload image you can

also use canva but I like to download

the image itself click on that cover and

then you can adjust it as you can see it

drops and that image directly on top and

I am going to zoom in so that it fills

that cover now we'll crop and continue

and now we have our graphic now what's

great about smart mock-ups as you can

see by these boxes around it is this is

going to have a transparent background

so we'll upload the other side reads it

mission on the left so we'll do audience

on the right and again just hit those

plus signs

to resize that crop and continue and now

you've got the interior of your ebook

and you're using the actual pages from

the e-book but again it's so small that

people can't read it so just because

they can see the inside doesn't mean

they won't click to buy and now we'll

download that high-resolution image so

we've gotten a colorful version of the

cover we've shown the interior pages and

now what we need to do is to hop into

pay hip to set up our payment processing

pay hip is the easiest way to sell

digital downloads and memberships they

make it a piece of cake to sell and

promote your ebooks membership software

design assets music or any other type of

digital product directly to your


now before I sign up let me take you to

the pricing page to show you how they

make their money if you click on pricing

you'll see that they do have a free

forever plan but you need to look at the

fine print on top of their 5%

transaction fee you'll also have to pay

PayPal or stripe for their transaction

fee so in my opinion when you get

started with pay hip having a free

account is the way to go but as you

continue to sell your resources if you

feel like you would benefit from

upgrading to a plus account so that 3

more percent of your income goes to you

you can pay $29 a month and if things

continue to progress you can upgrade to

a pro account so that you don't have to

pay any transaction fees to pay hip

however you will still have to pay

PayPal or stripe so this is just

something to keep in mind there is no

completely free option within pay hip

however the transaction fees are very

reasonable and they are not in control

of your payment processing fee their

transaction fees are how they make their


their site on the homepage they make it

super easy for you to sign up so just

type in your email address and click get

started now once you choose your

password it's going to ask you a little

bit about yourself

and here is something to keep in mind

this is the name that will be displayed

on your store now I associated this with

my hello and about 90 marketing email

address but I am going to be using pay

hip to sell resources to the people that

watch me on YouTube so in this section

what I would like to put instead of the

name of my business is the name of my

community so just keep that in mind as

you name your site then click continue

again whatever you put in here as your

username will be your link so I like

that everything is branded for bootstrap

biz advice because that's what these

resources will be then we'll click get

started selling this is what the

dashboard looks like and as you can see

it let me know that I completed 25% of

my store setup so if we scroll down here

it has a button for you to add your

first product for you to set up checkout

you can add a profile image a short bio

and you can customize the store design

so what I'm going to do now is just

simply add my first product and this is

going to be a digital product you can

see the options to sell a physical

product or wear subscription billing

so in order to add a digital product we

need to upload that product file which

is going to be that PDF then we need to

choose the title of the product then we

need to select a price and I'm going to

leave it in u.s. dollars now we're going

to add images you can add up to nine

images so what we'll do is we'll upload

that cover which was a great thing that

we've downloaded that by itself and you

can see the recommended minimum image

width is six hundred and seventy pixels

so I think that'll work there and you

can type in the description for your

product here so once you finish ready to

start selling your product add that

product and so now it gives you a

product link that you can copy and it

will show you your payment page so I

think that this is absolutely beautiful

it makes it super easy for you to sell

your resource and what we need to do is

enter our payment details in order for

us to be able to collect payments so you

can collect so you can connect your

PayPal account or you can connect

straight then the reason why I'm putting

it inside the VIP vault is if people

like to use my free resources I want to

give them an opportunity to support the

channel so I'm going to put that graphic

here then I'm going to add a text box to

put the product description that I put

on pay hit and then I'm going to add a

button I think we'll do yeah we'll do a

small one and the button will link to

the pay hit page we're gonna say bye

ebook $9.99

and here where it says click through URL

that is where we're going to copy that

link from pay head so we'll just go back

and there's a link to this page we'll

copy that paste that here and then we'll

go back to our description and we'll

paste that in here so what I will do is

when I send out an email this week using

flow desc

I will link to my VIP vault and I can

also link directly to the product page

once you log into flow desk go ahead and

click on the create new button and on

the side you will see categories for

email templates and we're going to click

on make money and then the course sale

announcement template then click on

customize and you can delete the

sections that you don't want to use by

clicking on the section and hitting the


then we'll double-click on this image

here upload image from our desktop and

again we've got that smart mock-ups

image and then all you need to do is

type a little email you can leave this

section if you want you can also delete

it and simply add a button by clicking

on the plus sign adding button and then

copying the link to the product

so today's bootstrap chat questions

should be pretty obvious if you were to

create an ebook today what would the

title be let it be something that would

catch someone's attention so that they

would immediately want to buy let me

know in the comments for a chance to win

$20 in canva credit and if you end up

using pay him to sell your eBook feel

free to leave that link in the comments

as well so the other viewers can to

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