How to Sell Digital Downloads and Ebook PDFs Easily Online

hi click millionaires I wanted to start

this week's members update with an ask

Scott Fox question that came in from

click Millionaire member been from

Bristol in the United Kingdom then send

me an email and he asked how to sell

digital downloads most easily he says hi

Scott can you offer any suggestions

about the best ways to sell ebooks I'm

interested in building a site to sell

ebooks and downloads to a particular

niche I've seen a few sites that offer

online shops for physical products but I

want one that allows me to upload the

artwork image and description of the

book take payment and then deliver the

download of the e-book automatically

your ideas would be very welcome thank

you click millionaire Ben it's a great

question Ben and I think you're onto

something big there there's a big

opportunity in digital downloads as a

sales mechanism we've all grown up of

course with buying physical goods at the

grocery or you know at the shoe store

but digital downloads allow anybody to

distribute information very

cost-effectively and with a very high

profit margin so digital downloads are

about files such as documents or

PowerPoint slide presentations or maybe

even media like music and mp3 files or

even videos these days of course the

most common is the one that you're

talking about Ben which is ebooks this

is a gold mine for information marketers

because it basically means that you can

write a small document or a large

document for that matter formatted as a

PDF file and sell it online eliminating

all the traditional costs of middlemen

for distribution physical shipping and

all the problems with postage and

inventory and all that stuff

digital information is a great way to

make money online so to answer your

question what are some ways to sell

digital downloads most easily well I

would look at a couple different

services and let me tell you about the

ones that I like the best the basic most

cheap approach is simply to use PayPal

you can install PayPal buttons on your

website that will allow you to process

payments basically for free PayPal

charges a small fee as a percentage of

each transaction but there's no set-up

cost and by setting up a merchant

account for free at PayPal you can get

the HTML you

need to install pay buttons on your

website that allow people to buy things

then if someone comes to your website

and they buy your ebook or your mp3 or

whatever it is you're selling and this

works for physical goods too by the way

you receive the email that says you've

received money in your PayPal account

and then you can just simply write an

email to that person and drag and drop

the file that you want to send them into

the email and mail it to them now of

course that's very manual and sort of

old-school and if you're going to run a

real business doing this you want a

solution that scales meaning that it

grows effectively and cost-effectively

so that you can automatically deliver

those files instead so that's where you

could start just for simple testing and

it would be free you could have it set

up in a day or two without any problem

even without a technical background and

at no cost but if you're ready to do

this more for real then I'd think about

a couple services like payloads or a now payloads that's payload

with Z on the end comm palos comm is a

service that I've used extensively over

the years and it meets all three of the

requirements that I look for when I'm

looking at a download service those

include automatic payment processing so

that you don't have to get involved each

time someone wants to give you money

you want that to go as smoothly as

possible they will also automatically

deliver the file that you're out want to

give to the person who's purchased you

want they want to get their purchases as

quickly as possible so again ideally

you're not in the middle doing a manual

fulfillment process and then you also

want to have a redownload window the

person should be able to return to the

site and download the file again in case

they lost it or they they put it on

their iPhone instead of their laptop or

something like that and that's a nice

feature to offer as a bonus to ebook

purchasers so I look at payloads comm as

one recommendation they offer in

addition to those three basic important

features they also offer a shopping

basket so people can buy multiple

products at once not all download

services offer that so that's important

if for example the paypal solution I

suggested earlier that's not a basket

solution you buy things one at a time

but payloads calm or a which

I'll talk about more in a second you can

bundle multiple things together now the

problem with payloads is that they only

offer a digital file so you can't mix

say an e-book with a pair of shoes or

something else physical that you were

selling so you need to be a

a digitally focused vendor which is what

you're talking about then so that could

be a good solution for you we've had a

little problem with customer service and

with the payload system going up and

down now and then I have to say they're

a little unpredictable and their

customer service is not great

but they're very affordable they start

at just 15 dollars a month and 5% per

transaction so if you want to scale this

really does work and I do recommend it

they also have an affiliate program so

that if you want to sell your ebook but

also have other people sell it for you

on a commission basis you can run an

affiliate program quite easily using the

payloads that comm system now eat junk

is another provider a junkie II are also a good provider in

the space and I have to say they've come

a long way in the last few years I

didn't used to be a big fan of theirs

and I've not used them as much but I was

on their site again researching this

answer to click Miller Ben's question

and he asked about this so I looked at

he junkie again and they have a shopping

cart now also I don't think they used to

have that so that's definitely an

upgrade people can buy more than one

thing at a time from you they do both

files and real good so not just mp3s and

and PDFs but you could also mix with

real goods if you want to sell a bundle

of things so that's a nice feature and

they started just five dollars a month

now the $5 month deal is only if you're

going to be selling physical goods not

digital if you want to be selling the

digital downloads it looks like

currently that starts at about 18

dollars a month and of course you should

check these sites for updated pricing

information and features too because

this space is moving quickly now a

couple other alternatives I want to

offer you are to have your own shopping

cart you can of course have your own

shopping cart that sells digital goods

as well lots of the fancier shopping

carts do this so I would look at any

shopping cart that you're already

considering for a more traditional

business to see if they also offer

digital downloads as an additional

capability for example if you visit

internet millionaire domain scam that's

my domain registrar we sell a cart there

that's licensed from GoDaddy for $9.99 a

month called quick shopping cart and I

that's what I use for Scott Fox shop at

the Scott Fox shop calm you'll find a

lot of my PDFs and digital downloads and

those are administrated and they do all

the things that I suggested you need in

terms of automatic payment processing

automated delivery of the file a


window and bundling with other products

that's just $9.99 a month at internet

millionaire domain scam so that's an

overview of the current players in the

system I'd also point out shop late comm

sh o p ly dot-com is a

newcomer on the scene very easy to use I

haven't used it myself yet but the

testing of it looks really good very

easy to install Shopping Cart buttons

and they promise that they're adding

digital downloads very soon so by the

time you see this may they may already

be into that business as well so that's

when I check out as well

and I'm hoping for more what do you use

is what I'd like to know I have not

found a perfect solution for digital

downloads and yet this is a great space

that's very important to online

entrepreneurs these days so if there's a

suggestion that you have that I've

missed please comment and let me know

what you think is the best digital

delivery solution these days for

entrepreneurs like you in the rest of my

click millionaires so Thanks for writing

in Ben it's great having you as a click

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