How To Sell eBooks On Amazon (2020 HACK)

so there's a way of selling ebooks on

Amazon in 2019 where you don't have to

write the book yourself you don't even

own the book yourself and it's

completely free so in this video we're

gonna be looking about Amazon ebook hack

and exactly how you can do it yourself

so factor tuning in to start starting

got my name is Greg and last year I made

$20,000 using the technique the method

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just like this okay so if you normally

research selling ebooks on Amazon you're

usually gonna find like a YouTube video

or a blog post that run you through this

standard step by step process first step

is writing the book which is going to

take you over a lot of time if you do it

yourself or money if you're paying a

ghostwriter to write that book for you

the next step is then proofreading

what's been written so checking for

grammar mistakes punctuation mistakes

like I said if you do that yourself

that's more time that's going to take

you or if you paid on to do that that's

more money you're paying up front third

you're gonna have to format what you've

written so it's in proper structure and

laid out as a book should be and you're

typically gonna pay a professional to do

this for you because it takes a lot of

time to learn exactly how to do it

yourself it's nothing more money you're

spending upfront there forth you're

gonna have to get a book color design

for the front page of your book so

that's finding a graphic designer

and paying a graphic designer to do

design work for you that's more money

you're paying that front finally you're

gonna have to publish what's being

written into eBook like format which you

need to have software to do that for you

so that's simply gonna cost you to buy

that software to publish the writing

into book format so that's more money

out of your pocket at the start of the

process then you upload the finalized

ebook up to Amazon so after you've done

that standard process

you then have to upload it's Amazon and

just hope that you make sales after you

spent all of that time and all of that

money up front you have to just hope

that there's a audience that there's an

appetite for what you've written and

hope to make sales so a lot of risk in

taking that approach and yes it cookie

book that you sell on Amazon for maybe

$6.99 I get you like four dollars a

profit per sale so there's a nice amount

of profit there if you can make the sale

but like I said before you're investing

time and money into getting that able

written and there's a

that is all gonna be a waste but I've

personally found a method to make a

living from by selling ebooks on Amazon

by not doing any of that stuff I've just

code you're not spending the time or

money getting the book made this method

is free and it doesn't take any time so

if at 0% risk sounds like a better

approach you may sort of smash that like

button first off you're gonna go on to and you're gonna find a book

that you want to sell that already

exists and when you found a book that

appeals to you you're going to use a

tool with the IMP Amazon to get a link

for that book and you're going to sell

the book using this link amazon's given

you completely for free so that's the

method you're selling books that already

exist on amazon and amazon is gonna pay

you a commission for every book sale you

make through their website so you're

gonna make a commission and the original

author is going to make their profit too

so this is the motto in diagram form

first off you find the e-book you then

sauer e-book using that unique link that

amazon has given you that amazon can

track that sale back to you because

you've started using your link and

amazon is gonna pay you a commission and

it's also gonna pay the author money in

the forms of their profits so I tell it

ebooks through Amazon this way is

completely free if not spent any money

hiring writers or craft designers and

you're not even paid Amazon book to

their platform and it takes no time all

you can get this link instantaneously

I've just shown you how to do it and you

can put it anywhere that you want to

make sales whether it's social media

profiles on your blog giving it to your

phone by email you can do it completely

for free

and because this is free and you can do

it instantaneously you can basically

find and try as many books as you want

and put those links in as many places as

you want as possible to really try and

maximize the chance of making a sale

yourself so you're not limited to just

starting to sell the one book you've

written yourself you can find an

unlimited amount of books and making a

limit in that sales so I'll give you an

example now so let's go back to this

book neon pray and get my link I'll just

copy it here I could sell this book on

my Facebook page that I have for this

YouTube channel I could put the link

here to the book and I could write on

this post hey gang buy this book it's

great and then whenever anyone clicks on

that post on Facebook and goes Amazon to

buy that book I'm gonna get compared

Commission I could do the same thing on

my Instagram page I could pop the link

down here I'm

by oh I could make a post with the books

image which we can see here and say hey

I've just read this great book click the

link in my description to buy it

yourself and Amazon's gonna pay me a

commission anytime someone goes from

there from a scram account and buys a

product so this method of selling things

are already exist and making a

commission off that sale like the model

I'm showing you right now is called

affiliate marketing so it's getting a

link for a product that already exists

on Amazon on many other websites selling

that product yourself and getting paid a

commission now I've built my livelihood

around affiliate marketing I make a

full-time income like I said I made but

around twenty thousand dollars last year

from just using this method and I made

the majority of that money by doing

affiliate marketing through this youtube

channel that you're watching right now

so I've already shown you here how

Facebook is a method for putting your

links out into the world and selling

those products Instagram as a method if

you want to learn how to do that through

YouTube I actually have a free 40-minute

training video showing you exactly how

to do affiliate marketing through

YouTube how I was able to do it myself

and within a year I was living off my

youtube channel full time from my

affiliate marketing commission so you

gonna learn how to do this version of

selling ebooks through YouTube and

driving people back to Amazon pop down

to my website that link will be in the

description below popping her email

address in here and I'll email you that

free 45-minute training of how to take

advantage I'm a fillip marketing through

YouTube to get thousands of people

clicking and buying products ok cool so

if you want to do this yourself with

ebooks on Amazon you have to follow four

steps to get set up to do this first off

you need to go to this website which is

the Amazon Associates website this is

where you basically make your Amazon

account into an associate accounts as

well as being able to shop through

Amazon you can also promote other

people's products too so you're going to

go to this website Amazon Associates

I'll put a link below

it's run by Amazon it's all legit in a

buckboard you click this button here so

you join now and basically make your

account an account where you can get

your links to each of those individual

products set number two is to then find

a product that you want to promote and

once you then have your Amazon account

expanded into an associate account

you're going to get this gray bar at the

top where you're able to get links for

individual products to use those things

to sell them and to make your commission

so why don't you put your amazon

associates account set up step number

one you're going to go back to Amazon

and just find any

book that you want to sell yourself so

let's go down here the perfect first and

example find your products and when

that's products loaded you're going to

go to the bar at the top and get your

link which comes up here

so that's step one two and three science

at Amazon Associates find your products

it's number two and then get your link

number three and then step number four

is to use that link like I said you can

use it on Facebook Instagram YouTube

just like I do on this channel blog

posts emails wherever and whenever you

can think of using your link you can do

it and that's it it's that simple it's

free it takes no time you can get

started today

it's a program ran by Amazon that not

many people who are thinking about

selling ebooks on Amazon know about and

it's a way you can dip your toe into

something ebooks without having any of

those risks that come at the start if it

was still attached the idea of making

your own ebook sure what you can start

off with affiliate marketing on Amazon

find what topics what categories of

books salwar on what don't and you can

use that to guide your decision in to

what type of book to write yourself

later on so you're reducing the risk

later on when you actually do decide

some write an e-book from scratch and if

taking that big step of writing and

owning your own ebook and standing on

Amazon with less risk sounds better than

the original option and make sure to

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ideas of where hours you could put your

links I've already said Facebook

Instagram YouTube

any other ideas where you could

dissipate your links and get sales let

me and the rest of viewers know in the

comments below and I just wanted to

basically give you this video there's a

little 2019 hack type of style at Amazon

ebooks for free with no time so you can

do this anyone could join the Amazon

Associates program with you in America

or around the world globally this is

accessible to anyone so what's your

Excuse get signed up and get going so

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