Webinar: On Which Websites Can You Successfully Sell Your Repeat Pattern Designs? My experience.

hi everyone hi my amazing creative

friends I'm so excited to be here today

and to talk about my experience selling

my repeat pattern designs on various

websites across the internet so I've

been making a living selling my repeat

patterns and I've been receiving many

questions from other creative people

about their if if it's possible to sell

online and still enjoy creating your

artwork and still make money and I do

feel like I have experience in that area

since I've been selling for around ten

years now and today I wanted to talk

about this topic and maybe see who has

some questions that I can answer and

let's get started okay I have to figure

out how to do screen share okay one

second so I have a little presentation

prepared right here okay all right let

me see it okay all right where is

watching all right

let me see so I first will and we'll do

the screen share okay

your screen sharing and presenting to

everyone awesome all right okay

let's hope this works all right so this

is the little presentation that I

prepared and in this is basically an my

take on which websites to sell you

repeat pattern designs so let's get


so my experience I am excited I have to

repeat pattern and designer and I've

been selling my artwork online for more

than around ten years now to be honest I

started first with vector illustrations

and I Australia children's books but

then I transferred around to seven eight

nine I start making repeat patterns in

vector 2 and selling them on various

websites and I'm going to talk about

what happened and how everything worked

for me and which websites were the best

in my opinion of course I have to tell

you that because all the different

styles are varying so basic everyone has

different style and color schemes and

topic topics that are closer to their

heart so of course this will be

different for many people but still I

feel like it's going to be a good

starting point and when I was starting

out and doing my own research I was I

always wanted to have some kind of guide

like this guide like this to understand

the market better so there you go

here we go ok so when I look at all the

years selling of vector patterns online

I see two main streams of income

one is microstock direction and another

one is a print on demand website so

first I wanted to talk about microstock

websites this is to use the one the

pattern that I chose for this

presentation is one

with my floral vector pattern that I

created I think around 2010 so it's been

a really almost six seven years for this

pattern and it's been selling very well

on most website so I chose this one to

represent my work here so which are

Microsoft websites are the best ones

so microscope websites are the websites

were designers and other basically

anyone mostly designers and bloggers and

marketers they come to license their

work so it's not going to be licensed

directly for the fabric line or for

clothing that you will know but you can

eventually if you have many web patterns

you actually do start seeing your work

on a big even big print products and

fabric lines that happen to a few times

to me most notably Best Buy purchased

one of my patterns for their product

which was super awesome since I didn't

know and I basically stumbled onto it in

my neighborhood Best Buy in California

so that was very cool but on the bad

side is that you don't really get to

know how people will use your product

not every time sometimes people tell you

about very rarely but back to the list

of website so here you can see I listed

Shutterstock Fotolia I stock deposit

photo and one two three RF so this in my

opinion and in my experience are the

best ones to sell patterns on and the

shutterstock is by far the best and the

rest are pretty much similar but still

very good and I've been selling at all I

am selling my artwork on around 15

websites in total and both a micro stock

and print on demand and these represent

the best ones all together so I just a

microscope has been working for me very

well but you have to keep in mind a few

things about the micro stock and here

they are

so which repeat patterns sell on

Microsoft websites

first of all they are mostly vector

patterns that sell the best on

microstock websites raster I did try

basically tried raster versions of my

vector pattern since I'm a vector artist

most of the time and the rosters did not

sell that well it's more maybe 10% of

the vector sales but you still you can

do it you can use it your your roster

artwork in JPEG format for example to

sell but it's not as it's not as

profitable as vector patterns and you

have to pass exam to sell on most of the

best websites like Shutterstock and

going back to the list

shutterstock I stopped for a deposit for

one two three RF they all have exam you

can submit same images to multiple

websites so that's what I did when

registering on deposit for them one two

three RF but basically all of these

websites have exam except except the

photo Fotolia one which is an American

company and I think it's going to be the

best one in my opinion to start with

since its selling pretty well and it has

no exam so please whoever is the

beginner and interested in microscope

for patterns and check out Fotolia but

all the other ones are awesome -

especially shutterstock okay and the

part of point number five I want to say

about the Microsoft websites is that the

there is a commercial direction in the

pattern so you have to with trial and

error figure out which pattern sell and

basically you have to keyword and do all

the market research and I do recommend

approaching this whole thing as a real

business and not just I'm going to try

this or that it is going to take you

many years to just try and try but if

you plan it out and approach it as real

business structured you actually can

make a profit from it pretty quickly you

don't have to do to wait three five

years if you just try here and try there

so there is a system that can be put in

place to every see quick results when

you have already good patterns when you

have a ready knowledge of the

illustrator but even if you don't you

can actually start learning about Adobe

Illustrator and repeat pattern design in

Adobe Illustrator and you can figure it

out reasonably quickly - okay so next

one is print on demand websites so I

have to say that print on demand

websites I've been working not as well

for me personally for my work but still

they are actually very valuable in my

system of my business and in my opinion

the best one is by far spoon flower and

I put a booster in there just to let you

know that they have a new spin-off

website it's called blustery home decor

where they sell all ready-made products

with you using their fabrics and like

pillows and home decor like blankets and

little blankets and little napkins and

kitchen towels and I have not had a

experience with the rooster yet but I

decided to put it right here to let you

know that it exists but some back to

spoon flower I've been selling over

there for many years now at least for

seven years and I have very good

experience there but I have to tell you

that this is one particular website of

all on the list here where you can have

to pay to sell your designs on that

website you can represent that your

designs for free and create a shop but

to sell you have to order proofs on

fabric you know the little swatches and

basically then after you see that

everything worked out well you can mark

all these designs that you purchased as

drops for sale so

I have a whole other video about spoon

flour and how my experience for

particularly spoon flower designs

selling on spoon flour on my youtube

channel so please check it out over here

and after I'm done I'll put the link in

the description box below this

livestream okay so let's check out the

two of the last ones here so it's red

bubble and dazzle I have experience with

two of these I have for many years now

two I started back almost nine years ago

with a loose administration they didn't

work very well then I converted to

patterns and the patterns have been

working much better and they both they

don't sell fabric in particular red

bubble and Zelo cells print on the

mountain and mugs and cups and leggings

and some product that are textile and

some product or not they have a huge

selection of different products and they

also sell canvases and all kinds of

office supplies and gifts and I've

ordered many things from them I really

like when they were selling kids shoes

that you can customize they don't

anymore now I'm enjoying their bags that

they sell that you can create custom

bags with your pattern I really like

that feature so both of them are good

they don't bring as much money but they

do don't require to pay to sell on both

of these websites and they've been

actually is still a steady stream of

income for me and I like order my own

patterns and various things so that was

fun for me too so these are still

worthwhile but they don't will not make

you you're living for just the two of

them at least not in my experience but

maybe they might for you so I do

recommend you checking them out and see

if you like how they feel for your own

designs okay so which would be parents

sell best on print on demand websites

basically both vector and raster parents

sell because it's all in raster format

so I sell my vector pattern

but I do convert them to Ruster first so

basically this is the place where you

sell your roster designs um there is no

exam or approval of your designs because

a microscope you do have to wait for

your images to be approved and sometimes

they are rejected but here on printing

demand there is no approval per se at

least I never had anything rejected I

think I'm settled they have they have

some approval but not that has never

been a problem for me okay yeah as I

told before you have to order proofs of

your patterns to sell its own flower and

you can choose your own direction and

style so it's a little bit more free

than micro stock since you can basically

try things and do the color versions

also that's awesome I did some color

version on spoon flower they've been

selling very well so it I in my space

it's more free but still you can

actually make more money selling on

micro stalks at least I again in my

opinion okay so there's one interesting

website to watch that I do have some

experience with it's called creative

market and I've been selling just a few

of my sets of patterns over there and

they've been doing very well which I

enjoy I plan to expand my presence and

my gallery on creating market also I do

recommend checking that one out still

news for me so I cannot say much about

it yet but it's been interesting it's

been definitely worth checking it out

okay there's another awesome bonus and a

tip from me to you today and it's this

when you are present on so many websites

let's say that you are interested more

in working with clients and twice as

your patterns with your custom work for

freelance clients it's still very wise

to be present on many websites as many

as you can I in my opinion so that the

people can find you and the funny thing

is that something people find me

directly on spoon for sometimes they

find me on shutterstock sometimes they

find me on

sixteen and sometimes they find me for

example on Google so basically since

these websites work well with Google

they know how to present their product

on Google they show up in Google Images

results and this is how people find my

work and contact me and I'd received

I've got many customers from this

exposure so that's awesome if you want

to do freelance work and another tip

state in the bio of all the websites

you're selling on that you are available

for custom projects if you are so I am I

don't think I did

done it on all my websites yet but

recently I've been I figured out this

tip and I am applying it so I am trying

to stay everywhere I can and I'm

available for freelance projects so I

hope it works for you too

okay so the last thing but not the last

thing but another thing that I wanted to

mention is that sell your own work

that's super important please sell your

own work I've had many artists use my

parents that they got in somewhere

probably from Microsoft websites they

actually used them on print of demand at

other places and it's not nice it's not

illegal because you cannot sell your the

patterns that you are artwork that you

bought on the print on demand websites

or on microstock unfortunately people

still do it and it's very easy to get

banned because if you make a name for

yourself people basically tell you that

this somebody sells saying you're

selling your work and then these those

people get banned oftentimes for life

from these websites so it will not get

you very far

so please create your own designs I know

in the beginning it can be challenging

because you might feel like you might

feel that my parents are not selling yet

my parents are not selling yet but

everybody everybody went through this

stage and it's okay you have to be paid

and you have to envision your designs

being sold you have to envision them on

products which is a great great way and

try and expose your basically expose the

Internet to your work and place them

anywhere you can and this way you will

start selling in in no time and you will

get better and better since you will see

what people are buying and what you can

have you can combine your own vision and

passion with what's commercially viable

and that's going to be your sweet spot

right there so I like to hear from you

do you have any experience with other

websites that sell patterns for example

I know about society6 I haven't tried

that one yet maybe somebody tried it

maybe somebody can tell me what they

think about it or other websites that

you can sell patterns on please let me

know in the comments below this video

and let's start the discussion and that

would be great to find more information

from you guys ok

questions and answers I do have a

question that I received from one of the

amazing creative people is that do you

have to pay money to sell on this

website and I am my answer is on the

ones that I listed only one requires you

to pay money to sell it spoon flour but

all of the rest are free to try they do

have sometimes exam most of the time

they have exams some of them do not

they have approval most of microstock

ones have approval the print-on-demand

ones do not so it's a little bit across

the board different it differs across

the board pass most of them are free so

if you are starting out with a small

budget you don't have to invest a lot of

money to sell on most of the websites

alright and another question that I have

is how many panels do you have to have

to start selling and I do recommend

making a lot

a lot and a lot as many as you can every

day first of all for practice purposes

but the more you make the move the

better you will get as a designer and

also the better you will start selling

and you will see more income once you

make more pattern pattern so basically

practice and practice as much as

possible and this will definitely

definitely help you grow your creative

business faster but to start selling

technically on many better many websites

you can start with just only a few only

maybe I think starting from 1015 would

be enough to get you started but I

recommend making a few birthday getting

to the goal of making a few birthday if

you can and practice and set up systems

actions templates whatever you can to be

prolific in this work that definitely

worked for me okay to sum up it is

possible to successfully sell your

repeat pattern designs online I've done

it many a few of my other artist friends

done it and I am once I want to share

this good meals and I know it's been

frustrating it's been frustrating for me


but you have to start the clarity comes

from action it has to start take action

and go for your dream if you enjoy

making repeat patterns

I certainly do I still feel like every

time I make a new one it's like a puzzle

I feel like a child who figures out how

to make a pattern all over again and all

over again and to see this creative

opportunity within repeat pattern

designs they are amazing so I am super

excited to share just a little bit of my

experience with you guys I really really

hope somebody will find help in this

information and please if you do if you

find it helpful put in the comments

below if you maybe have some suggestions

how I can improve this information and

my live streams going forward please

also share that with me below in the


this video thank you so much for

watching and this is the part of my

presentation I said we're basically at

the end of my presentation I'm going to

go back to the video and hang out a

little bit more and see if many maybe

somebody has um questions for me so

thank you so much for watching I really

enjoyed my time with you guys and the

list the end of my presentation all

right okay let me figure out

okay mm-hmm okay I'm looking at the

comments right here oopsy-daisy

hmm okay okay I'm reading the comments

not sure if anyone sees me

does anyone see me now let me see hmm

no idea

okay sorry guys I think I got a little

bit confused here

okay I'm sharing the screen I'm trying

to see what's going on but I'm sharing

the screen okay how do we go - that's

not it okay I got totally confused hmm

how now how can I get out of this hmm

okay okay oh you see me oh all right

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that at least that is good but I have no

idea how to go out and how to get out

and I have no idea how to get out and

show you my face okay probably we'll

just go on with how it works here well

thank you guys for letting me know

okay so let me read some comments here

so volodymyr says hi hi Marlo tamer

Maria is here hi Mariela so you have

your patterns in society6 and live

heroes and you mauriello was to try it's

as all awesome um okay miley cyrus your

pic okay

okay the only problem for volodymyr is

getting a lot of ideas to make many

patters per day

well valid ava it for me will I go on

Pinterest basically and I just what I do

I will share my way of how I do it I

basically just stare at the flood of

pictures until something catches my eye

and then I'm like okay this is it so I

don't know if it works for you but just

wait to get you started basically just

go stare on Pinterest for a little bit

and then you will you will get an idea

I'm pretty sure or at least have an

attitude that you will get an idea from

staring at a ton of inspiration and

Pinterest is basically flood of

inspiration and what's going to happen

next once you know you basically will

make a bunch of patterns and then once

you know the ones that sell you will

start working more on the ones itself so

basically you see oh wait my floral

patterns out more than the ones that

anymore once I did Oh interesting

okay so now this website I have to do

more floral patterns and then you

basically then Christmas comes around

and everyone starts to basically

everyone starts to buy your Christmas

pattern so that's what you can do and

you can basically start making Christmas

patterns more and then switch to summer

patterns or something like that so it

comes with experience and yeah that's

what we that's what definitely been

working for me okay so and Marilla says

gets inspiration and everything yes


another way to just look around and

that's very inspiring for me too but

bender has been doing the trick if I'm

stuck for ideas for sure okay a lot ever

says another way is to just illustrate

whatever and then use it later to make

more complex patterns um yes that's true

that's actually true if you find the

shape you like or a texture you like you

can use that for patterns - okay let's

see mauriello says that you can use

nature for no sky modern live pets etc

yes I recommend to study whatever

catches your attention first get better

and faster and making patterns and then

it's not such a big deal for idea for

one specific pattern then basically you

start getting more and more ideas and

you start executing and faster and

faster okay alright let's say mauriello

says Wildomar use illustrator motif tool

or filter and photoshop others yeah

that's a good advice mariana thank you

and I usually inspire nature and

abstract from yellow sense yes that's a

good that's a very good idea but I feel

like that different people get inspired

by different things for example I

started I was doing my knee when the

illustrative children like patterns but

then I transferred into nature and then

I transferred into geometry and I'm

experimenting with all kinds of textures

now ok polymer says almost works it's

tempting to just make similar things

which will make it less unique but

generally Pinterest is an awesome place

yes that's true but you have to tell

yourself that you are unique you have to

come with this attitude never don't get

tempted but by other people who copy

people because they get banned in my

spirit they just can't bend so don't

take that road and just immediately say

that I'm going to suffer this through

and do something unique and then people

will use

see people who give you feedback on what

they are buying buy what they are buying

you will know what works and you say oh

this topic in style is awesome and

people buying it that's your sweet spot

that's your golden egg right there okay

Mariella says that Pinterest or

Instagram works perfect

yes Instagram is good too I get a little

bit confused navigating through to

Instagram but maybe it because I just go

to Pinterest further at this point

okay well the demo asks what it is trade

or motive - um I may be Mariela can

answer that you select your work you

create whatever but yes that's what I

thought well Marie element it's a

pattern - okay Marilla says I'm trying

to translate from Spanish you're doing

very good job Mariela thank you so much

for your great advice and definitely

it's been been very helpful um I don't

really use that until myself since I use

my own version of it which you can see

in them

in my first live stream that I did with

a pineapple pattern but so is this just

works very fast for me and it's great

for production purposes but I did to

take a course on about pattern

tool which was very helpful and then I

just took a few things from the course

and applied it to my own system so

that's been working for me very well but

I do feel like better - you can do most

of the things

yay thank you for all the hearts thank

you for the love Mariela I am so excited

for you guys to be here and so excited

to chat with you sorry that I couldn't

figure out how to turn my face back on

but yeah alright okay guys

do you have any other questions or do

you want to wrap this up let me see

well they know how oh so it's not a tool

I do you spell until a lot and also

figured out the way up signs about it

but I just use it at first then use

pattern maker anyway

um huh okay okay you can do that to

whatever works I don't think there is

one only one way um basically whatever

works for me my way is super fast and

then it's just very easy to then put it

all the way to production and but better

tool is awesome too I do feel like it's

great too and I'm sure they will improve

it more and more as we go along with in

our creative journey because when I just

first started there was no there's no

they thank you so much guys there is no

um there was no pattern to when I

started and that's why I came up with

the system with the help of my husband

as I talk in my one of my videos on my

channel but um whatever works for you

I'm just recommend get to the point

where you can do a few patterns per day

with no stress then you just practice

practice practice and then the topics

you just try any talk topics that come

to you try selling them that's why my

crystal works for me because I can oh

wait this does not sell I don't have to

do more of this

oh this sells pretty well I can do more

of this and if I want just two patterns

for my own joy you can do that too

because it's super fast so you can just

put them on spoon flour if you do if

they won't sell on microstock thank you

so much guys for your kind words and for

hanging out here with me I had lots of

fun I hope it's been helpful for you and

I wish you all the best

okay well demur says actually mr. JCCC

is pretty good when I started there

wasn't one - and then it was very bad

lots of errors yes I know I know it

should be and now is emitted was very

tough it took me in the beginning it

took me at least a week to figure it out

if it to make one pattern and then it

wouldn't really sell so I know that is

the beginning is hot top but it's it's

come it's going to be better it's going

to work out okay guys let's go back to

work let's get to work creating some fun

patterns I'm going to make some more

videos for you guys about this topic

stone and let me know if you liked the

livestream format thank you thank you

volodymyr thank you for showing up thank

you Mariela I really appreciate you guys

and please share some of your patterns

that you're making and if you have

questions more about this topic let me

know and thank you very much for being

here okay bye guys okay let me see how

can I stop this stream okay let me check

it out

live streaming events live now live

control probably I could have done it

from here okay there you go let me stop

it somehow

mm-hmm oh there is stopped Rossia okay

let me say oh wait a minute okay well I

hope you guys see me now sorry I figured

that out too late but I was really in

comments anyway and thank you once again

for watching today I really had lots of

fun hope this information is useful to

you and have a great creative day or

evening or night or whatever time it is

in your place bye