How to sell crochet patterns on Ravelry

hi guys I am going to just show you guys

how to have a real crochet business

making money crocheting as a full-time

job so um I'm going to show you some

stuff I do go to my pattern section

first thing you do you're like an avid

crochet is you make you know a crochet

pattern so this is like one of my

patterns that I made a messy bun hat you

know you make the pattern and write all

the details and show lots of pictures in

the finished product and then you sell

your pattern so I'm going to go to a

really good website that crochets are

into which is called Ravelry calm and

you create a profile here this is my

name Jess Jessica and then you create a

sellers profile so I've created my

sellers profile so I can sell patterns

onto Ravelry and then I will get paid

into my PayPal account every time

someone buys my pattern so I'm just

going to show you guys how to sell your

pattern on Ravelry and if you already

have made a pattern so you know make

sure you have a pattern already made

photos taken have it saved in a PDF file

on your computer and then you can sell

them all over the place

so before I start with this let me show

you really quick my main source which is

on my Etsy shop this is where I have

been selling patterns already and this

is kind of like my guide that I'm going

to use where I look at my description

and you know have all my information so

it's easy for me to do this on Ravelry

so let me go to Ravelry so you're going

to go to my notebook contributions and

then it says add a pattern to Ravelry

that's what I want to do do it and they

say you know search our patterns make

sure you are adding a duplicate design

you can skip that

skip it and I'm going to type in what

I'm going to sell so I want to sell a

beanie that's what I'm going to name it

beanie and then I type in my designer

name I want people to see my store name

instead of my actual name so I have that

I could select this if I want to do but

I want people to recognize my store name

so then they have you know read the

pattern database requirements basically

they say it has to be crochet or knitted

you can't sell like a graph picture and

sell that so they have all these

different requirements but I've already

read those so then I go to the next step

and then I select the craft it's crochet

it's in US turn which is also written in

my pattern that is u.s. turns at the

very top because people like to see that

then I choose the category it's an

accessory hat beanie or it's okay

I guess I'm probably stay in Canada next

step then when was it first published

well I first made this pattern I think

it was like in April or May and I posted

this first to my SP website so this is

other website right here and I'm just

going to choose this and then type in my

thing that my store is called hot nos

and so originally you have to type in

like the actual URL and then they find

you and everything so I put that in

there next step then it says optional

link to an outside web page so I

actually want to put the exact link to

this pattern so let me go find my

pattern really quick this is why I keep

my Etsy shop open while I'm doing this

this is the crochet pattern it's the

correct one so I'm just going to copy

this URL go back to my page and just

paste it in there

it says can it be viewed or purchased

yes you can purchase it from my Etsy

shop it's a fee so choose the currency I

have mine in dollars and it's six

dollars and if I can't remember I just

go and I check yes well and euros that I

know six dollars next step so select the

attributes that apply this is basically

the way that they do tags as far as I

know and so you want to choose

everything that can perfectly describe

your item let's see coloring for example

I don't have any coloring in my hat it's

just black construction so they have

different like ways that you crochet and

mine is top-down meaning that I crochet

my hat from the top as you know the

crown to the bottom rim rim so what I'm

going to choose it's not worked in the

round so I don't choose that it's it is

one piece I guess so

choose that so I guess the more you

choose the better for you crochet

techniques they have you know different

types of things here in fact mine is

made with closed stitches so I'm going

to choose this I don't want to tell you

guys too much information because then

you're going to know how I made my hat

anyways maybe you make things with

tapestry crochet you could collect that

or surface crochet whatever fabric

characteristics nothing here really a

ribbing technically that grabs my hat

because it is kind of ribbed and it's

textured there's a beautiful texture so

I I choose that and technically I could

choose twisted stitches because you have

to like go over under you know when you

do post stitches but you know I'm not

going to do that whatever then the

garments that's for a garment so that

doesn't you know it's pertain to me then

I have age this is good for an adult

or it's mean and it's definitely female

the fit is fitted even though

technically that's for clothes but maybe

somebody was searched into Ravelry

fitted something and they might find my

hat then you know ethnic styles that

does not pertain to me shape not really

this is not like a basket or anything

and instructions my pattern is a photo

tutorial and also written so this part

is very important next step then it says

which yarns does this pattern call for

I'm going to type in the yarn that I use

which is called Mondial merino

rino special this is what I use this is

a yarn in Italy that I love because I

live in Italy so it's pretty bulky and I

use a size six hook for this

but you can add more hooks that people

can use I would probably add like one

smaller one bigger you know because

people like to play around but for this

pattern that I make I like the J side

next and then you're supposed to type in

the gosh and you know everything like

that but I skip over this because

honestly when I'm buying a pattern I

don't really read this I read this

information when I'm actually doing it

so I include this in my pattern not in

the description it's in English or you

can select other languages so with

Ravelry you are allowed to upload

several versions of the same pattern in

different languages but not as separate

listings as far as I understand

but obviously maybe somebody found your

pattern in English but they speak French

so they would buy the French version or

they would download it and it would be

available in French sizes available so I

offer a tight fit and we fit what I

offer in my sizing and then you write a

description so I'm just going to go

ahead and say this is a pattern or a

beautiful okay now you're supposed to

add pictures of your product so there

are rules you're not allowed to add

pictures that have writing in them

unless you actually upload a picture of

what the pattern looks like itself you

can add that and you're also allowed to

add pictures with a watermark on it but

they just don't want you to add a

picture that has like crochet pattern on

top of it so I'm going to choose my file

and luckily I already have my pictures

of you know this hat going to go right

here and just choose some of my

favourite pictures let me see I love

this one choose upload you can upload

several at the same time but I kind of

like to go through each of them this is

good they say that's the pictures with

people actually wearing the item works

better than pictures just showing an

item because people need to be able to

see you know if it covers the ear or how

it sticks on you relative to everything

else and so they say those work that oh

well crap I just messed up something you

do this again

okay so I have all my pictures here and

if you have a picture with writing they

ask you to not make it the first photo

so but anyway I want my first photo to

be really appealing so I'm going to move

this over a little bit and then you know

that's good enough so you can add

several photos this is good for me in SC

u.s. 5 so I'm happy with 5 I think it's

pretty good next step okay so at the top

you can see they're warnings it says

there's no gauge there's no yardage fix

it well I'm not going to worry about

this right now

I can still publish it so you're just

going to review this and see what it

would look like someone wants to find

your beanie pattern and there's all this

information just check over make sure

it's right and so looks pretty good

I'm going to go ahead and publish this

gutter into Ravelry

okay now I'm going to go to manage store

you notice I never actually uploaded my

PDF file so let's go over here this is

my pattern section in my store and I

have all these patterns I'm going to

click on beanie and add pattern store

and here we have this file and I want to

upload my PDF file so let's go to choose

file need to find my file ok ribbed

beanie pattern this is it - and then you

make sure you click on upload ok so now

I have it here and then you have to

actually activate it so i activate my

product and there we have it now I go to

patterns and I just check and there it

is so now I'm just going to go back to

my is eShop and so this is how I do this

i sell my patterns on etsy and I sell

I'm trying to sell them now on Ravelry

because I realized that a lot of people

may not know about Etsy or maybe they

just like prefer Ravelry so I have an

option on my Ravelry shop that they can

either purchase it on Ravelry or they

can click over and buy it on Etsy so

whichever platform they prefer and so

that's what I do for my crochet business

and obviously I actually sell crochet

items as well but you know what that's

really time-consuming and so my coach

she advises me to sell patterns because

it's passive income and you could just

basically make something one time and

sell it forever and make money while you

sleep so selling patterns is a really

smart thing to do you don't have to

worry about inventory you don't have to

worry about constant

buying supplies and having them all over

your house and your cat getting into it

and stuff so selling patterns is the way

to go and then I wanted to show you

something else I do for my crochet

business I host these workshops and

locally where I live and so what I do is

I go to this website to create these

photos that look really professional I

did not take that photo I bought it from

someone else who already took it for me

and I just you know edited things on

here made it look really professional

and then I use this photo to publicize

all over social media that I'm hosting a

workshop and people can comment below

blah blah blah so let me show you the

website I use for that you probably have

heard of it maybe not called canva so in

canva you can just find all types of

things like basically it shows you

things I've already done here

I bought this picture and then I typed

on top of it for a crochet workshop and

actually sometimes I use this coffee

photo as like a interesting strategy to

host a workshop because people see

coffee and it automatically is addicting

and they don't even realize what it's

what I'm talking about on here and they

click on it because it's coffee so

that's interesting but anyway so this is

something I do for my crochet business

you can use canvas to create all these

interesting photos and then you can like

put them on your blog or put them on

through email or whatever and they look

really professional you don't have to be

a photographer you don't have to know

how to do this it's already done for you

and so you can buy these or they have a

lot of free versions there are so many

websites where you can buy images like

those so that's something I do and then

I use another website called event write

and type this in is that brave right yes


Eventbrite is a website where you can

organize an event and post a link to it

so people can sign up through the

internet so you know I have an event

here let me let me search it real quick

so this is an event that I created

through the website is so easy you just

spill on all the blinds and set a date

set a price and then people just click

and sign up and then they pay you

through PayPal and that's it and if

someone cancels you can easily refund

them it's just really awesome so you

don't actually have to do this

physically by hand and have people pay

you in cash when they get there you can

do this ahead of time which ensures that

people will come to your workshop and

that you have your expenses paid for in

advance instead of forking out the time

and money to prepare for this croche day

and then no one actually shows up so

this is another website that I use for

my crochet business so I hope that you

guys enjoyed this little video I'm doing

this because I posted a post like a few

months ago about my crochet business and

people were so shocked that you can

actually crochet at home and make money

from it and so I'm hoping that this will

help someone who is like dominant out

and wants to do this from home you can

do it is you just have to be really

creative and you sometimes people just

need to know what's available so these

are some things that are available to

you and and yeah thanks for watching