Why I'm Canceling My Craftsy Membership in 2021

i will be canceling my craftsy membership

welcome to the Sewing Report i'm jen and this  channel is all about making sewing and crafts  

fun and approachable for everyone let's talk  about craftsy and i also want to let you know  

the reason i'm making this video is because i  have endorsed the company in the past i've also  

been an affiliate over the past few years but  i'm no longer operating as such so i kind of  

wanted to break down a history of the company and  also what factored into my decision to cancel my  

premium membership now craftsy started off in 2011  offering a la carte crafting classes you could  

sign up and then you could buy individual classes  and they were touted as being permanent classes  

so you would always have access to them online  the classes were high quality obviously a lot of  

stuff is available on youtube like this channel  the sewing report but what i liked about craftsy  

was that they offered really in-depth classes so  say you could take a course on different types of  

garment construction seams or something and it  would be several hours long the instructor would  

also answer questions they would have downloadable  resources and it was a really good place for  

knowledge and for learning and i really feel like  i enhanced my own sewing and quilting knowledge  

through this platform so i have been a fan for a  really long time the company originally started  

off as independent it was sold to nbc universal in  2017 and i know a lot of customers myself included  

noticed a lot of changes to the company they  started offering a lot of non-crafting classes  

and i did feel like the class quality changed a  bit instead of being in depth some of them were  

more like surface level classes they also tried  to do a lot of like entertainment programming  

and to be honest that's not really why i signed  up for craftsy and i personally didn't really  

watch that type of programming i was there for the  educational side i just really wasn't interested  

in watching entertainment programming about people  who crafted you know if you do that's awesome they  

were trying to kind of do different things and i  know a lot of you guys have commented that you did  

not like the nbc universal acquisition which is  understandable now throughout that time i became  

a craftsy customer at least five years ago i think  i started buying individual classes and the price  

has also fluctuated for all of these things over  the years i remember classes used to be 40 or 50  

each sometimes they would run really good sales  so it would be buy one get one free or 50 off so  

over the years i've accumulated over 60 classes in  my library some of them were free and some of them  

were paid for a while blueprint was also offering  a number of permanent classes if you signed up for  

an unlimited subscription so craftsy unlimited  started a few years after the initial business  

started you would get access to all of the classes  for one price now i know many customers were  

not real happy with this especially if you owned a  lot of the permanent classes you felt a little bit  

gypped because say you spent a thousand dollars on  classes and then new members could get access to  

every single class craftsy offered for i think  originally it was like a hundred and twenty  

dollars a year you had already invested hundreds  thousands of dollars into the classes when all  

along if they had offered that from the beginning  you could do the subscription and then you could  

end up paying less out of pocket so it kind of  depends on where you started off with your craftsy  

journey i had bought some classes not a ton i  probably invested at least a few hundred dollars  

in classes before they came out with the craftsy  unlimited then i did sign up for craftsy unlimited  

the first year i got a really good deal it was a  hundred and twenty dollars annually but then you  

got a hundred dollars in coupons to the craftsy  shop and for a long time craftsy slash bluprint  

offered supplies shop so you could get sewing  kits i bought quite a few supplies off of that  

online shop and i thought they had some really  great deals i got some Liberty of London fabric  

last year Bluprint announced that it was going to  be shut down entirely obviously the media industry  

and the like more legacy entertainment and news  outlets you know they've gone through some changes  

so last year we were hit by the news kind of  broadsided that blueprint was going to be shutting  

down entirely i know everyone was kind of freaking  out like are we going to lose all the forever  

classes what's going to happen so i know i did a  few videos when that news came out because it was  

pretty pretty jarring and then it was announced  that tn marketing was going to be acquiring a  

bluprint and then they decided to change the name  back to craftsy which i've also talked about in  

the past and i know this topic has gotten people  like lit up and on fire since that change has  

occurred they relaunched the craftsy website it  kind of took a little bit for things to get up and  

running and i was curious to see what direction tn  marketing would go with craftsy now tn marketing  

owns a few different online communities crafting  like woodworking stuff like that and two of the  

things they own are national quilter circle and  national sewing circle and when i first saw those  

communities they seemed a little like scammy to me  you know i'm just just being real here they would  

have deals like get the first year for a dollar  ninety-nine and then after that it's fifty dollars  

a year and i had not signed up for either of those  subscriptions but i did get some comments on my  

previous craftsy videos of people who had signed  up for those things and they said i've saw enough  

comments where i'll tell you about this where  these these subscribers said that it was very hard  

to cancel the subscription so they signed up they  were kind of lured in by that initial you know  

two dollar a year deal and then they said when  they got into the platform it didn't really have  

great content and then they said it was kind  of hard to cancel or that their credit card  

had continued to be charged even after they tried  to cancel it so i was a little bit worried about  

that happening to craftsy but i also wanted to  give the company a chance to you know to see what  

they were gonna do so it's been a few months i my  subscription always renews in march when you're  

seeing this it will probably be like mid-february  i think i was curious to see what was going to  

happen now i don't know why the company never told  me but last march i was only charged 65 for my  

annual bluprint craftsy subscription and that did  roll over into the new acquisition and i'll tell  

you kind of what went into my own decision to to  cancel my membership one i had i've actually not  

watched any classes since my credit card was  last charged almost a year ago and also the price  

going forward is going to be 79.99 as of february  2021 it's going to be 79.99 per year and i kind  

of felt like for that price and for me not  watching any of the classes in the past year  

at this point it's not really worth me renewing  and paying the 80 bucks i'm pretty cheap we  

cancelled netflix when it was when it went from 11  to 13 bucks so 80 a year for me is still a lot so  

between that and also also some of the changes i  was seeing a friend of mine sent me a screenshot  

a while ago so she noticed that craftsy run by tn  marketing was starting to run ads very similar to  

the national sewing circle and national culture  circle where it says get the first year for  

249 after that it's 79.99 a year i feel that's a  little sketchy i don't really like when companies  

do that sort of thing like remember the columbia  house like music clubs and that sort of thing i do  

feel like that sort of thing seems a little fly by  night to me like too good to be true you sign up  

and then they're going to make it harder for you  to cancel and that's what i've noticed when i've  

gone into my craftsy account is in the past when  you would go to your crafts your bluprint account  

you could opt out of auto renewing online and  now when i go to the new website you have to call  

to not renew your craftsy premium membership  so there is apparently no way to do it online  

so i feel like the company has created a hurdle  for you to opt out and i i don't like that i  

think it's a little sketchy and i really don't  like that business practice of making it harder  

for customers to cancel a subscription or a  membership i i think companies should make  

it easy for customers and you know rely on the  product if the product is good someone's going to  

want to continue it and if it's not i do i don't  think you should make it harder for customers to  

cancel now i know you're like oh you know it's  just a phone call um so i called the other day  

to cancel my membership and i'll tell you what  happened i called during business hours and i  

was on hold for about 20 minutes and there is an  option that you can choose to have them call you  

back so after about 20 minutes i was like okay i'm  gonna do that so they did call back um from the  

time i first called to the time when they called  me to chat with a representative it was about  

30 minutes so again not horrible but again that  is going to create a barrier for some customers  

that don't want to spend 30 minutes more than  30 minutes on the phone so they called me and  

i said i wanted to opt out of the auto renewal on  my credit card so the representative did help me  

with that and i asked her a few questions on the  phone she's now she has said that i would still  

be able to get access to my forever classes in the  library even if i don't have a membership she also  

told me there was some sort of lower priced option  for 29.99 a year you get access to fewer classes  

and i asked her like what was included in the  lower price tier and she couldn't really tell me  

what was not included so there's apparently two  tiers the 29.99 and the 79.99 the new craftsy  

ownership they're i guess going to be making new  content and they're doing like live streams and  

other sort of things and i'm not really interested  in new content i really felt like a good move for  

craftsy would be to just keep the existing library  not really worry about making new stuff and offer  

it to customers for a pretty low price they could  still keep raking in the cash for a relatively low  

overhead especially since you pretty much only  have to staff maintaining the website and making  

sure things don't crash or anything maybe offer  it for thirty forty dollars a year i would be all  

in on that for 79.99 a year i am not  so that is why i decided to cancel my membership  

and i'm going to update you guys to see if  they really do opt me out of the cancellation  

i did not get any sort of email confirmation  that i had chosen to cancel the renewal and  

i also didn't get any sort of confirmation number  so i have heard some stories already of customers  

who've tried to cancel and their credit card keeps  getting charged so if my card gets charged at the  

end of march i'm going to be back here and letting  you know as a customer that sort of business  

practice just kind of irks me so that is why i  decided to cancel my craftsy premium membership  

and yes believe me if things start to go haywire  i'm i'm going to be back here and giving you an  

update and also letting you know if it if  everything went smoothly and i'll also be sharing  

if uh i'm still able to access my over 60 craftsy  classes in the future even without the membership  

so i just wanted to give you guys an  update and just chat about craftsy  

let me know in the comments below if you've had  a personal experience with craftsy since the  

new ownership chicken effect i also want to say  that i have nothing personal against the company  

i don't wish them any ill well and i'm also not  making this video to encourage you to cancel  

your membership but i did want to share my own  experience and why i decided to cancel i would  

definitely advocate for you to weigh things over  yourself are you using it as much as you thought  

you would and come to your own conclusion and make  your own decision thank you so much for watching  

this video and yeah i'll be back for an update for  sure if you want to check out some of my previous  

videos about craftsy i will link them below in the  description box and also up here so you can check  

those out as well but i'll see you guys again  in the next video i'm Jen with the Sewing Report