No One is Talking About This - Start Your Own Online Bakery in 2020

what is up guys this is your boy Daniel

and welcome to another video of beginner

Tut's in this video we are going to talk

about how to start your online bakery

shop in 2020 now if you're a beginner

and you think that they opening a bakery

online as a stupid decision then you are

wrong because everything is going online

at and it's going so fast as you can see

right here

these are pretty fancy pictures off a

bakery and you must be thinking about oh

I can't make this but the answer is you

don't have to make these you basically

become a third man and you basically

outsource all this stuff or buy it from

somewhere else and just sell it on your

online shop this is a simple and easiest

business model in 29 2000 k that's this

is not gonna be your product you always

buy these products once you sell it so

as you can see right here I'm gonna open

another website which is 1800 flavors

calm this is a pretty popular website

this is the exact same thing that this

specific website owner did ten years ago

and basically he started a company he

was basically outsourcing his flowers

and basically he was selling it online

and when he gets or order he was going

and he was going out and buying this

stuff so basically this Harry and David

comm is basically a company of flowers

calm and obviously it's a multi

multi-billion dollar company now but you

can start the same exact thing there's a

lot a lot of competitors and the online

bakery space and you can see actually

the desserts or you know the cookies and

all that stuff is like 79 89 bucks 39 69

bucks and actually if you add this to

your cart they will also charge you like

twenty twenty-five dollars

for the shipping so basically they are

making like hundred dollars hundred and

ten twenty dollars from each sale and

this is like a premium product this is

not like this is not like a basic stuff

this is not apply ten dollars stuff this

is basically over 100 dollars order you

know from each sale so once you get an

order you can basically find a local

bakery in your own area and basically

buy the stuff from them and just ship it

the same day to your customer that's how

you start your own online bakery and

basically you can sell bread and

pastries cookies brownies they are also

selling the Cheesecake factories the

cheesecakes and basically you can do the

same thing you can do the same thing and

if you have like if you are in the u.s.

you can actually start you can take this

stuff from Cheesecake Factory and sell

it online on your own website if I go

back they are also selling the cinnamon

cinnamon is basically worldwide it's

everywhere you know there are they are

everywhere so basically again if you go

on their online like in their physical

store this bar this box can be you know

it's it's not more than 20 dollars it's

not more than 20 dollars they are

basically selling it for double the

price and this is basically $50 and if

you like buy this from them they will

probably charge you like $20 for the

shipping as well so basically they're

making like $70 just from a cinnamon box

and you can do the exact same thing once

you're once you get like your ball

rolling then you can go you know and

start your own in-house pastry cakes you

know and start selling your own products

in order to start this one online

website you can use Shopify calm

or you can use Wix website this is for

the beginners who are not technical in

building websites you can easily start

this business on Shopify so Shopify

basically charge you $29 per month and

you can actually build a website like

this in one week max max 10 days if you

collect all the pictures and all that

stuff so if you have any questions be

sure to comment below and don't forget

to subscribe to begin a tut and I'll see

you guys in the right next video take

care bye