Selling Car Parts on eBay Flips Auto Parts Business 🔧 2021

what's up everybody welcome to a new

video this video is gonna be about data

for auto parts flippin you'll be able to

find out what items on ebay have a high

sail through rating how what specific

parts like tail lights headlights what

parts actually get sales volume and a

high sell-through rating that's what

we're after in today's video you'll be

going to junkyards auto salvage picking

pool places like this and they're not

always gonna be ugly beater cars so you

can see that's actually a nicer car it's

still got some taillights it probably

still has a center console in there the

hood is still on maybe some headlights a

couple things in under the hood some om

parts that you could clean up sell used

a brand new still sell it is used and

you can make a ton of money with that

alright with that being said how do you

even start well if you're watching this

video you basically want to just get

into it you want to find out what parts

do I even attempt to sell that's where

Google is your friend

what parts sell the most on eBay

that's all you got to do so if you think

about it if you click on this blog for

an example

well that sells the most on eBay so car

parts sell the most on eBay that's just

items auto parts so there you go let's

go ahead and scroll down so a car

charger car DVR driving record or GPS

headlight jumpstarters smart lock tires

inverter Bluetooth car kit so basically

a headlight is one of the things that I

have on here if something you want to

keep in mind is how long does it take to

take on and take off because if

somebody's buying it it's probably an

individual person and if we could

reinstall it quickly that's kind of I

think what people are looking for

they're probably gonna call their their

om parts manufacturer their local dealer

and they're gonna say oh yeah you know

it's $1700 for this headlight anyway

what are you kidding me $1,700 for one

headlight do I get the bulb do I

it might suck like what the hell and

then they're gonna go to Ebay and be

like okay whatever let me look let me

look for this om headlight Cadillac

Escalade it's only $600 on eBay I'm just

gonna get on eBay

you bought this part for 30 or 50 bucks

so you're making a ton of money but

they're saving a ton of money also so

it's a win-win situation something to

keep in mind though is things that take

a long time to get out so if it's like

like a car steering wheel maybe you know

it takes six minutes ten minutes twenty

minutes you need special parts if it's a

center console you just need a

screwdriver much easier if it's a

headlight you just do one two three four

sometimes only two screws and you just

pry it out gently and it pops right out

without breaking anything what really

matters in the end though is what

actually sales so you can go to blogs

like this and you can see car charger

DVR driving record or GPS headlight

jumpstart block you can go look up all

that stuff or you can just start making

your own list based on other sellers so

that's what I was able to do I found

some sellers over here just to give you

an example of a bad seller let's go

ahead and go over a bad seller right now

and if you're watching sorry but you

know you know your store sucks sorry so

right off the bat you could tell dirty

floor dirty part he is selling it but it

doesn't look very like trustworthy

reputable you don't see a brand name you

don't see something that you could maybe

you know trust he is making sales though

so let's not lie about that you know

dead grass weeds might not be the best

photos and what am i showing you by the

way I'm showing you somebody who has a

24% silver rating which is not bad but

he has 400 items in his garage 400 items

and he's only sold a hundred okay so

this is what a seller who he's selling

you know he's selling like he's not

really trying that hard if I had 400 400

items in my garage I will be trying

really hard now let's look at somebody

who is actually trying really hard so

this is somebody who's trying really

hard at the top of the list

he has a sell-through rating of 300%

over the course of 90 days if you're

talking about a selfie reading over a

course of 30 days divide that by 3 that

would be a 110% self-rating so if he has

351 items all of those items will be

sold within 30 days this is a good


right here and if you scroll through his

store you could see Wow look okay so

it's mostly headlights so control F you

can search this page type in headlight

and you can see how many headlights

pop-up so 46 we're gonna get 200 results

to see most of his store gonna type in

headlight again out of 200 177 so what

percentage of his store for end a tree

since his recent sales 177 / 288 percent

of his entire store is headlights okay

so what about grills 23 so 23 divided by

200 is the other 12 percent so when you

add these two up what is that 100

percent of his store is headlights and

grills why is he doing that because the

data doesn't lie

so this good seller is selling new shiny

clean parts with a white background

polished pristine looking good and he's

selling every single item and he's only

selling 2 items the ones that have the

highest sale for rating on all of eBay

so you could actually go get inspiration

from these sellers let me go ahead and

show you how I could find this seller by

the way so sold listings just to get one

item as an example so you simply just

type in whatever part you're looking for

right I'm looking for a very specific

part so I'm gonna find a very specific

person so I found him boom so if you're

looking for a 2015 Dodge Journey

headlight om for the right passenger

boom you'll find this guy so if you're

just looking for let's say a 2009 om

headlight you'll probably find him but

it's gonna take a lot longer so you're

gonna go ahead and click on this listing

once you're on this listing you're gonna

see his name over

if you're on the phone it's gonna look

different I recommend doing this on a

computer you can save this seller if you

want to nothing wrong with that click on

his name it takes you to see his

feedback rating how many positive and

negatives that he's received if he's

actually a good seller or not and then

you go to items for sale now once you're

in items for sale you're basically in

his store something that I prefer to do

because I don't want to sell any cheap

items is I want to click 74 in push

enter so this is the lower price and the

higher price items from 74 dollars up to

infinity so basically anything over $74

74 divided by 3 is $25 I want to make at

least $20 per part otherwise I'm not

going to mess with the part it's not

worth my time that's how I found the

seller then you click used because all

your parts will be used

and all of all of your parts will be om

manufacturer parts from the salvage yard

and there you go he has 351 current

listings it's that simple

351 current listings sold listings 1175

and there you go that's all you have to

do now if we scroll back here we're on

two hundred listings you type in that

same thing grill you get 48 head like 1

48 so basically there's 4 items on this

page that are not a headlight or a grill

so let's go ahead and see if we can find

them and it's probably like a taillight

but I'm assuming the headlights are

gonna be the bulk of what he has listed

here yep taillights oh there's a tail

light tail light Oh a 1/3 tail light I

noticed a lot of these that's gonna be

harder to ship but a lot of people do

not take these from cars that's

something to consider as long as it's

not cracked or flooded with water it

works it's good to go

definitely grab these third taillights

these are easier to ship though so I


headlights oh he's got a couple mirrors

but notice on his sold items that we

just went through he didn't have any

mirrors sold so maybe I would recommend

just doing the headlights and the


then the grilles too but as you could

tell this is all headlights and if you

go to his sold listings it's all

headlights as well and if you really

think about the psychology of this the

reason why headlights are the winning

thing is how many times have has

somebody else backed up into you cracked

your headlight you can't just easy fix

that it looks ghetto a tape if you don't

wanna get oh you're gonna have to go buy

an OEM part and aftermarket part which

might not match your other one and then

you might have to go to ebay to find an

OEM part that's where this guy makes his

sales from so that's about it yeah so

that's how you do the research you find

out what parts sell the most from all

these sellers when I just looked at

their store it's not that many it's just

like maybe 14

there's 14 sellers this is what I found

so if you want to piggyback off of my

data and then go pick up your other data

with my other research videos I have

here on YouTube you could feel free to

go pull up your own data so headlights

headlights have a great sell-through

rating percentage just the top six here

for the car make car makers there's

sixty to seventy six percent sell

through rating if you do an Acura

Infiniti Acura or Ford a headlight boom

you're good to go

now what about tail lights well

taillights have a good sell-through

rating percentage but you notice for


it starts at forty percent for tail

lights it stops at forty percent so what

is a higher self or rating item

headlights so if you don't want stuff to

sit in your store for a long time you

should be looking at headlights

specifically more expensive headlights

and higher self araignee model

headlights and another video I talked

about how to find one model of the

carmaker Infiniti sells the most what

model of the Cadillac sales the most but

that's in another video so front grill

you have 95% basically any infinity

grill that you could find brand new

cleaned up ready to ship basically 100%

of those grills are gonna sell that's

good news

so if you're looking to get a grill I'd

recommend getting an Infiniti GMC or

Lincoln grill maybe a Ford or Chevy

that's why I have them highlighted in

green but preferably Infiniti GMC

Lincoln that's really what you want to

focus on specifically Infiniti looks

looks great there I don't have an outie

how I do how about he doesn't look like

it's that great though for navigation I

removed everything besides the popular

ones and it's not that popular it's a

50% sale for rating 50% chance of

selling Porsche Dodge Toyota Ford for

radios so om radios not aftermarket

radios om radios

Porsche is one of the most popular

radios to be sold so if you see a

Porsche just check out the radio and the

front grille data so if you could do the

front grille the front grille over here

too right

yeah same data yes I could remove this

one in the instrument cluster so the

instrument cluster is basically uh the

radio navigation thermostat like the

instrument oh no the sorry the

instrument cluster is the speedometer

and the RPM all that stuff right behind

the steering wheel so the instrument

cluster I was curious about because I

saw that in some cellar stores it's

definite could be harder to take out and

it only sells thirty to fifty percent

for a sale that rating so if you're

gonna take the time to pop out an entire

dashboard front console to get the

instrument cluster undone is it worth it

you only have a fifty three to fifty

percent souther rating I don't think

that's worth it what's worth it is an

Infiniti GMC or Lincoln front grille

notice that guy who was selling all new

grilles and headlights kind of makes

sense now why he's doing that right what

about headlights well infiniti Acura


so something might be triggering in your

head right now Ford Ford Ford Ford Ford


Ford appears to be on all of these

that's interesting right it's probably a

certain model of Ford but Ford is

appearing on all of these that's

something to keep in mind if you see a

Ford make sure you look up that part

also infinity so infinities right there

for the headlight and for the grille so

if you're looking to do a store just

like this guy you probably want to get

infinity so if we type in infinity he

only has six so he doesn't have that

many infinities on here what if we type

in Nissan well he's got 24 24 Nissan

what is he actually selling recently

let's go ahead and scroll down and see

Volkswagen Volkswagen 9 Land Rover

Cadillac so he kind of just fills every

every model so if you wanted to one-up

this guy what you could do is you could

specifically go to all if you have a lot

of auto wreckers near you specifically

go just for Infiniti front grilles and

Infiniti headlights and maybe Cadillac

headlights front grilles and tail lights

and then you will be able to blow this

seller out of the water because you have

data on your side so that's all this

video was about it's about going more in

depth on how to actually find out what

parts should you sell why are you

selling those parts and how to find

sellers that are already selling parts

successfully we saw the bad seller who

it looked it looked rested

didn't look clean there was weeds in his

photos and a seller who uses a white

backdrop who polishes all of his stuff

and he only sells two or three types of

items which one's more successful why

now you could do your own research and

find this information now or you just

copy the research I had here

a golden nugget for staying here to the

end of the video because I think people

should be rewarded for staying until the

end of the video this is what I

basically came up with for all the

headlights so what make ma what makers

are a popular seller rating for

headlights these are all the makers so

which one has the highest percentage

these are mark green by the way so no

not black just to show you so see some

are black I'm only talking about the

green for these checkmarks so if you see

headlights taillights grills navigation

radio instrument clusters hello

Ford so that's six so all six products

if you see a Ford stripped up

basically if you see a GMC you still get

one two three four you want to look at

the instrument cluster behind the

steering wheel the grille the taillights

and the headlights if you see a Cadillac

you want to go for the headlights

taillights or grill you can probably

look at this stuff but this is what's

actually going to sell keep that in mind

don't get greedy don't waste your money

and have a huge inventory there's no

need for that headlights taillights

grille boom done easy to take out

also chevy chevrolet 3 you're gonna look

for the grill the headlights in the

instrument cluster specifically grille

and headlights you're gonna see grille

and headlights stick out a lot see all

these check marks so basically all these

car makers ford ford GMC cadillac chevy

Infiniti Lincoln and Nissan all of them

if you get any of their headlights or

grilles you're not gonna fail at this

you're gonna be good to go

and I have it over here to make a little

bit easier for GMC Cadillac Chevy and

dodge specifically Ford and GM C which

are domestic the appear to actually have

the most need the most actual sales in

high self ooh percentage on eBay then we

also have Cadillac Chevy and dodge those

are kind of a tied right there and then

of course if you're looking for a niche

things like like

Porsche and Land Rover you could do

those as well but just make sure that

you're looking at the current active

listings for that part make sure it's at

a price that you're comfortable with

look at the sold listings look at people

look to see if people actually give a

to buy that part keep in mind if

it's like a Ferrari or Porsche or

certain things you're a Ferrari owners

not really gonna look on eBay maybe it

says mechanic so you know you never

really know about those kind of cars but

these cars everyday people are looking

on eBay all the time for so you want a

high sale for rating high sales and

that's the perfect match is having high

sales high sale through a rating and you

know exactly what you're looking for an

infinity headlight boom good to go all

right so thanks for watching this video

guys I hope you got a ton of useful

information on how to do your own

research what items to sell flipping

junkyard parts auto back parts feel free

to drop a comment down below if you have

any questions you carry about anything

or you just appreciate some fact facts

that I dropped or some knowledge bump

some golden nuggets or rotate your phone

or give the video a like also really

helps out any of the cards that appear

right now are gonna be other videos for

a research or more information on how to

flip car parts on ebay talking about all

facts not just about theory but actual

facts improvements elves thanks for

watching I'm great day