how to sell car parts on ebay

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yo what's going on youtube it's your boy zach i'm  with yuri we're about to be going to the junkyard  

what are we going to do at the junkyard today  buddy uh we're going to make sure we're going  

to pick some good nice parts and make sure  you can sell them on ebay and make some profit  

see this man is thinking the thing is you got  to know what to sell how to take it out and  

for what card and that's what we're going to  show you and how to do it all right stay tuned

now we'll be good we'll be good  all right look at those guys  

so what do we got going on yuri oh we got tools  what is that a wagon yeah it's a little rabbit  

we're thinking ahead because we got to carry  these parts don't make me so much money like  

no tomorrow it's a little red wagon you got  another toolbox or whatever you want to call it  

whoa what else we got this [ __ ]  we got that stupid [ __ ] all right  

let's see maybe what's that some wheels wanna  get some wheels yeah all right my little horse

i'm gonna need this and maybe one of your gloves  you want a gloves yeah i'll take some gloves yeah  

oh man

all right yuri so the objective today is we're  gonna get enough parts to make a thousand bucks  

yeah all right what do you usually do  when you walk up in one of these junk  

yards where do you know where to go i don't  know where to go you don't know point is  

you gotta look at the car and every  car has some at least one part that  

you can sell for at least 50 bucks or even  maybe more the most rare characters you can  

find why what do you usually find in the rare  cars those cars you try to use it to find it  

and some parts people need it because they're  looking for that cars and nobody have them but we  

got them yes perfect okay what do we have here if  it's a diesel it's very good if it's a diesel is  

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