How to List and Sell Tickets on StubHub

hey everyone in this video I'm going to

show you exactly how to list and sell

your tickets on StubHub so if you don't

already have an account with StubHub you

will need to create one and if you do

already have an account go to the top

where it says sell tickets click on sell

tickets and it will ask you what are you

selling and enter the name of the event

that you're selling tickets for so in

this case I'm selling tickets for Harry

Styles so we will enter that and it will

give you a list of the dates of the

Harry Styles concerts so the tickets

that I'm selling are for the September

28th at Radio City so I will check that

box and then come over here and click on

start listing

ask you how many tickets do you have so

you enter the quantity in this case I

have two tickets and s if you have a

parking pass I do not

so check no there are some pre-selected

preferences like so all my tickets

together in this case I only have two

tickets so of course I want to sell them

together so I leave all these checked

off and it asks are you ready to deliver

your tickets that means do you have a

PDF file of your tickets so they could

be delivered instantly and in this case

I do have that so I will check yes and

it asks to select a delivery method and

I do have the PDF so I will click on

upload PDF so it's asking me to upload

the tickets I don't have them downloaded

yet so what we need to do is go to

Ticketmaster and I will show you how to

download your tickets okay so now I am

on the Ticketmaster website and if

you're not already signed in to

Ticketmaster of course you will need to

do that so we need to find our tickets

in our Ticketmaster account click on


that will bring up all your tickets and

in this case I'm looking for the Harry

Styles tickets so I need to click on

load more and there are the tickets

so click on see details so you want to

click on view tickets and then you want

to click on print at home click on print


and that will bring up your tickets now

we don't actually want to print them we

want to download them so at the top if

you move your mouse to the top you see

downloads so we click on downloads I'm

going to download it into the downloads

section and we're going to call it Radio

City Harry Styles okay so I'm going to

save that

and that has now been saved so now we

just click on upload tickets and I go to

my downloads and I'll enter Radio City

Harry Styles which comes up right away I

open that and click on next and I

confirm that these are the tickets that

I'm uploading

and I scroll down and you can see it as

automatically put in the section and the

row and these seat numbers so everything

was done for me automatically so I can

just click on continue and now it's

asking me to enter the price per ticket

and I actually have been monitoring the

Harry Styles ticket sales so I'm going

to set that at two thousand two hundred

dollars per ticket

and it shows when the tickets are sold

we will receive three thousand nine

hundred and sixty dollars okay when we

scroll we can see that we will be paid

through PayPal and I will click create

the listing

and now if you want you can view your

listing and if you come over here you

can see this is my listing the tickets

are now for sale and it shows instant

download that is a very good thing

because other people have their tickets

listed as delivered by UPS or electronic

and tickets do so better when you have

the instant download on StubHub so

listing your tickets on StubHub is a

very easy process it is very very

profitable if you would like to make

money reselling tickets just click on

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