Park Lane Jewelry Training – Discover The Secret To Growing Your Park Lane Profits

hey guys what's happenin Brent blaze

here welcome along to this video if

you'd like to learn how to become a

topper and imperical and fashion

director sell more jewelry more

effectively and maximize that complan

stay with me in this video guys because

you're going to learn how we can start

prospecting without geographical

boundaries and start attracting pre pre

qualified prospects people that are

already looking for you without relying

solely on the traditional methods handed

down by archaic up lines with home

parties driving all the way across town

to meet a prospect that doesn't show up

or chasing your friends and family that

way you can hold on to your friends guys

you're going to learn how to do it by

tapping into the power of something that

you're actually using right now to watch

this video so stay tuned during

difficult times in my network marketing

business I would ask myself the same

question you're probably asking yourself

right now

do home meetings hotel meetings

one-on-ones did this still work just

called market prospecting ie prospecting

strangers in public here waiter people

at the mouths literally anyone with the

pulse does that stuff still work what

about making a list of 100 friends and

family well the answer is yes that stuff

can still work but there's a big problem

the problem with these old-school

network marketing methods is that they

require you to burn a ton of gas driving

around town to meet prospects and attend

meetings did they say this was a home

business earn away from home business

these methods they're very inefficient

and take up a lot of your time so you

can say goodbye to your kids for the

next three to five years if you're

really serious and you got a deal with

the ton of pissed-off people and


does anyone here in the NFL hope the no

friends left club Hudak wants strangers

at their house anywhere for a home meet

at 8 o'clock at night I suspect very

lonely people but for the rest of us who

actually like a personal space and if

crazy kids terrorize in the house all of

this guy's becomes very impractical and

even impossible after nine months of

lots of miles driven

dozens are no-shows wasted time and

broken relationships believe it or not I

had actually done pretty well in network

marketing but I absolutely hated what I

had to do to succeed and guess what

unfortunately my team hated this too and

they started to drop out quicker than I


and then I met my mentors Tim ferny and

Matt who opened my eyes to the real

possibility of building my business from

the comfort of my own home behind my

laptop are from my smartphone all

without ever having to leave all I built

my first six-figure business within 12

months of discovering these methods with

nothing more than a laptop a dream and a

burning desire to escape my cubicle

slave prison of a job the point is guys

that I made it and the bottom line is I

now spend the majority of my time

alongside my mentors helping other

networkers follow the proven blueprint

that I personally used to generate

multiple six figures inside my business

and I'd like to give it to you

absolutely free I can't promise you my

results I can't promise you riches as my

results are not typical but neither was

my drive to succeed all I can promise

you is the opportunity to learn the

skill set that completely changed my

life and gave me my freedom does that

sound cool my friend awesome

to access your free 10-part online

recruiting course

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inside in a sec guys