Sell parents house after death | How to sell estate property

how to sell parents house after death

what should you know about preparing the

home for sale that's today's topic I'll

share tips at the end of this video

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hi I'm Kim Ward I am a San Diego realtor

an author and certified probate real

estate advisor what does that mean it

means I'm an expert at helping prepare

homes for sale especially probate houses

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a comment or question so how do you sell

a parents house after death and what are

the points in preparing the house for

sale checklist have you ever spent your

weekend viewing homes on the market if

so you will have noticed that some

houses make you feel welcome while

others will make you wanna run out the

front door as soon as you step in so I

imagine you may be curious about what is

it that makes one home more desirable

over another of the same location the

same size and the same price oftentimes

this appeal is created simply by

preparing the house in a way that helps

each buyer visualize their future home

in the San Diego real estate industry

this preparation is known as staging now

staging in my opinion also includes

preparation that means taking a

checklist walking all around the house

and think of it each room from a buyer's

perspective noting cost-effective

repairs and updates it's no secret that

preparing and then saw staging a home

before placing it on the market helps

draw interested buyers it's the best way

to show the allure of your property and

to generate demand because over 90

6% of buyers start their home search

online and having cost-effective repairs

completed and the home soft stage before

the professional photos that is key the

question that I'm often asked is where

do I start

there are many ideas about what

preparing a home means and as a seller

you may wonder how to create the

interest in the house so that you can

sell it for top dollar quickly first

take a look at your budget what are you

able to spend if you have a good budget

you might consider painting or replacing

some flooring I got to tell you a story

James uncle passed away and he became

responsible for the San Diego home his

uncle had been a smoker and had smoked

in his home for decades when we met I

shared that as is the home would

probably sell in the low 600 thousands

and probably to an investor so of course

James asked how we could improve the

home and get a better result for the

estate after discussing the options he

chose to finance the extreme cleaning

painting flooring replacing lighting and

more this was a big job and since he

doesn't live here in San Diego

James shared that he wanted someone who

would oversee the entire project that's

someone with me I was confident that the

home would sell for seven hundred and

fifty thousand dollars if he chose to

invest thirty five thousand dollars and

that's exactly what James did the result

was that after negotiations of multiple

offers within three days of the house

coming on the market the house actually

sold for seven hundred and sixty

thousand dollars and James out is

outrageously happy his situation was

unusual but he did put his trust in my

experience and it worked now if you're

on the other side and your budget is is

more limited than simply removing

unnecessary items such as family photos

or a collection of dolls is the way to

go keep in mind all

those items will be removed from the

house eventually so why not take care of

it early on in all cases having the

house thoroughly cleaned is always a

good choice this can be handled by you

or you can hire a professional now once

you have determined your budget you

should take a look around the house and

look at its assets then prepare and

stage the house to accentuate those

assets so let's go over the checklist

one plan ahead again walk through each

of the rooms and review the home from a

buyer's perspective you might want to

ask a few local real-estate

professionals for their advice get help

hire a handyman or contractor to handle

any projects that you don't want to

tackle sell donate or discard anything

you don't need to clean declutter and

depersonalize thoroughly clean the

entire home get carpets cleaned or

consider replacing carpet if it's

stained or if it's really old remove or

replace dated window coverings repair

cracks and holes in the walls and then

paint the interior walls with neutral

colors like beige or the ever-so-popular

gray remove family photos experience

shows that buyers will spend time

looking at the personal photos instead

of looking at the house by removing your

personal photos and collections you are

setting the stage for San Diego by

homebuyers to visualize themselves

living in the house remove any

unnecessary items box them up if it's a

small or medium amount of stuff garage

storage is okay if it's a lot store them

off-site yes I know it will cost some

extra money to temporarily storage the

stuff we all have but it will more than

pay off itself with your sales price 3

maximize your curb appeal

power wash the exterior and the windows

and if needed paint the home's exterior

including trim and doors mow the lawn

trim the shrubs and trees

at some inexpensive bags of bark in

flowerbeds or areas without grass please

clean up your pet droppings for pay

attention to kitchens and bathrooms mop

the floors clear the countertops hang

new towels replace outdated hardware

this is a truly inexpensive way that I

have helped to update a home clean the

appliances and fixtures replace old

caulking around sinks and bathtubs 5

appeal to the senses here's a really

easy tip install higher wattage

lightbulbs to brighten up the rooms open

the curtains and the blinds and let in

that natural light and show off the

views and open the windows to let in

some fresh air relocate your pets on the

day of the open house and any scheduled

showing appointments not everyone is a

dog person this seems obvious but please

do not smoke in the home or cook smelly

food like fish my husband likes to cook

it's good for me but PU it makes my home

smell my purpose is to apply my years of

experience to get you the best return on

the investment so please feel

comfortable reaching out to me

and we could talk about your exact

circumstances we can tackle any

preparation or staging issues you may be

facing and come up with creative

solution to get your San Diego house the

buyer interest you need I look forward

to helping you through the preparation

including staging the marketing and the

successful sale of your San Diego home

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John asked how we can improve the home

and whoops it's not John it's James

paint the interior walls a neutral color

like beige mean and have the entire

right again

once you have determined your work back