How I Went From Broke to Millionaire Selling Cars by 25

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hey guys how you doing my name is andy

elliot the video i'm going to be talking

about today is how i went from broke

with nothing

all the way to becoming a millionaire at

25 selling cars all right

so this is going to be a story if you're

in the automotive industry or if you

want to get in i don't care if you've

been doing it for

30 years for three days or you're

thinking about quitting your job right

now and getting in

i'm gonna tell you how to do it become

extremely successful

and to tell you it doesn't matter where

you came from so talking about where i

came from i'd like to set the stage real


just to tell you a little bit about

myself and then number two i'm gonna

tell you how i did it all right so

number one

obviously my mom left when i was two

years old okay she's an alcoholic

straight up two years old splits out the

house and rolls

so it's me and my five brothers and

sisters okay so we got six kids in a