How to make money online selling / reselling tickets on Stubhub and Ticketmaster

welcome to how to make money selling

tickets on StubHub and/or Ticketmaster I

have about a dozen questions that are

pretty common when doing this that

aren't necessarily that clear on the

site and sometimes not even on the site

and this is more from personal

experience on selling tickets on both

the sites so we'll get right into it

you know they're they're plusses and

minuses to selling on each one the

obvious is the ease of use of ticket

resale and a fan resell on Ticketmaster

you just hit fan resale and they are

listed on the same site and when they

sell there's nothing else to do on your

end the money gets put in your account

within a week and that's it StubHub is

also good but now you need to upload the

PDF to them when you are putting the

tickets up or you specify a date on when

you will have a PDF notice if you're new

to it this is very important you want to

make sure you will have that PDF by the

day you specify or else you will be in

violation of the terms on the site and

you could actually be billed for the

full price of the ticket so if you don't

have it to them by that date so it could

get a little sketchy as far as that goes

and you could also send them the

physical copy of the tickets so there a

couple of options on there as far as the

actual upload process on both these

sites it's very straightforward

I'm going to get into it yeah so as far

as about a dozen questions you'll see

actual profits money spent in specific

examples real world examples of selling

tickets on each of these sites let's get

right into it

what percent is taken by Ticketmaster

that you know on a resale then the

number is 26%

so it's a big number just like when you

buy a ticket on there then they gouge

you in the attack on almost twenty

percent after their make-believe fees

and other nonsense and then it's sort of

a disgusting thing really the way ticket

sales are these days and your initial

price is pretty crazy

and then the gouging on ticketmasters

part is also through the roof the only

way you can change that is by not going

to shows and nobody's doing that people

just accept the fact they're going to

get reamed and continuing to do so so it

is what it is so it's about 26% and

that's on each site so what does the

buyer pay so though they have different

ways of doing it but it's basically the

same 26 percent except the way it's

phrased on Ticketmaster is they will say

what do you want to get per ticket so

you'll see I want to get 500 okay on and

then then like they'll charge 625 to the

customer so okay now on StubHub they

will say okay your tickets are being

priced at five fifty you were going to

get 495 for the tickets so it's it's

it's basically straightforward on each

site and there's nothing unclear about

it can you specify the number of tickets

ourselves as always this is big thing

for me so you have two tickets if you

have three or more then it believe that

they can sell one at a time if you only

have two tickets they never break the

tickets unless they're incomplete

different parts of the arena so if you

have to take two tickets you upload both

sites will group these tickets together

which is nice to know we're at the baton

okay how does uploading sending work

date specified so I went over this a

little bit as far as a StubHub you need

to upload the PDF and if you don't have

the PDF you need to specify the date now

this is important if you don't upload

the PDF by the specified date they can

legally charge you full price for they

could bill you for those tickets that

somebody bought and didn't get by that

time so this is important to know when

you'll have the PDF now sometimes with

events you don't get the PDF until five

days before the concert so it's

important to know the date now when

you're selling a Ticketmaster obviously

they have all the files right there and

if you do fanta fan resell it's an

instant transfer of tickets so that's

not a problem on there and you could

also do

a hard copy like I said on stuff up

sending ups so next we're going to go

see so these are just some tips here you

want to price accordingly and your

tickets when you're putting it back up

you want to check the venue see what

they're going for instead of Oh see how

many are left now we're going to get

into something to go over a bit more

stuff here with specific examples and

show venues and so on but this is kind

of an outline so you want to check the

pricing often so you're not over pricing

your tickets you want to be

competitively to pricing I prefer to be

the lowest on the site okay make sure

you see a map of available seating

before buying tickets I had a problem of

example Steely Dan pre-sale mess is what

I would call it so about two sets of

Steely Dan tickets figured out so one go

to the other show apparently you know we

like to see old guys who can play

instruments these days backstreet

tickets so like nothing Steely Dan

nobody cares all right it's just what it

is they're just old or not that exciting

they don't have a demand they had too

many shows in Vegas and that's what it

is so you know I get on a pre-sale also

it really enthused called up didn't

really ask didn't didn't get them

directly on the site couldn't see a map

of the event so I third row tickets I

was pretty enthused and I got another

set of third or second or fourth row

something in grade this would be no

problem easily profit 40% on ticket no

because nobody cares about Steely Dan

and almost no tickets sold even to this

day which is two weeks before the event

so I'll be happy to get back 80 percent

of what I paid so it's not all roses

when you buy and sell tickets all right

so don't let anybody tell you that it is

okay can you list on Ticketmaster the

same time as StubHub the answer is yes

but just be sure to take down whatever

tickets do not sell if you still sell

them on StubHub and want to take them

off a Ticketmaster and vice versa

alright but I would do that immediately

okay what to look for when when buying

to sell so let's come over here now

we're going to

let's see these tickets right here are

being listed VIP tickets you could see

is a pretty scarce for the most part

they're not too many seats and the thing

you want to focus on more is premium

seating people will spend a lot of money

for good seats

general admission I've not really dealt

too much with but as far as actual

physical seats there are only so many

general admission these I would

definitely prefer buying installing

seats although you can make money on

mission of course so I'd be looking for

are they centered where they in the

venue of course you want to be closer

centered of course they sell better also

scarcity how many tickets are left in

the event how far you out from the event

and so on okay so let's see what to look

for by sawing can you change pricing

regularly yes on both sides you could

change pricing you could change you know

you could change it every day if you

want so this is good when you see

tickets so now let's say these tickets

I'm selling are one five forty five and

on here five forty eight okay so I could

go on and just depending on what else is

selling which is nothing on here I can

change it to be a little bit more

aggressive on the pricing but the other

thing too is if you notice here there

there's nobody else selling a VIP seat

right here

just myself although it's two weeks out

so I will probably drop in the price

yeah scarcity people pay for premium can

you change pricing regularly okay okay

say yes the day of the week is very

important weekends of course are going

to do better

also time of the year summer usually

sells a little bit better demand you


are you buying tickets for Steely Dan

are you buying it for Backstreet Boys or

Enrique Iglesias now mainstream acts

like Jennifer Lopez Backstreet Boys not

David Copperfield we see here not

mainstream Billy Idol not only means

so some of these mainstream they're

going to sell there's going to be a big

demand there okay

for obvious reasons more people know

them remaining tickets left said that

current pricing on StubHub per section


variables okay so one thing I ran into

when buying tickets so I'll go back here

so let's say these backstreet tickets

here okay when these were purchased

there were only a few seats left right

around this area I'm on the left side of

the screen here alright

I bought these tickets they were maybe

four other seats left these were not

available these were not available and I

think they even added more over here so

they only six were available at the time

I bought two and then they added about

two dozen seats in premium in the

premium area needless to say I wasn't

too happy about that

of course now somebody could go and buy

for the base rate of 280 instead of the

540 so that was a unforeseen thing but

the venue can do what they want so

that's you know variable to keep in mind

all right let's see changing pricing

also you know sometimes they go up or

down depending on how the tickets are

selling another thing to think about

step up versa Ticketmaster visa we

already went through that okay so here

we go so down to some real numbers

actual resale 630 to 700 per pet prepare

for back street tickets prepare tickets

that was my cost so four sets of tickets

the rough investment was twenty six

hundred with a forty two percent return

so one set sold for eleven hundred the

other sets sold for ten thirty the other

set so for 880 the other set so for 770

which is quite low you see the numbers

kind of got lower and that's partly due

because more seats had start started to

open up for the events which was an

unforeseen thing but luckily they still

sold so as a pair sold I

purchase another set and that's

basically how that went so really you

know the total number is 2600 you really

only invest in about 650 at a time okay

profit per fit per pair is a 450 the

other profit was 380 270 so it's $1,100

profit on $2,600 investment for you 2%

return so I mean in that's over a course

of 3 months so I mean if you made 42

percent in stocks in 3 months you'd be

you be on the news the difference is you

know I'm sure you could easily not sell

the tickets so the chance of a stock

bottoming out and being 0 is very low so

it's a little bit more volatile but I

mean it's an investment basically a

worst-case scenario you're going to go

see the Backstreet Boys I mean I would

also buy tickets too close to where you

live see here current super customer

okay so to give you an exact number

recent one per ticket is 350 per ticket

you receive 580 giving you 220 profit

they're showing it they're selling you

for 662 after their fees

they're selling it to the customer for

seven hundred ninety dollars which is

insane but people pay it that's the

other thing just because it you know

it's a lot of money you know for URI a

lot of people they just they'll still

spend a thousand dollars on a couple

tickets which is insane to me

especially a shitty act so don't really

worry about what you think about the

price and you do need to put up money to

make money right so sometimes you need

to just get them and yeah now let me

show you a bad example of buying tickets

to sell right so here's Steely Dan

they're all they're about to die so they

should be in in more demand as they

don't how many shows left in them back

street they could be touring for another

twenty years that they wanted alright so

we're gonna look at Steely Dan here you

could see the venue not many tickets

have sold this show is two weeks away

which is not great if you have tickets

alright if you're trying to buy into

resale so you can see just the main area

not very good so my tickets are right

down here on the left screen right

around this area here actually here

fourth row

sounds great right okay well now here

they are on StubHub for 280 which is

basically right around the purchase

price but if you see somebody above me

is selling it for two selling them for

206 which means I'm screwed I need to

drop those down in order to be in the

market for selling those tickets or I

wait a few days see those sell then keep

the 280 price but this is a good example

of tickets that are a bad investment

okay so that's you know though that

that's what I know as far as selling

tickets on StubHub and so now I just

change a stuff up in Ticketmaster so I

just changed my cost what I want to get

paid for some back street tickets

because they also you know somebody in

the section drop the pricing and see if

I have it here know that's going to be

yes okay so right here you'll see that

they're selling tickets these are ahead

of me they're selling it for five

seventy I have my four four five forty

eight and actually drop them down a

little bit more so probably about five

hundred and they were a bit more so when

tickets come on the market you need to

be aware and drop your price accordingly

otherwise they will probably not sell

okay another thing is a lot of times

people will look at stubs the last last

things on the sweet list here a lot of

people look at stuff of like

Ticketmaster all right they ask they

know Ticketmaster is out there but just

due to convenience they will see tickets

that they like and they will just buy

them I've had tickets up ones that so

for 880 total what profit not not profit

but what I got back so is about $200

profit but anyway the tickets sold for

two for 880 they could have bought them

for maybe a hundred less a ticket on the

Ticketmaster site

tickets that were right there yet they

still bought them on StubHub so

I mean people don't us or not and so

they praise conscious shoppers and to a

lot of people a thousand dollars and

that much money and it's hard to wrap

your head around but it is what it is so

you can buy tickets put them on there

and you never know people just go on

there they think Oh certainly

Ticketmaster and I could buy them there

they think it's you know like access or

whatever and it's not some people just

don't care about pricing that much so

that's another thing that kind of blew

me away anyway I hope that you got some

tips that were useful for you for

reselling tickets on stuff of and

Ticketmaster if you have any questions

please leave them below and I will

answer them if I can regarding tickets

nothing on the JFK assassination all

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