Quick Tips for Selling Paperback Books

what's up live here in the warehouse I'm

about to get some beer with my cousin at

a river's edge brewery in Milford

Michigan but this video is about how to

sell paperback books and more

importantly it's five five quick tips

they're gonna help you maximize selling

paperback books a lot of times you're

gonna have an opportunity to buy a very

large portion of paperback books because

one a lot of people don't know they have

value which believe me they do I just

got done look right there right there

right there

that's a twelve boxes of here back books

right there that I listed today and I

think off of those I'm gonna make

hopefully around two grand we'll see

though we'll see we'll see anyways hi

everyone here really happy to see you

here I didn't see the names of the

videos the names of the people in the

video but if you're here thank you so

much and I'm gonna get into it right now

in the first one is you have to know

what to scan on the books and if you're

new this is your first video scanning

books I've got videos on that's how you

tell if the book is worth money on

Amazon or Ebay or wherever you're

selling it you use these apps you have

your barcode scanner at your phone and

you just go and you scan it right but on

some of these books like this barcode

right here if you scan that barcode

that's not gonna give you the book title

it's gonna give you some generic

mass-market paperback book that's not

yours and most people would say yeah

it's garbage I'm just gonna throw it

away I threw it but I caught it here

still when you checkout these books you

want to scan the barcode on the inside

cover right crazy isn't it and you can

tell the difference because this bar

code right here begins with nine seven

eight and if you're just watching the

live stream it hasn't uploaded an HD yet

so it's gonna be reversed but trust me

this barcode is right and the barcode on

the inside cover is different for the

barcode on the back right helpful huh so

next time you're at a thrift store or

wherever you are and you see paperback

books you want to open up the the inside

cover and scan that one and just look

and see you and you'll see it's

different number two is you want to sell

a complete series if you can right if

you can't so what I've got right here

and this isn't a complete series I'm

still working on it but these are the

hardy boys Case Files hardy boys Case

Files and individual these books are not

worth telling on Amazon they're just not

high sales ranked on a lot of these a

lot of competition because the Hardy

Boys are very popular and so to sell

these individually

we wouldn't make sense unless I liked

losing money which you know I don't I

don't at all but by having the series

the Hardy Boys case filed series with

these books this was a big book if I had

more of them which I don't this is just

kind of a remnant of going through

pallets I would sell these for about

three bucks a book which when you've got

50 of them that's really really good and

so I've got some videos prior to this

about what kind of paperback books I

sell or what the most valuable books

that sold over the past few months has

been so check those out too the third

thing that's gonna really make your

sales of paperback books go up is get a

special keyboard and they're they're

called accounting keypads they're little

you know rectangle keypads with one two

three four five six seven eight nine

zero and then an asterisk and a pound

sign on those two sides and you want to

have that what I have is mine is USB to

my computer but it also has a Bluetooth

option as well and when you're going

through your paperback books you're

first gonna scan all the ones with the

barcode like we saw on the inside cover

or in some cases they will have it on

back but these don't however

like these two right here right where

there's no there's no barcode in here

what the hell are these books worthless

no Jack Vance if you know anything about

sci-fi you know who Jack Vance is and

they're two books that are worth uh well

actually I don't know because I kept

them for my personal collection but I'm

guessing you know between five and ten

dollars profit with these how do I know

what they're worth if I can't scan them

what I just told you in the first step

you got to scan the books right well you

look up the ISBN code and you want to

set these all aside all the books you

can't just scan and then you go through

it and you see right where is it

on this page right here there's going to

be on the bottom there's the ISB I'm not

gonna show to you it's not gonna show

clearly because my cell phone does not

have that good of zoom it's not a macro

lens that's what I meant macro not zoom

but you do that and that really helps

you streamline your process and

streamlining that makes you more money

okay if you can make five dollars ten

times a day but you can maximize your

efficiency and then okay I'm making five

dollars fifty times a day even though

you're not you know making more money

off these individual books you're making

more money off of more sales so you

don't I'm saying the fourth way to

really squeeze some money out of these

paperback books I've got all around me

is find ones where there are no other

prime listings you're the only prime

seller of those books and what I've

found is even if there's a lot of books

for sale merchant fulfilled at you know

four five six seven dollars cheap cheap

books I can go in there with the only

prime listing and command 20 bucks you

know it's gonna be depending on the

sales wrinkle I'll difficult between 15

and like 25 dollars but 25 bucks as the

only prime listing on a book you're

gonna get sales there and that's not

because people think that that specific

copy is better but it's the convenience

of it it's gonna be there in one or two

days and also you're more likely to get

the used by box actually it has to be

FBA to get the use by box and so you're

more likely to have the listing have a

buy box at all that you can claim the

fifth one the fifth one is you want to

sort by genre as well and so let's say

these two science-fiction books let's

say they're actually nobodies and

they're not they're not um they're not

books that you want to really worry

about you say okay I need a I've got a

lot of 50 sci-fi paperbacks 50 romance

paperbacks but romance are difficult

though because with romance books

there's a wide variance in how how


and how lewd and sexual and explicit and

graphic the writing is so you don't want

to sell you know to a woman who like

stories about Scotsman riding horses and

stating princesses you don't want to

sell her like hardcore erotic

pornography will not pornography

porn porn Italy porn Ethel I don't know

how you'd say ironic writing that's what

it is I saw in the question someone said

okay in regards to number 4/4 number tip

what about and that's why I do these

live streams because okay what if I

forgot to say something I can just read

that as I'm speaking it out and I can

get you more information what someone

asked was what about reprice it and

reprice it if you haven't seen my other

videos reprice it is a repricing

tool a program and so it takes all of

your listings on Amazon and makes you

the specific price you want based on

criteria and the criteria I most talk

about is what makes your price the

lowest by box listing and so he's

totally right and instances like that if

there already is an existing well it

wouldn't be though for use books but

let's just say there's a seller

fulfilled prime book right that is at

six dollars that's the current used by

box and even though that's not totally

like consistent with the things I said

previously I just want to kind of go

through how I'm excluding asons from

every pricing tool so I can keep it at

that what I do is I just say lowest used

by box and then I have my minimum price

like eight dollars so I'm not gonna win

those $6 or whatever and then as soon as

the seller fulfilled crime or even if

somebody you know perchance put their

book in there and a prime price like

five dollars even though like this and I

know that's not my fourth tip that's

like a different scenario I still think

this information is important I'm going

to say it anyway so just give me a

little bit of clearance there what

you're going to want to do is there's

two options you can exclude the ace in

individually or you can give it a

exclusion prefix and so for all the

books that I am sell

at a specific price which I do I'd say I

couldn't give you a number I'll top my

head but it's less than 5% of the books

that I sell are are going to be excluded

out of my tree pricing tool and I give

them a specific prefix so what I say is

every book or every item I don't want to

I don't want to be repriced I'll say

wholesale and wholesale that's just

because initially when I was doing

wholesale I didn't want that to be

reprised this is kind of stayed over you

can give it any prefix you want well I

could call it rare paperbacks if I

wanted to at the beginning of the SKU

and so when you're using like seller

central and to individually list each

item you go to the SKU and you put in

your SKU how you want it but you want to

make sure the prefix is rare paperback

books wholesale I don't want my

price you know whatever it is and that

will make sure that it gets passed by

you also that can you know bite you in

the ass because oh maybe the market is

lower and I just misread it maybe not

the other way you can do it to implement

those wholesale are sorry those SKU

prefixes is you know what would I use

the scanlister

and so in the top left corner scanlister

and if you buy the booksellers blueprint

which I should be plugging a lot more

and I'm not there's a link in the in the

link below

I have screenshots and I go through all

of it and I really thoroughly explain it

to you but um if you know what I'm

talking about you know in the top left

corner whatever it is with the flipping

of the camera there is a few input

fields it's like date supplier and SKU

prefix and so with that SKU prefix you

would just put in what you've already

selected so what I would type in that

input bar is rare books and then as I'm

inputting all of my books into

scanlister it would um put that as the

prefix and then a random number actually

doesn't rain on number sequence it's

it's a numeric sequence going up you

know n plus 1 or whatever and that's the

way when I went upload those they all

have that same prefix as well and what I

would do for those those I don't

normally do this but if I was I would

say okay 25 bucks a book

for all those and it would just stay at

that price kind of a workaround to of

doing that is listing it in collectable

condition because reprice it does not

reprice collectible condition goods so I

told you to there's actually three ways

you can do it I'm sure there's some more

you know nuances to to that to that I

thought process I'm not going to go and

do it if anybody has any questions I

will answer them right now

if not I'm give you like I don't know a

minute or two to write them but I got to

get going because I gotta take those

books right there to the to the door and

get some beer with my cousin let's see

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