How to price your product to make a profit | PQP | BASIC #017

welcome to one who's willing point this

video is about how to price your cooling

products I have been making cooling

products since one and half years now

and it's almost seven months for my FB

page now and I found out that there are

amazing talents in all type of arts but

many of them go down you know why

because of fire they are not able to

price their products or they are not

able to market and self-marketing thing

even I am in a learning stage but for

pricing I can definitely help you out in

this video I will tell you how I started

pricing hair products and how you can do

it easily there is an easter egg at the

end of the video so either you can move

on to that part and see how to use it or

watch the entire video and then check

how easily you can use it food so

initially when weeding were just my

hobby and few ladies I mean were asking

me that why would you sell your products

so at that time I was only concerned

about getting my raw material price and

which was quite easy for example you can

see I used to buy quilling strips from

retailers for 100 shirts for 15 rupees

and if I'm losing 10 strips per pair of

curing then the cost of the strip was

one rupee fifty better and safe way for

the other one materials so which was

quite easy for me but since last nine

months I left my job I have a programmer

working in Nashville Kemetic center that

is a nice and take him his coffee and

trying to turn this into a business I

had to get income source out of the

fridge if I have to survive in this

business the amount of time I was

putting into the job and getting the

salary was fairly promotional so I meant

from small calculations and I found out


I was getting 120 rupees para so now I

know I have to include the time factors

to calculate the final price of the

product and obviously it should be

visible as well so that all you can

groups can according as the headline at

P Q P on our every day if you can see

that is and main followed so for making

this complex calculation easy

I made this excel sheet where I just put

the number of strips oops

or any raw material and the time it took

for me to make the area and it gives me

the price in this way for example let's

take these hearings for these I took

eight strips blueprint choose two - two

flower means and to ot's it took me

about 15 minutes to meet you excluding

the time taken for blue and bonus to


I get described in this if I even went

ahead and made a smaller based on this

spreadsheet it has the same calculation

but on home if you are interested in

making your small app you can contact on

this below mention in an ideal it will

cost you around 72 out of depending on

your complexity and your requirement or

if you want you can download the

spreadsheet in the villa mentoring link

and use it with the alteration in the

rate of our materials in this folder if

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