How to price your products/paper flowers!

okay hi guys I had said that I was gonna

do a video on explaining on how I try to

calculate how much I like I'm spending

where I get the best deals when actually

when cuz you guys obviously know that I

go to Hobby Lobby and Michaels and there

are some stores that I do there's some

stuff I'm sorry that I do purchase

online not everything just and it's M

there's some stuff that online it's like

a little bit cheaper if you buy by bulk

but like these these are the ones I've

made these are my cutouts they're ready

to be as simple to my flower this is

that this would be like a medium sized

show you how that would look like once

it's assembled and the reason I am

showing you this is it's important for

you guys to know because

I don't wanna I don't want to do this

all backwards I want to explain it so

that way you guys kind of understand

like if you guys are a little bit

confused on how to price your item you

know and these paper flowers that are

handmade are expensive I think well

they're not expensive they're just the

reason why most people price them the

way they price them

besides you know trying to get you know

make a profit out of it it's because

they're handmade

anything that's handmade especially if

you give me you know the quality like

look at this you know like perfect you

know it's not her good it's not like I

mean of course they're not gonna be

perfect but I have came up with the way

I calculated this let me get a packet

here okay this is one packet that I buy

at Michaels when they're on sale I

always get him only when they are on

sale I do not purchase them when they

are not on sale because that's the only

way I can literally get a profit I like

make a good profit out of my paper

flowers this is the other one I made

which would be these petals

and okay I in total of the paper that I

use with this just a Michaels paper the

what is it recollections brand this is a

regulations brand cardstock this is the

rose and this is the white and midnight

the gold is it's a poster board post or

cardstock not bored cardstock and that's

a dollar at Michael's not this this is

the glitter this is the on the back it's

like gray and then it's a matte gold

that I use and then I put the glittered

gold glitter for the center but okay so

I used let me see I wrote my notes I'm

gonna read for my notes okay I use the

eight-and-a-half by 11 inch which is

this paper and for the small petals

which are these these are the small

petals it took up six sheets and to make

em I'm gonna make one two three

for four cents four sets with the three

different types of petal sizes I did

four sets so in total I used 24 sheets

you know just in the white in the rose

pink and there's like like I've told you

guys we're gonna calculate 50 feet let

me get my calculator so I can kind of

show you how I do it

okay let me hmm okay here's a calculator

okay okay here we go

so remember I am going by this number 50

sheets and we are going to calculate

that information okay so this packet

right here I got it when it was on sell

for $2 right and sometimes they go and

so for two sometimes our own sell for

250 so it just I buy them either way

when they're on two I buy them when

they're two dollars or two dollars and

fifty cents sales that's when I buy them

and I buy a lot I don't buy just to one

or two i buy a lot mm-hmm okay so we

we're gonna put two because it costs

this one did cost me two dollars

both of these cost me $2 each - and then

we're gonna divide by 50 and then we're

gonna put the equal sign and that is

that's how I got my calculations and

it's just like kind of an estimate

because sometimes I'll get like 0.042 to

2 or something like that just an example

and it's like I'm like I'm just kind of

rounded up like I'll just rounded you

know or I'll just leave it like at 4 or

something but okay so this the 0.04


is how much I calculated each she is

like each paper so then from there hmm

we're gonna times 24 because I used 24

sheets just on the white and the pink

and the rose pink not including the

glittered cardstock

gold glitter card stock or the matte

gold and then we're gonna press equal

and that equal to 0.96 cents for just to

24 sheets and I made 6 may 6 medium

sized paper flowers and these are the

ones I made there's that one I still

have to assemble the other ones this is

the p1 so and then so I made six of

using these papers and now I'm gonna

talk to you guys about the excuse me

okay this one talked about this okay

Mel this is I got it at Hobby Lobby it

was ripped it did have a tear this is

part of the tear that it had you see it

had a tear like about an inch yeah about

an inch tear and I asked it was this is

never answer the big oh I know what size

it is do not know what size it is I

should've looked before I cut it well

this is the big one that they have and

they don't have that much variety in

this size I'll try to I will have that

size for this in the description box

below but on the these are never on sale

at Hobby Lobby that I know of because

every time I go they're never on sale so

I do use my 40% coupon off that you know

they they have available and after I use

a 40 percent coupon like it was ripped

they gave me a 10 percent discount and I

asked I'm like okay this is ripped and

it's the only one there I mean you have

to ask for if you can get a discount I

mean there's no look I'm not embarrassed

to ask I know there's people that are

but if you're really trying to get

something going like okay I want to make

something you know to sell or stuff you

really gotta try to get the cheapest

price or the best price you can

and so they gave me I use my 40% coupon

plus the 10% that they gave me because

it was damaged and that was the only one

there so I gotta I was gonna I was

actually looking for another one but

that was the only one and I needed it

and I'm still been using it as you can

see it's like a nice to have a barrel

pieces left and this how much was a

fifty four cents it cost me fifty four

cents and I think it was fifty four


yeah so it was so cheap and I'm like and

I'm still using you see there's this is

another piece to it this is to I'll

probably end up throwing this one away

so and out of and I just cut nine of

these because this is what I mean this

is a three inch no 3.5 inch

three-and-a-half inches that I cut for

the center and from my scraps and I just

oh and this one is this this is a mat

that I was telling you about guys this

is a dollar and Michael's it's always a

dollar at Michael's and I believe that

you cannot use a coupon I have not tried

but you know you never know you can try

but since they're a dollar I'm like hey

every time it something's a doll I'm

like okay that's a good bargain for me I

mean I'm good with that

like I'm fine paying a dollar and then

these I did use scraps that I have to

come flip complete this so I'm gonna say

I used one and a half

although so it was $2.00 it was I

probably used Missy Missy I don't know a

dollar I don't know I can't think maybe

a dollar 50 to make how many three three

of these a dollar fifty to make three of

these and even though the base I'm sorry

I can't think right now but that's what

I wanted to go over on how I calculate

and then you these are the prices on the

paper flowers really it really does come

down what you mean it really does come

down to the work that you put in it that

work that I put in it in making this

because it does take time and I didn't

even add because I guess to make this to

make the six medium pink and white ones

it was 96 cents but I'm not counting the

electricity I used the glue sticks I

used which I use this a pack of 15 I

think and they're like - almost three

dollars I'm just gonna say three dollars

at Walmart I always get him at Walmart

but you know I've this this is what

works for me every time I go to Walmart

which is not like often often but it's

almost I must say I don't know twice or

once a week I'm just say I'm not sure

maybe it's less sometimes it's sometimes

it's lie sometimes it's more it varies

but every time I go to Walmart I always

get me a pack either one or two packs

depending on what I'm buying

and I have a lot of Peck cities and I've

noticed that that's a way it's like it

saves me time and I think I feel like it

does save me money on where I can use

the money like invest more in the paper

that I need to make my flowers but

that's just me

yeah that's just me that's how I do I

got every time I go I'm like okay I'm

gonna get a pack I usually get one or

two when I only go in to buy something I

don't know and I go to the Super Center

not the because they don't have a met


Neighborhood Market but when I'm only

gonna get one or two items that's when

I'll get three or four packs so it just

depends what I'm gonna buy and that's

why that's when I get these and okay

guys I tracked a little bit I'm sorry


so take into consideration that I am not

so I'm just calculating that the 96

cents that it did cost that's just a

paper not including this not including

the glue stick not including the

electricity not including my work so you

might think Oh 96 and sets cheap but if

you if we if we really come down to

calculating everything from the

electricity I use from my time you know

I guess my labor you can say assembling

them blowing the hot gluing them us you

know the glue sticks

I'm just us I'm just doing it like

estimate and it's probably gonna be more

than 96 cents so the 96 cents was just

the paper I just want to clarify that

the 96 cents was just the paper that's

the cost of the paper just to make the


paper flowers the Rose and the white I

don't want to confusion I hope this

video is not so confusing

I even got myself confused I'm done okay

so I guess that was it if you guys have

any questions feel free to leave me a

message or email me I will leave my

email on here and you can send me a

personal email if you don't want you

know you don't want to post your comment

on there be public Oh on the prices on

these they do range there's different

prices it just depends roses

tend to be more expensive because they

tend to have you what I do I use more

paper than these these are just six pet

6 more petals another six medium petals

and then another six large petals but

the rose takes up more way more paper so

those will be more a little bit more

expensive and remember guys that the

prices when you're purchasing paper

flowers most likely if they're kind of

expensive besides the work that is put

into it like the time it's mostly

because the expensiveness is because of

the labor that was put into it because

it's not like oh I'm gonna go in really

quick and do it you see how almost it

looks really nice even like real clean

glued and that way like right here I

usually put my a sticker let me go ahead

and get it and add it on

because I will forget so I did just

wanted to explain them really quick I'm

trying to make this little as short as I

can but I talking too much I swear oh

yeah you see and it's not including the

labels that I put on here

you see I just put the labels I think

I'm gonna yeah I'll just put it right

there you see that's what I thought

makes it look more professional I'm more

to you and it's like a clean like a nice

back I don't know if you've had other

people if you guys bought other what do

you call it paper flowers come people

when you purchase them they're all like

messy from the back I mean I know that's

not gonna be shown but I don't know to

me when there's like a nice clean cut

that means to me it's like okay this was

done by a professional that's just me

that's the way I think but not all of us

think the same oh the gold let me show

you guys the gold any purpose

isn't this just gorgeous those are the

colors these are for a quinceanera which

for this Saturday but I am gonna be

delivering these probably Thursday if

not Friday the latest Friday I should

have these done way before then but okay

guys thank you guys for watching

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the video but okay let me know where to

put these flowers I don't want to get

them okay um I will make another video

if you do want me to make I think I

don't have a video on how to make this

nice and clean yeah I think I do have a

video on how I made this one but okay

again thank you for watching and I will

be uploading another video I don't know

what about but I'm gonna be able to read

another video bye guys until next time