How to sell Paparazzi Jewelry on Facebook LIVE

it's on huh yeah all right um a bunch of

you guys have asked how we sell jewelry

on Facebook and I'm going to go through

step by step so this might be kind of

long 20-30 minutes

of how I how I do it now everybody does

it differently I just want to show you

my technique that I think works well so

um are you able to see if people comment

on there

does it show you on the side or anything

okay yeah okay okay tell me if anybody

gets on or if they have questions okay

all right so we're just going to start

so the goal of this is to sell jewelry

we're trying to replace the home party

and the home party is kind of it's just

not as cool as it used to be they're

still really fun and I love doing them

so if you guys ever want to do one tell

me but in reality a lot of people are

too busy or they don't want to like like

clean their house for people to come

over so we've been finding a solution by

selling jewelry online and what happens

is a lot of you guys get to sit at home

and relax and scroll through your

Facebook and maybe you'll pop on and

watch some of our goodies and what's fun

is everything we have different we have

thousands and thousands and thousands of

designs so it's kind of fun just to see

what there is like I even watch girls

sell it and I sell it why it's just kind

of fun to see what what's going to pop

up next it's kind of like Christmas so

what I'm going to do is show you like my

system maybe you guys can learn from me

especially if you're already selling

paparazzi and if you're on my team and

you've asked for help I'll show you what

I like to do and this is not required

this is like my paparazzi area in my

house you want to show them and I wanted

to be real so I didn't clean her first

it's just what it is you're getting

comments Matt Lee oh cool tell me if

they base this huh well any questions

okay I'll read them later though

written norm on Rachel so I'll explain

what all this is - all right I'll

explain what all this is as we go

through this and if they have questions

about what I'm teaching then then that's

what you need to tell me okay so and the

reason my husband's holding this up is

because there we're just going to be

going all over the place so I can show

you so the first thing I need to do is

order jewelry and have it coming to my

house okay so if you don't know how to

order jewelry I'm from paparazzi you

have to be a rep if you want to be a rep

call me and let me know and I'll help

you sign up if you are already a rep I

have a video called how to order

wholesale jewelry and it it tells you

like what to click if you don't know how

so then they're at the company making

getting the jewelry ready and packaging

it so on your planning time you want to

make sure you have some of the right

equipment okay so here's the minimum you

can get away with you need a cell phone

that does video and so it's going to be

a smart phone okay you it has to be a

smart phone because you're going to be

in the Facebook app I have tested using

my brand new laptop that I just got and

my phone and the laptop quality not good

I wouldn't use it so don't even think

you need a laptop okay what I do like to

do though is have my laptop open in

front of me like this and then the video

I'll show you my tripod the videos

sitting here going and then that way I

can share my video sometimes people will

PM me and I can answer their questions I

try not to do it too much because it'll

take away from my interaction but I like

having my computer here with me because

I'm totally a computer girl so let me

show you guys the tripod I use um where

did I put it

so on the kitchen table okay you could

give any alright you can just show them

some stuff

oh yeah she's getting it when she does

the video when she sells maybe I'm

jumping ahead though but I usually sit

right there

and I load up the stuff in the here here

the orders the orders

I'll show them that too hey where'd you

tell su so everything I didn't have to

talk long

I know right okay this is from me taking

pictures the other day which I'll

explain that too I do have the video on

how to take your own pictures of the

jewelry that it's sufficient not

photographer or anything but it works um

anybody have any questions that or

anything sinful says hi you have eleven

viewers right now okay um okay so you

need a tripod now I have before gotten a

chair and use rubber bands and like

string and made my phone stay so you

don't have to buy a tripod if you get

your jewelry and you want to go go for


but it would be smart to get a tripod

when you can and you have to buy this

contraption right here it's a cell phone

holder it screws on and off of the

standard tripod screw size and you can

get these sometimes Dollar Tree has them

hooked to a selfie stick but you have to

make sure it's big enough for your phone

mine's barely big enough I have an s7

edge so if you have like an eight you

might need to make sure you get one like

take your phone with you and make sure

it fits but you can order these on

Amazon or wherever now it came with this

I actually my friend bought me this and

it was ten bucks so it was this little

tiny tripod with this thingy and and it

works okay but it's not very tall and

you're going to look better it's just a

trick you're going to look better if

your video comes down a little so why

don't you raise that a little bit I'm

just kidding if your video is coming

down on you a little it just looks

better it like makes you more attractive

on camera that's where you lose your ten

pounds instead of gain your ten pounds

so so it's all tripod is better a lot of

people have these that they got with

I'm quarters for free like in the 90s a

lot of people have these at yard sales

so watch form what I like to do is open

it up and then I raise one leg like this

so that it points when you stick yeah

when you stand it up it kind of tips

forward and then I put my camera right

here okay I guess I have to turn it like

this okay do you have your camera and

I'll use my case so pretend this is my

phone so I put it in here and then and

then my phone is pointing down just a

little at my face does that all make

sense so for me this works really well

on my table and I just I put it right

here actually so maybe I will set it

here just to kind of show you guys here

and I always worry that it's going to I

don't touch the camera once it's going

so this will probably break my case so

we'll just remember that the phone will

be right here who am i fall in there

okay I get the idea go ahead yeah it's

kind of nice to see a visual this phone

it's too big you got it though all right

I can put the case in it there okay my

pretend phone right there so it's going

to point toward me now one thing I

learned that is cool is the videos are

on an iPhone you can tip it horizontal

and that's like a bonus but if you're

stuck with an Android like me you have

to have a vertical view so you're going

to have a whole bunch of dead space

above your head so if you look up there

I put a little sign up there five dollar

accessories you could put other stuff

like every Tuesday and Thursday or you

could put like share to win this piece

of jewelry

use that space don't waste it because

it's free advertising for you so yeah so

when people um flip through Facebook

they won't they'll like kind of know

what it is because you can tell them in

the whatever dead space is behind you so

use that dead space okay so that's your

equipment so far is your tripod and your

phone and the next thing you need is

of course we talked about your jewelry

you're going to need numbers I have a

file I'll need to put the link in the

video later but I have a file with

numbers that are frontwards or backwards

if you have like I said if you have an

iPhone you can flip your camera it has

lots of features so you can just print

normal numbers but if you have an

Android you can't flip your camera so my

numbers are all backwards on purpose

because on the video they show normal

and I like to have paperclips available

too and I'll show you more in a minute

so you want to make sure you have your

numbers printed I have 200 of them and I

never use them in order it's mostly just

for me to reference whatever people are

claiming from the last couple minutes is


I don't rewatch my videos that's a

preference I have so I don't need to do

them in order I can explain that to

later if you said to rewatch your videos

okay so um the other thing you need that

I like to use is Ziploc baggies I have a

million of them I'll show you why and

then I also have a whole bunch of

envelopes to help package our jewelry

during the sale now I was doing the

sales alone up until last week so it's

totally possible to do this alone you

don't have to make your family help you

if they do it's convenient and quicker

but you can do this alone if you need to

not a big deal so I'll show you what I

do um any questions yet are we good ok

neat that's fun I wish I could see I

kind of missed that that's part of the

fun of the Facebook life ok so here is a

perfect example this is an order let me

think if that's all the equipment oh the

other thing you need is maybe some empty

paparazzi boxes to hold some of your

stuff and I'll show you what I do so

Kyra is the step I ordered the jewelry

and now I got the jewelry oh no we got

to talk about light one more part of

equipment ok so well you need good

lights though because if you don't have

good lights it's just not going to be

pretty enough for your jewelry you have

to have good light so there's lots of

modifications our kitchen lights

have the UM what are they called the

halogen lights in the new light bulbs

Oh LED LED are they LED yeah I thought

they were those spiral ones I don't know

but I think there's oh using good yeah

okay okay whatever those new light bulbs

are called that are spiral over there

they're halogen those are bright and so

if you have a room with halogen lights

in it it's probably going to be okay

and you can ask your friends how it

looks and see if they can see in Furio

so that's your first backup free plan is

to just do the room in your house that

might have halogen lights and our

kitchen is pretty bright even at night

so I did it in there for quite a while

now if you remember so and I didn't need

extra lights if you are in a room which

a lot of you guys hard because you got

to make let your kids go to sleep and

you're going to close the door and do

your videos and work then you need

lighting special lighting these are

called LUMO Studio softbox photographer

kit I have two I did they're identical

from each other yeah Lemos studio and

shown the inside how it's foil if you do

me to help you here yeah yashi so all

this is is tin foil like foil so it's

reflective you can actually find hi you

can find on Pinterest how to make these

you can use a cardboard box put tin foil

and a pillowcase over it but um the

whole trick is the the light bulb in

there yeah so if you look on Amazon

under lemo studio lighting kit see what

the light bulb wattage is and you can

buy that light bulb for like eight bucks

at lowe's and then make your own if you

can't afford it if you can't afford it

it's awesome I love mine so awesome here

let's talk a little bit um it's okay

okay you also need a good chair this was

my gift once I had my biggest cell

because I was really excited and I

decided this is a full-time permanent

doing so I got eckel J you can use a

chair you can I would say stand up and

do it if you want but my minor three

hours long and so I like to sit down and

sew a trick on the lighting is you don't

want your jewelry to get washed out so

when you have a big light like that

don't have it like three feet from you

you need to kind of put it far away so

it lights up the room and another trick

is and you don't have to have two of

them I just happen to have two them

another trick is that bright light will

reflect off the ceiling in a small room

so see how that is pointing toward the


this room's kind of big so it's not

totally really doing that much but if

you're in a bedroom you can get a bright

light and take the lampshade off so it

goes up to the ceiling or point it if

it's like that and it will make the

whole room brighter instead of having a

glare at you does that make sense okay

photographers do that too they'll point

the flash toward the ceiling and it

helps brighten up the whole room instead

of just your face so okay so that's all

the equipment that you like totally need

that I use if you like my style okay so

you get your order in the mail yay check

your order make sure everything's there

and then what what I like to do is pre

open my jewelry I didn't used to do this

and all my customers were like please

that plastic is driving me crazy so I

started opening it and it's it's pretty

neat so I'll show you how I do it

um this might be longer than 20 minutes

because I'm saying a lot all day

okay the trick to selling a lot of

jewelry on Facebook live drumroll please

is multiples buy a lot of each item

because you only have to describe it

once and you can maybe sell it two three

four five 10 15 people it's cool and

it's going to take a little while to

build up your audience but I've been

doing that so I used to buy like two of

everything and now I buy like five and

you I started my everything because I

know my audience has built up a little

bit bigger so plan ahead and the stuff

that you think is really cute

everybody's probably and I think is

really cute

it doesn't mean not to buy your onesie

twosie zuv miscellaneous stuff still do

that but also buy multiples so what I do

is I have right here I have five of the

same necklace so here's how I do it

when I'm planning for my show I open the

jewelry and if you're new to paparazzi

make sure you take this staple out so

you don't snag your necklace so I just

sort that and make sure to staple it out

by the way this is for sale so come here

on Tuesday and you can maybe buy mine

anyway so here's the necklace and then I

get my baggy and I reuse baggies all the

time because it's this is not a

permanent thing this is to prepare for

the show so what I do is I get my baggy

and I put my extra pieces in here that

are not unwrapped these are all the

digital tape

and then I I like to just repackage back

in here because because the recycle you

know so I reused the packaging I just

fold it up like this sure one was your

part your life parties are three hours


I'll tell them why to okay but then

there's I think that was more like oh

yeah yeah and then there's another one

is do you write the name of the item on

the back of the tag oh okay let's for

both of those you write yeah if you

write the name on the back of the tag

okay okay I'll answer both of those let

me show you this real quick so then I

get that piece of jewelry and I put it

in the bag so that it's ready for me to

pull out if it's a necklace that I think

is going to tangle I just kind of hook

it on the edge of the plastic so that

it's not all the way down so just one

just one is open that's all you need

show yep yep so this is ready and now

I'm going to get an empty box and start

piling up all my stuff okay does that

make sense so do I write the name on it

no I quit doing names names are cute and

fun and I'm glad for those who like it

but my opinion is there is time better

spent on other things so I don't do the

name anymore I used to sometimes I'll

read it if it's sitting here in front of

me on the other package it's kind of fun

but I don't look up stock photos anymore

so I don't need the name I take my own

pictures so I'll explain that to you

guys um and if I ever have to look back

on a thing I can maybe find it in my

past orders because we have that access

for us all right let me package one more

thing real quick and just show you

here's a single item I still reap reopen

single items so this is a cute bracelet

oh there's another question I like the

three hours on a dress that so I give

the baggie

I put the bracelet in there and the

package in there okay this goes in there

too so everything and like everything

like 100 different items if I can I have

a lot of inventory so I'll mix up my new

stuff with my old stuff because the

customers don't know I'm just presenting


one other cool trick is I don't know

where it is but if you have a set I've

been selling sets together and it's

great the customer loves it because

they're ready to go and I love it

because it's helping me upsell more than

one thing and it's helping me like sell

a bracelet that isn't as cute unless

it's with its partner necklace for

example so I will I just like kind of

show you is like let's say this necklace

I just did matches this bracelet I'll

open a bolt I'll put both packages in

the bag and then want to show the video

I hold them both up and I say this is a

set you have to bind together so it's

$10 so steps are pretty cool and

sometimes if the set doesn't sell then

I'll split it up on my photo album or

vice versa I won't sell it together on

the video and then I may pair up sets on

my photo album okay so that's how I pre

packaged it now the three hour thing I

would rather I go live twice a week I

would rather go live twice a week for a

long time and not go live for like a

half hour everyday because I don't want

to think oh I have to do that tonight oh

I have to do that tonight I just want to

have a schedule like a regular job so I

would even go live once a week for three

hours if I knew that I could sell

everything in one snack but I don't yet

I'm hoping to build up to that so and I

do three hours because as far as we know

Facebook favors long videos so the

longer you're on there the more people's

feed you're going to show up on so

interesting huh okay these people time

to oh yeah people come and go it's not

like anybody's going to sit there the

whole time okay so that's how I prepare

the jewelry and then how I prepare for

customers is I have a box any paparazzi


and where's my new envelopes there was a

question about not having a room to do

this and so she's got a take down and

set up everything in order to get it

going yeah tell her about kitchen yeah I

had that I still have that problem we

were just using the end of my living

room and I was doing it in my kitchen so

I'd have to take down and set up so all

I would take in my kitchen was those

five pieces of equipment and my box of

jewelry and my box for my customers you

don't need anything else so you just

need your jewelry and your box for your

customers and then you know your tripod

and phone and stuff so I mean you do

have to have all that stuff but it's

worth it totally so I use this and then

I have one problem I have a ton of these

like lots of them because I I plan to

sell a ton so when I buy I'm obligated

to keep working that's good everybody

knows what these are

it's a white craft envelope from value

Miller's on eBay they're the best deal I

can find if you buy a bunch like 500 at

a time so what I do is I have you know

30 of these or whatever ready to go in a

file when somebody comments sold and the

number I will write their name on here

and stick it in here and then when the

next person buys something I'll write

their name and stick it in here so

eventually we end up with you know 20

different people I suggest putting it in

alphabetical order by name I suggest

putting their facebook name because it's

just quicker and easier and so then we

end up with a box full of customer so I

actually have this one these are people

that are having me hold their orders so

so we've got a couple people here so

this is kind of what it looks like so

after my sell the other day I had three

full and they were like the quarter and

they're all here full of jewelry that I

our invoice everybody okay so far so

good oh so I didn't need my box because

I want to show them what are you so this

is going to take a while but I think

it's valuable information right okay


you don't have 22 viewers okay good

Walters question okay do you use the

mailers and label them even for local

people or only the people that you're

shipping to local people too because

they stand up so it's like a little file

digit digit and I can pick the name out

so when my local friends come and buy

their stuff I get the envelope dump it

out on the couch talk to him show them

what they bought and then give it to him

in a bag to go home and then I just

scratch out their name and write another

name like this so that's when I

scratched out the name and put somebody

else in fact she paid me so we're gonna

centers so anyway reuse anything you can

nobody cares what these look like I have

cute things I'm going to show you that I

nail em in so it'll cover up all the

scratched up names our cat is meowing

can you guys hear that's cute okay so

let's say our party starts make sure you

write a good description that's

attractive to people make sure you

suggest people share to win that's the

best thing I found so far is to say

share to win because sharing is going to

get you new people and your goal is to

always get new people my goal is to

always get a new customer an additional

new customer every time I go live and

it's growing exponentially because if I

get one new customer they may bring in

two friends those two new people may

bring in two friends so it's going to

grow if you're consistent oh and let me

cover that really fast have a schedule

go create a schedule for your lives or

whatever and make sure people know what

it is and stick to your schedule even if

you do it and nobody who shows up you

just make it a little shorter but stick

to your schedule because your customers

and friends will count on you and they

it get addicted and they enjoy it and

they plan on taking the night off to

watch you because it's fun it's it's

like watching a TV show you need to make

a schedule and they're two questions

yeah so one is will

they'd be able to watch this video

offline this video Chinese yeah

jumped in yeah this video will record

and be on YouTube permanently with all

my other videos okay the other question

is do you do you use organza bags no I

don't I think it's a waste of money

they're so pretty but I even have a

million of them but I use them for my

kids jewelry

I like the organza bags but they cost

like 10 cents apiece and that adds up

too fast for me so I don't cutesy at my

orders and I don't know what my

customers think about it but I haven't

ever had anybody complain I do put a

little surprise in there I have

fingernail stickers I send or for awhile

I was sending candy bracelets with it

just a little surprise but I don't

package it pretty I just it looks like

that when they get it even the stuff

that was opened it looks like that again

so everybody does it different that's

why I wanted to say cuz some of you guys

use tissue paper some of you guys use

organza bags which is sweet I honestly I

don't check my jewelry when I send it

I'm trusting that the company did a good

job and if I have someone say that their

jewelry came and it was broken or

something all I do is I give them a

refund and a free piece of jewelry so

they win and my customers happy and I

don't need to put in all that extra work

not everybody is going to agree with

that but that's how I like to do it um

and I I don't I don't know it's just

like what it is it's five dollar jewelry

so there are chances that'll happen but

it's been working a great the way that

my system is okay so um so we go live

you got to put a good description ask

people to share to win remember you're

not giving hostess rewards away so you

have ten percent of what you sell

available that you didn't have to pay

for be generous give away a lot and last

week I have two tricks that work to get

a lot of people last week or two weeks

ago I did free shipping if we hit 50

viewers and it took a couple videos to

get there but when we did oh it was on

fire it was so fun and I sold a ton of

stuff and all those people came back and

I didn't do free shipping again so you

don't have to be obligated to give a

sale ever

time just I don't know I just think it's

more fun to be generous if you can the

other trick is this is how I started in

November when I was totally new to this

I had been seeing the girls doing purl

parties and people watch those and I'm

like this is boring and they're watching

me so I thought I could make this more

fun by selling my jewelry and I also saw

the leggings girls selling their stuff

so I'm like I'm going to try paparazzi

so um what was I getting at

oh so to get a big crowd my first video

or like my second or third because my

crowd was too small was a fundraiser and

my I gave away all my profits and it

said join our make-a-wish fund raiser

Make A Wish Foundation fundraiser 100%

of the profits going to Make A Wish or

whatever and I had a lot of viewers

because people know what that is and

being generous people want to pay back

and like help you and stuff so a

fundraiser is a really really good

back-up plan to like grow your business

okay I feel like I'm talking a lot but I

loved this it's fun okay so you start

your party yeah you're gonna go live so

you write your description you click go

live hi everybody

now you should get started quickly

because the people who are there on time

don't want to wait around there's only a

couple things I do when I begin I will

share my own video so I'll turn it on

and then I'll find it on my computer and

I'll share it unto my facebook group my

business page and my own page because it

and then it will pop up twice so I share

it to my own page and sometimes I'll

share it to my team so they can watch

and learn and then the other thing I do

is I send out a text alert saying that I

went live and I used to send it with a

link but the system I'm using doesn't

like links and so I can just send it

before and there's still a flaw in that

I'm getting rejected by t-mobile phone

numbers randomly so when I figure that

out I want to teach you guys how to do

text alerts for free which is awesome

but I can't teach you yet until I know

it works because I don't want to give

out bad information so you're going live

in your leg

go here's our jewelry so I pull out the

jewelry and I say here is our this is

how I do it now everybody's different

here's our first piece of jewelry it's

super cute it's this really really

pretty necklace and I loved it so much I

bought a ton of them hmm

now you kind of have to decide if you

want to show it for very long but what I

like to do is let them see pretty fast

tell them they have to comment the

number if they want to buy it and then I

hold it the number so I'm like here's a

necklace it's blue and white it's number

130 let me tell you a little more about

it so people can think about it and

start commenting if they want and then I

tell them a little more about it now

here's my favorite part I have this cool

thing and you guys have seen me probably

called a macro lens and I thought of

this because of the Pearl parties forgot

about it and then I saw another

paparazzi girl using one and so I went

got mine I had already bought one and

what happens is when you get this it's

called a macro lens for a cell phone

then and oh oh okay it said reconnecting

oh seems like we're back okay so don't

spend very much on this the the lens

screws off like this and I couldn't

figure out when it was brand new because

they had the fisheye lens screwed onto

the macro lens so make sure you read

carefully and only your macro lens is on

here take off any extra lenses that are

on there and then I had a poor friend

who didn't get it she didn't it this is

from it I got this on clearance at

Gabe's video brother uh-huh no we would

like Amazon Walmart hasn't by the cash

register in some places five below has

them they're kind of everywhere they're

made in China they're cheap you can get

him on wish for a dollar label they're

all just generic we had Mira phone for a

second my poor friend was online and she

could not during her life she couldn't

figure out how to use it she's like so

let me show you your camera is on the

phone and you want your lens to be over

the camera so I'm going to open it it's

like a clothespin and I'm just going to

put it right in front of the hole okay

that's it that's how you do it and

you'll see when you when you're doing

your video you'll see

if it's centered it's quick it's easy so

you do that and this is going to make

you blurry but when you put something up

to it I'll be like here's the earrings

close-up you have to put it really close

like a half-inch close and it looks

pretty neat but don't do it for very

long because some people get headaches

because it's blurry and close-up but

they love it because they it's like

you're touching it it's like you're

there in real life and that's what we

want so I might need your phone again

later so buy one of these you need to

buy this as part of your equipment I

forgot to say okay so you're like who

wants this the other thing you need to

do is tell them whatever you see like

whatever I see goes it doesn't matter

what you see because we have learned

that not everybody is the same

sometimes it shows your own comment

first if you're wherever you are

sometimes it records it in a different

order I found out so you just go buy

whatever you see in that moment and make

sure that you tell your customers to

hear you verify they got it so I'll be

like yeah Jason got one thirty who else

wants one Barbara got one thirty yay so

make sure they hear you verify that they

got it

sometimes comments don't go through

Facebook's not perfect the Internet's

not perfect so make sure they hear you

now if I sell them all we're done if I

sell this last one let's I sold four and

I sell this last one I can take the

number off put it in my use two numbers

pile and put this in and I you know I

put them in their bag so okay Jason

bought one yay so I just said it entered

that his back like that you know Barbara

bought one yay and I put it in hers and

on this last one I just leave it in the


I'll repackage it later because I don't

want to waste my customers time I just

put this whole baggie in there because I

know it's ready to be packaged that

makes sense now if it doesn't sell if it

doesn't all sell I leave it like this

still let's say we sold two of them

can't wait to sell the stick so pretty

let's say it it doesn't all sail and I

have three left K I'm going to have and

I have my number still keep the number

because somebody might comment in three


saying they want this like they're like

oh I think I do want it so keep your

number where you can see it like through

the plastic and that's why my numbers

are paper sometimes I throw these away

by accident you know nobody cares so I'm

going to have a done box like I'm done

with Facebook live and it's going to

turn into my album this is going to end

up on my group album to sell to somebody

else because not everybody will watch

live not everybody's going to catch it

so I have a new box of this box right

here of just live stuff that and so you

want an empty box so you can stack a

bunch and I have a lot of leftovers oh

here's a box right here mm-hmm

well this is a box of singles it's on

the floor you can see that the baggies

in there and you know what I would say

explain about it out you hand it to me

yeah you can just use one hand for a

second Oh hand the box - yeah don't turn

off my accident blender okay thank you

so something see this is ready this is

this is no good well before you get into

that yeah there was a question earlier

and I can't remember if you mentioned

anything about it it was the texting

service that you use is it is it by feet

all right oh my texting my texting uses

Google Forms and Gmail there's a trick

where you can text people through email

for free and that's what I use that's

why I have to figure it out because it's

kind of like a hack I have to figure out

why - and it's totally free that's my

favorite and remind comm is free but

it's made for teachers so I would rather

use mine if I can make it work so the

other thing you can do is sign up for

one and pay for it I just want to do

stuff for free so so you can do any of

the above um is that the only question

there is what about baggy set up but you

went over that

okay she just needs to go back and watch

it okay maybe yeah um okay so this is

sorry if you see that was Alexis yeah if

you if you just jumped in Alexis maybe

go back and watch that again but if

there's another question about him

something more specific just go ahead

and uh you know comment again and ask us

what that question is okay thanks yeah

yeah let me know and that's a

directional micro you do not need a

microphone by the way unless you have a

crappy phone like I did which was my LG

10 had a really bad microphone and so I

would use my headphones that came with

it for free that has a little mic on it

and it was great um my galaxy does not

need a mic iPhones don't need a mic

I bought a directional mic for my

youtube videos that's a different

scenario because I just want it to sound

all warm and beautiful yeah so you don't

need a mic um so these are I actually

prepared these to show on Tuesday so

they're like baggies full of duplicates

there's three pairs of earrings in here

three or four bracelets in here and one

of them is open and so on oh so what

I've been doing is I can't afford to buy

multiples of everything and I don't

always have multiples of everything so

I've been alternating I'll do like a

multiple and then a single and a

multiple and a single until I kind of

build up my sales because you you don't

want to like waste time on singles if

you don't have to but you're going to

have singles so just maybe alternate

them and mix them in there that's what I

want to say sometimes with singles on

there yeah that's C yeah that's why I

started buying multiples because my

friends would fight over them and I just

don't like that so it just it's a

win-win to buy multiples that you can

okay um so you're selling stuff and it

doesn't sell you stack it up in your box

you put up your things as they sell and

then I always just kind of gauge whether

I should stop or not my max is three

hours I was doing two hours for a long

time but then I had a big audience and

so I kept going and you can ask him do

you want to keep going and whatever once

it starts

hang a little just end it because you

don't want to like be desperate looking

so um okay

now on to the next step so she did come

back with the question it was more

specific it's okay why do you put this

why do you put the bags from paparazzi

in a ziplock bag oh and a ziplock bag

all together

I think that's oh yeah just to review

yeah just to review I like to recycle

and use paparazzi stuff so here's an

example there's three in here so I have

an open one with the bag and these two I

just don't want it like I have baggies


for like my earrings that I threw away

the bags a long time ago I have them if

I need them but I want to reuse stuff so

I don't have to pay for it and throw in

a garbage so I do it because it's what

it came in and you put all the same

items in one bag with the number uh-huh

yep so this is all one item so hopefully

that answered your question that's just

my style you don't have to do it that

way I know some girls they do this this

is another foot technique and I did this

the other day these are all single

necklaces oh that's the paper clip I'm

glad I'm glad she asked I only have

singles of all of these necklaces so

what I do is I will try to sell it and

if it doesn't sell I'll paperclip the

number on it and hang it up so this is

stuff from the other day that I need to

put in an album but this is not in

baggies because I don't really need a

baggie for this but I hope that tonight

says to you Jason well I think I think

you became distressed and I hope you can

hear me oh dang is it all the items all

the same so she's got five of the same

necklace they all go into one ziploc bag

with the number

and she opens up one item that's in the

original paparazzi packaging so that she

doesn't have to open it while she's on

her live and it goes crinkle crinkle

crunch crunch yeah as it makes a lot of

noise so I really here's the next piece

and I just pull it right out let's go

check it out think is that of that

ziplock so that baggie as more like a as

a folder for that one item yeah aunt

Andre uses boxes and I think Mandy uses

boxes boxes work but I didn't want to

buy boxes I I just have too many things

and so I was trying to think of cheap

and free um you also might want to get

your bus that came with your kit to hold

stuff up I often put stuff on myself

just to show them I'll be like it looks

like this it's about about that long or

you know you can put it on and show them

so and I always hold the earrings up

this is how big they're going to look

you know just that part's fun you'll

figure it out make sure you are smiling

make sure you're happy and friendly make

sure you don't look like you hate this

make sure you answer questions and

interact you don't always have to be

like mmm but you just want to make sure

you're yourself just like you would be

if you were at a party doing a home


is it hard to file the things while

selling so I guess once you follow

something through here through the

through the names I'm guessing that's

what she's wondering a little bit doing

it alone takes longer but it's not that

hard I mean I've done it a million times

so I'll put it right here next to me so

let's say Jason just bought something

and I've got called on Jason let me make

you an envelope so alright Jason okay

put it in your envelope and then I hurry

and put it in I rat let's do our next

thing and then I do it so this works I

tried the shoe holders for names if you

want to look over there but they run out

like everything yeah like it doesn't

hold enough stuff um no a lot of people

usually do a lot of people use I tried

that and it just didn't work for me it

was too and some people prepare their

jewelry in those but I

just like right there ready to go and I

like to empty a box and I'll be like I

showed everything and then I can throw

it across the room because I've had

success I don't know do you put a pulse

online somewhere what your inventory you

have if it doesn't sell that's the next

question that's the next like thing I'm

going to show you so here's what I do so

let's say I'm done for the night I'm

done for the night I don't know okay one

other thing before we get to that one

that okay how long do you suggest

staying live if no one is watching oh if

you're new I would maybe thirty minutes

or an hour

pretend people are watching when you're

new people probably aren't going to

watch because they don't know what the

heck you're doing just pretend that they

are there they don't they don't know

that you maybe can see other comments I

just pretend that it's normal and stuff

and a lot of people are going to rewatch

your videos so I keep looking at the

microphone so um in the beginning you're

going to want to like fake it not fake

it but like act like it's normal that

it's quiet and then as you set your

schedule and keep doing it at the same

time every week you and sharing yeah

you're going to get a bigger audience

and you can eventually transition over

to stopping when you want to stop

instead of like just kind of showing

your jewelry because you're brand new so

I did that I just started that doing the

lives in November and I did events like

crazy for five years and it was really

fun but this is just where it's going

and so I wanted to do live so I could

teach my team and so my first couple

lives were really dead but that's when I

did the fundraiser and it got a lot of

people on and it wasn't so weird and

then if they're on last time Facebook is

going to help them see it again and

stuff so quietly do it for like I'd say

thirty minutes to an hour and then you

can transition over to really having an

audience and stopping when you need to

stop okay

that that go on before you actually end

the line okay question but there's a bit

so pegboards I suppose you use whatever

works for you but I think it has to do

with the multiple items Lisa uses

baggies yeah some people use pegboards

that's great I don't have the space for

it I don't even use these these are just

my backdrop to look like I'm awesome

I don't even sell off those I sell from

the baggies so I think it's I dealing

pegboards would be great that's why you

could walk around the room and stand up

but I don't have the space for that um

okay so I don't know how my battery is

so I probably should kind of move on

okay we start at 48 so I need to hurry

low um this is Tara Rosen is that was

the question um you know what Tara why

don't you you can send a matches PM Lisa

about your your lives and then she can

work with you offline I guess about

getting your your shows to to take off

because oh you have some challenges

there do a fundraiser no that's my


my answer is to do a fundraiser and

donate a hundred percent you can afford

it a hundred percent is still your can

pay for your jewelry and you can even

take off the fee for PayPal's and tax

and all that if you need to because 100

percent is still your extra money and

being generous makes other people want

to be generous that that's my answer

that's what I tell my team to do is to

do a fundraiser to pick up your business

okay so the question of the things that

don't sell yeah okay so what we do I'm

going to have to be a little quicker

because of the battery okay what I do is

when I'm done I end up with a box of oh

no they didn't sell so I tell everybody

I'm going to post an album the next day

in my VIP group please join my VIP group

so I want to get everybody over there

because your goal for live is to get

people in your group and sell them to

their sell them there so because you can

go live in your VIP group or your / I go

live on my personal page to try to find

new people but eventually I want to go

in my VIP group and goal lives sometimes

to give them exclu

access and stuff so you want people to

join your group and then what I do is I

tell them I'm going to post everything

that didn't sell and some surprise stuff

you need to post additional items so

they don't think they're getting

leftovers you don't want them to think

they're getting leftovers so you can

just mix them up so what I'll do is I

will have a bunch that I didn't have

time to show and I'll have a bunch that

I did show and I may grab some from my

inventory and mix it all up so that I

have a bunch of stuff I post a lot I've

been posting like a hundred pieces on my

album but it you can do whatever you

want so what I do is I take pictures of

these I have a video of how to take

pictures but I'll review super fast the

video is on my youtube of how to take

pictures what I do is I take it in the

daytime with the windows open and the

flash turned off that's the trick like

your blinds open you don't have to open

your windows but open the blinds so you

have daylight and if you're not close to

a window go close to a window because

the natural light with no flash is going

to give you your best color and then I

get a piece of neutral scrapbook paper

and I lay it on there and then when you

take the picture you're going to be

pretty close like like this because you

want it to fill up your frame and then

you take it without flush yep that's it

so I use a tripod when I take pictures

as well that's actually when I use this

one I hook it to a chair so my camera

can face like low like down and and then

I just take as many as I can it takes me

a while it'll take me like an hour to to

take a hundred pictures and then the

trick they do is when I have multiples

like this one I have I don't know like

there's seven or something

I'll just take seven pictures in a row

because then I'll remember that there's

seven and then when I upload them all

just delete those extra six and I'll

write seven available so does that make

sense yes very clever

hey okay so I get my customers to shop

for my album and then when your album is

finished you need to share it everywhere

so the next morning I will share the

album link on the video comments I will

go through and change my video to save

video is closed now shop from my album

here is the link I don't want to watch

videos again I've done it and it isn't

fun so my goal is to only sell from live

when it's actually live and then to

guide people to my group and I tell

people that during the live I'm like the

album's are cool because they're super

quick so there's two ways to shop you

can go alive or you can shop from the

album's and last week not last week the

week before I went to Leadership Summit

I only went live once on Tuesday night

and I sold 200 pieces and then on the

album's on Wednesday I sold 75 more

pieces so that's a lot of pieces for not

a lot of effort I wouldn't say not a lot

of work because there's some busy work

there some prepping you're going live

and then you're invoicing and shipping

so what I do is my creative schedule and

I have my schedule posted in my VIP

group as the cover photo I go live on

Tuesday and Thursday I post albums on

Wednesday and Friday I invoice on

Saturday I was in voicing Friday night

and it wasn't it was too soon like I

wanted to not work so invoice on

Saturday for me and then I say pay by

Monday on a ship a moment day so today's

Sunday and if you can see I have all

these shipments that have to be sent

Monday these are all the people that I

invoiced and I think maybe like 80

percent of them have paid so far which

is so cool invoicing you can learn how

to invoice if you look at the YouTube

video through PayPal I like to use

PayPal to invoice because PayPal has an

automatic shipping label creator and it

pays the post office and everything like

it's automated so I would totally use

PayPal you can use square if you have to

but I would only go that route if you

can't get PayPal because you don't have

a shipping connection also if you ship

through PayPal they give you bulk rate

don't go to the

challenged you to sell and ship from

your house and you can just leave it all

through the post and person to pick it

up yeah I hang him in grocery yes if you

don't have yeah yeah whatever and you

can go to the post office if you need

help but you will save more money if you

print and pay at home I use just I don't

have a label maker but I bought those

pieces of paper that have two labels on

them I use those I used to tape the

labels on but paying a lot for tape so I

figured I'll just do the labels it's

quicker let me show you how a package

these are cute specific questions about

those ladies and where to get them

probably OfficeMax

right thing like that nope nope value

mailers yeah don't ask him value mailers

has them for the cheapest I shop online

I've been doing I've been working for

Internet stuff forever and value

Miller's has the best price if you buy a

thousand at a time you'll sell a

thousand to a thousand people because

you got to set your goals high I put all

of my stuff and cute PVC envelopes yes I

could send these plain but that's not

fun so I just pop this it fits perfectly

I have a ship I have a video about this

too on my youtube but these fit right

inside here and you don't even have to

seal the white one you just seal that

bloom done and then I put the label on

there you don't have to reinforce the

label it it adheres after like a minute


um I don't do anything except when I

package my stuff oh by the way if you

I hate invoicing I think it's a time

consuming thing we check my battery

power here pretty good here 14% I've got

almost enough

or during life the party tonight oh

thanks dawn is that almost midnight

yeah it's about 11:35

yes Thank You Don message me if you need

to talk you're going to have to look at

the video because I don't remember but

the video info says exactly what the

names of these are value Miller's on

eBay everything I get is the firm value

Miller's they have the best pricing I

think um so what I do is I just I just

put it all in here the only thing I wrap

special is a cuff or a bracelet like

those hard bracelets with a stone on

them because I don't want it to pop off

those are the only thing I wrap in like

foam or bubble wrap in addition to this

but I put it all in here I personally

charge 3 bucks apiece flat because I

want my customers to not be scared to

buy one piece at a time also they might

have the mindset of I'm going to put in

as much as I can and if your package is

over 1 pound you need to use a flat rate

bubble envelope you think you got some

PC bus garage lat

no $3 per envelope $3 per order yeah

people are out $50 per order these you

cannot get Don told me about these you

can't get these at the post office but

you can order them online for free and

they hold a lot i've shoved like 20

pieces in here before and if it's more

than that put it in a box and mail it

because they bought a ton of stuff from

you it's worth it to pay the difference

I think that's my opinion

ok um what else was I going to say $3

for shipping for no matter what's yeah

matter what your ship yep no matter what

I'm shipping oh that's just just me not

everybody does that especially if you're

new and you don't dare to cover that

cost you don't have to do it however you


and oh what I put in the package so I'll

put all their jewelry in here currently

I'm putting

a here's one putting a business card

that says thank you with their name and

then I put a a gift so this are

fingernail stickers and I put a little

sticker and I put it in there because it

shows a personal touch do whatever you

want to show personal touch if you want

to wrap with tissue paper that's enough

or I bought some charms and I wrote a

little poem I'm going to start sending

those out because terms are like three

cents piece and they're fun it's just

fun to get a surprise some of you guys

mail chocolates and your stuff some of

you will put a little bookmark just a

little gift saying you know indicating

that you're thankful they bought from

you um even these I've had compliments

on these because they're pretty and it

just makes it more exciting to get a

package in the mail if it's pretty um I

think is there anything else

um I allow my friends to hold their

orders to the next week if they want

because so like if they don't pay me if

like 20 please 20% don't pay me I'm just

going to wait and not bug them until the

next Friday and put your stuff back if

you don't pay me I'm not going to like

worry about that every day and by the

member' gonna bugging because for me if

it's not worth it oh the other thing I

was going to say is I don't like to do

invoicing so I have set up a website

called glitter pay college is a PayPal

button host so you can say this is how I

do it this is what I did last night and

I send it to

there were like 60 people I said you

bought three items go pay at glitter

PACOM slash Lisa thank you so much if

you have any trouble let me know and

I'll send you an invoice that's all I

did so I send them that message and then

I sent it to like 60 people and all

night I got all these emails you

received money you receive money you

receive money so I didn't have to do

this step of the invoicing and glitter

pay only goes up to ten items though so

I did have to invoice a few people but I

loved it

I hate invoicing just because it's an X

step that I don't think should be

necessary um any other questions I kind

of hurried the last the first part was

the most important okay and we're 58

minutes that's perfect that's like an

hour's yeah I love a lot of folks said

who had questions got them answered okay

thanks you're welcome yay so this will

be recorded forever if you guys want to

share it to your teens that's fine um I

hope my girls are watching so they can

learn and at least be less scared of

going live because it's fun something

that I've learned from going live is

that it's very I don't know if I would

say it's addicting but it's like meeting

a friend so the first time you're like

oh hi I'm going to do this and the next

time you're like hi guys and then by now

I'm what Kayla still jewelry you know

because you get to know them like your

audience is like your friend it's kind

of weird that that happens but it's

enjoyable I really like it and um some

people do theme night some people do

trivia night some people do let's magic

couple's nights and they'll sell pairs

there's a whole bunch of cute ideas to

make it a little more fun have your kids

come on so you know have them help you

my husband helps me a lot now and I love

it and be real about it don't try it

like I try to look nice the reason I'm

doing the video today is because I got

ready and try to look nice but you don't

have to be fake you don't have to try to

be perfect like an actress no one's

going to believe you and it's also

uncomfortable so you want to just be

yourself because that's who's going to

be attracted to you as people who like

who you are so I can't think of anything

else that I need to say is there

anything else I have supplies next to me

have a notebook and paper in case you

need to make know it's like somebody

might say do you have that in silver and

if you want to you can say oh I'll check

and let you know or you could say not

tonight sorry you know depends on how

strict you want to be um that's kind of

it I'm just looking at all my stuff here


yeah that's it okay yay I've been

wanting to do this forever and I saw a

couple girls teaching and so I just

wanted to show you my own way and you

can pick up the pieces that you like the

best from each person and then go at it

and you're going to do well and

corporate is encouraging lives because

they work like they're watching it

explode and so you want to jump on that

bandwagon and don't let us leave you

behind because it's going somewhere for

sure so if you have never sold paparazzi

and if you're new to this and you want

to sell it and have me be your sponsor I

love to sign you up just message me and

we'll connect and talk on the phone and

I'll answer all your questions and we'll

go from there

okay thank you thanks for holding my

phone for an hour Jason happy Mother's


oh yeah you too yeah bye guys