I used to make a living selling my used underwear online

I can't decide if I need a cup of tea or

a wine to help me get through this story

today I've decided that I'm going to

share with you the story of the time

that I made a living selling my news

underwear on the Internet

and I just want to say going into this I

have no shame telling this story so I

probably won't be sparing many details

just being straight up from the start I

just want to supposed to be on the same

page before we go into this if you're

offended by okay and you know in

particular my vagina probably don't

watch this video because this story kind

of circulates around that if you don't

want to hear about kinky people doing

kind of weird stuff on the internet if

you're a family friend of mine and you

don't think that you're gonna be able to

look at me the same on Christmas Day

after hearing their story don't watch it

I'm telling you now don't don't put

yourself through that Oh me

and mum that includes you I guess we'll

just start from the start so 2018 I was

living at home with my mum for most of

the year and I was working full time I

was making heaps of cash and December of

that year as you know I moved into the

house that we're in now when I moved I

really wasn't too concerned about

finding a job okay because the last time

that I moved to Melbourne I applied for

two jobs and I got one of them so I was

like when I want a job I'll get a job I

had some real big dick energy for

someone that doesn't have any specific

skills or qualifications when we first

moved in I was living far from frugally

we were going out to eat all the time

me my mates were going and getting on

the piece every weekend I was buying

buying all kinds of even like

a you know over across Melbourne no

worries mate I'll get it no

dramas and then one day I looked at my

bank account and I was like oh I

don't have any money left

oh so I started applying for jobs but

like just the cool ones you know

platypus shoes bartender a tramps

whatever and then

a month went by and I hadn't heard

anything from anyone and by this point I

drained all of my savings I borrowed

money off a mum and dad which I

hated hated doing that my pride took a

real punch in the guts or not had to ask

mom and dad for money so I started

trying to come up with IDs that were

gonna make me money like right now like

I needed that money yesterday so

naturally I was like okay drug dealer

right but my street cred school is

pretty low um I don't know if I have

enough contacts for that kind of thing I

didn't really feel like dealing drugs

aligned with me personally uh okay next

option strip up mm-hmm but I can barely

even touch my toes and I'm pretty

close to the ground as it is and

heels are kind of scary I look like a

newborn foal trying to walk in heels so

I gave up on strip up pretty quickly

actually and then I remembered a

conversation that I'd had with one of my

friends ages ago about girls who sold

they used underwear online and I really

thought about it for a couple days and I

looked myself in the mirror and I was

like you don't have the guts but yeah I

can all right after thinking about it

for a little bit I sort of came to the

conclusion that I didn't have anything

to lose sorry I decided that I was gonna

fall a tree that was what I was gonna do

but I had to op-ed the first as you came

home from work one day and I was like

hey um I'm thinking about selling my

used underwear on the Internet and I

just wanted your opinion I just wanted

to know what you thought just vibing out

I'm just trying to you know vibe out the

room just wanted to see where you're at

and he was just like yeah give it a go

see what happens so the next day I sit

down at my computer I'm nervous

I'm excited I had this weird like

adrenaline running through me I don't

know how to explain it which weird and I

googled selling used underwear online

and these website came up called panty

dil panty deal sorry I say

weird because my stupid accent panty

deal I hate saying that word panty I

don't throat gross so weird to me so I'm

gonna call it PD prepared II deal PD so

yeah I and I paid for a Premium

Membership you pay like 20 bucks I think

a month for for the membership and you

have your profile with your name little

alter ego and your bio and you have a

shop as I filled all that out now I

am a colossal idiot because I thought

that the way that this website worked

was that people just have a browse

through your shop you know they find

something that they want to buy and they

just pop it in their cart and you get a

notification and you fill the order and

that's how it works but I couldn't have

been more wrong the very first message

that I ever got on PD it was from a do

being like hey what's up I'll give you

$30 if you make a video of you blowing

up a balloon to the point where it pops

in your face and that is when I knew she

was about to get kind of weird now a

couple days went by and apart from the

balloons I know it and hit me up and I

started to realize that this might be

more about sales than it is about being

a sex symbol I used to work in sales for

like three and a half years and I was

in it

I stuck to that job but I started

applying the sales tactics that I used

to use on this website on this website

there's a page of all the buyers that

are like online now and I would just go

through the list and message them all

and that was how I started making deals

so I started off selling nudes for like

10 or 15 dollars and you know that was

really no sweat off my back like yeah I

love taking my kid off I don't know what

it is I can't help myself sometimes so

sending nudes was really not I really

didn't I wasn't a problem for me

and then I moved from that to selling my

used underwear so I was selling a pair

of my undies for 70 Australian dollars

for 24 hours worth aware and you just

send them off you wrap it up in a little

bit of

and tissue paper chuck it in an envelope

and send it off down in the post office

hooroo there it goes into the abyss

doing this was sick because it's pretty

much all profit I was getting rid of

undies that I already owned most of my

orders were going to the US and postage

is three dollars to send a letter to

America so I was spending three dollars

and I was making money off of something

that my body was doing anyway like my

vagina is just doing whatever it's

always done and then someone paid me for


wild I started doing long web orders

which is basically where the buyer wants

you to wear the undies for three days or

five days or a week right and that

didn't really see it well with me

because I personally didn't feel

comfortable walking around smelling like

a can of John West China so me being the

entrepreneur that I was very quickly

figured out a way that I could fabricate

that I'd worn them for that amount of

time without actually doing it so what I

would do is like let's just say that the

dude one of the worn four or five days I

would wear them for five days but I

would wear them for like three hours of

each day I'm saying and you just do

whatever you go to do to make it


okay shove them up there rub them around

I don't know sleeping cup of rude in

them whatever

okay I'll spare you the details so I did

just give you all the details

we've long wear undies you can charge a

little bit of extra coin because they're

taking up your precious time sweetie so

let's say if someone wanted a pair worn

for like four days I would charge $150

and now you make it back the way that

this website kind of works is buyers and

sellers have reviews from other buyers

and sellers so I've been on there long

enough and I've made enough deals to

have reviews from people and all my

reviews for five stars which was sick

for me for business because that's what

people are looking for why you want to

know that you're not a scam

because there's a lot of that going

on on there okay people are really

hustling and I guess cuz I was hitting

so many people up and people would look

at my profile and say that I had all

five star reviews I couldn't keep up

with the orders that I was getting but I

was so broke that I couldn't say no to

any of them sorry I was busy

there were times where I would have like

four pants to be sent out on the one day

and I just had to figure it out now I

joined PD with the intention to just sew

my underwear and that was the plan that

was it but the longer I was on there the

more I was willing to do which I wasn't

expecting I got a message from this guy

one day being like hey I'm a sub a

submissive and I get off on a dominant

woman setting me lines to write like a

high school teacher if he'd pissed off

these tisha and the teacher made him

write out the same thing like a hundred


like bought Simpson the side of The

Simpsons he was like I want you to send

me a line to write every week and I'll

write it out however many times you want

one hundred two hundred seven hundred

whatever I'll do it and I'll send it to

you in the mail and I'll send you a cash

tribute this is what he would call it

with the letter and I was like so I can

make money from this guy without even

lifting a finger

so I said yes so every week I would just

send him a line to write out something

mean you know it's something like I am a

dirty bag of trash who eats dolphin

dicks for dinner

not like exactly that but you know

something like that and then every week

he'd send them to me in the mail and I'd

go and pick it up from a post box and

I'd get it home and I put my rubber

gloves on because I never knew what the

was gonna be inside that letter god

I was always terrified and it was only

ever just the lines thank God for that

and then like twenty thirty dollars this

one guy we have like two suburbs over

from me and he asked me to drop the

package off to him and I didn't feel

like getting murdered that day but I

also didn't want to lose the deal so I

said yeah I'll drop it off but I'll do

it in a very

secret disclosed location and I won't

tell you where it is until I've dropped

it off so I get my car at like 10

o'clock at night and I Drive out so this


now I drop them off near this tree won't

get back in the car and I said here you

go tykes there's a location go and have

your fun go on you're cheeky bugger

love you there's a really big market for

used socks which I wasn't expecting so I

started selling those I made three

hundred and thirty dollars off of a sock

and under combo once which is just so

crazy to me $230 what and then

socks and foot pics kind of go hand in

hand so I started selling foot pics to

and my feet are busted listen I if I can

make money selling foot pics

I'm telling you anybody anybody could do

it I have this thing called habit art

which basically um my tires have like a

knuckle it looks like this like you can

see them sticking up like in most

people's guitars lie flat like that mine

have a little bend in them it's a little

bit of character a little bit of

personality a little bit of spice and I

love it it's sake I love when you can

say my TARDIS through my shoes it's like

the best thing ever

anyway whatever I made money off of my

busted feet so you if anyone's ever

gonna be made of me about my feet I

don't want to hear it

they're my money make is okay please

keep it to yourself

I sold a few lingerie sets two dudes who

wanted to wear them themselves there

were a few instances where people wanted

to buy stuff for me but they didn't

wanted to show up on their bank

statements so they would just buy me

cold matches it's just sick that's cool

groceries for the week no bloody worries

I'll call that one time this dude

message me and he was like hey I have

this flashlight and you download an app

and you can control it from wherever you

are you can be Antarctic it doesn't

matter you can do it from that it's just

a little that control panel thing on

your phone you just press the button

change the intensity make me blow a load

and then I'll pay you $30 for like 10

minutes so I downloaded the app and I

just sat on my couch pressing buttons

for five minutes and I made $30 what do

you mean like what do you mean I started

doing this service called

the girlfriend experience where thirds

would pay me like fifteen dollars a day

and I would just hit him up in the

morning when they wake up hey babe how's

your day going and how is your wait

weeks what's your dog doing ah how's

fortnight whatever you know just talk

some they were all dry dry

somebody dead dingoes Donna tell you

what mate

talking along was like talking to a

brick wall but I was getting paid sir I

didn't whatever old town I still make

some up your ass up

with someone that's not saying much back

that someone's paid me for it

I've done it for free with many dudes

before I don't feel good about this but

I started talking to this dude who was a

sob and he said that he was into you

know being treated mainly so I was the

same man okay but I must have

really gone in on this guy cuz he

blocked me but at the same time he paid

me like a hundred and fifty dollars well

I was like what the just happened

and that happened a couple times so I

did all that for a couple months I

decided that for the sake of this video

I'm gonna go through my bank account and

add up all the money that I made from

this business because I thought it would

be interesting and I need it figure to

make people click on this video so I

already hear you numbers Ella thanks

larger in floor Ella that is the most

tragic transition that anybody's ever

done anyway not as tragic is spilling

food on your t-shirt and then just

completely forgetting about it and then

deciding the filming YouTube video well

so there's a rubbish bag in the

background it's not a bag of rubbish I

can explain it's a bag of clothes okay

we moved house this week so it's back

full of quotes it's not rubbish I don't

have rubbish sitting next to my bet I

don't okay I searched PayPal in my

online banking and then I've got my

calculator up here ready to rock and

roll just so that you know that I'm not

entirely full of here's a little

overview of the money that I made from

doing this I would like you

I will not a wire




the grand turtle he's two thousand eight

hundred and seventy-three dollars and

twelve cents Australian Plus Adam like a

hundred will say for the guy that was

sending me cash in the mail two thousand

nine hundred seventy three dollars and

twelve cents that's pretty sick

that's pretty sick anyway back to the

video after a couple months of being on

payday I kind of noticed that like I

woke up feeling differently about what I

was doing every single day like some

days I would wake up and I'll

love what I was doing and I was like

dude this is sick I'm gonna never want

to stop this I'm making mad coin like

being celebrated for my body I'm not

really having to do too much to do this

even though it is hard work like you

you're working it's a job it's not easy

but like I'm not having to go up to a

job every day and I get to work for

myself and I'm in control of when I work

and how much I want to work and whatever

and how much I earn too but then other

days I would wake up and be like I don't

know if I can see another unsolicited

dick peek I don't think I can handle

another one I think I'm done and yeah

being objectified all the time was kind

of weird and like spending so much time

on these people that I didn't care about

really sorry

and I just was really on the fence about

everything that I was doing so I got a

real job and I stopped doing the undie

thing and in hindsight you know despite

what I just said my experience overall

was really positive and I've chosen a

shady story with you not for attention

okay kind of because it's entertaining

but mostly because there are thousands

of people who do not have a source of

income right now and are trying to make

ends meet and I've been there maybe

you've never heard of this before and

now you have and now you can use it earn

money for yourself that would be sick

maybe you just want to do it for fun

that's cool too whatever works and I

would be so down to make another video

about this kind of like an extension of

this video where I give you all my tips

and tricks on how to run your business

on parent ideal because there's a lot

that goes into it

and there's a lot that you can up

and I was good in it and I have a lot of

knowledge and I'd love to pass that on

to someone who could really use it now I

mean even if one person said yeah that

sounds interesting I would do it thing

that's where I'm at personally anyway I

better go okay guru have a bloody good


if he can't be good be careful um see

you soon bye