How I made over $40k selling panties, no meet ups required

hey y'all it's queen ava with

panty seller 101 and i am here to do a

quick video today to explain to y'all

how i have made over 40 000 selling my

used panties online

no meetups required um

so i'm just gonna jump in here and

go through one of these sales with y'all

this is one

of many sales that have helped me make

so much money

selling my panties online so it all

starts with me posting

an ad on a panty selling website

this particular sale that i'm about to

walk you through the ad was posted on my

favorite panty selling site

we do go over three different panty

selling sites

in my class panty seller 101 we also go

over 10 other websites that are really

good for

making money from home in other aspects

of the adult entertainment industry

like selling pictures videos paid for

text messaging

um all sorts of stuff really so i posted

the ad

on the panty selling site with the title

forty dollar satin thongs

vacuum sealed free shipping and video

and within a matter of minutes i

received my first message

on the messaging platform all of the

websites that we're going to go over in

the class do have their own messaging


so you'll never have to give out your

personal information

like your email address or phone number

to close in on the sale

so i got a message really quickly um

he said hello and asked me how i was

doing i responded with good and asked

him what he was looking for

he responded with fragrant panties in a


and i asked him what type of panties and

video he was looking for

he listed his panty and gave me details

of the video

and then asked for my payment


and shortly after he paid y'all that was


so i am going to walk you all through

the packaging process

um just so y'all can see how easy it is


i wore a panty i did a short video clip

then i typically put my panties in a bag

like this

a vacuum sealed bag include a little

thank you note for a nice personalized

touch put it in a

plain just free envelope now y'all

when i say work from home i mean

completely work from home

if you have to go to the post office or

make runs

and deliveries all the time i don't

really consider that working from home

so you can print your labels from it's super easy

you don't need a fancy shipping label

a shipping label printer label printer

or anything you can just use a regular


seal this up with the label put it in

your mailbox

and you just made profits of a hundred

and forty dollars

selling a pair of underwear that it

didn't cost more than

four dollars to buy so if you want more


if you want to know how you can make

great money

selling your used underwear online how

you can get paid for text messages

and pictures then i highly recommend you

take my eight week digi course

panty seller 101 is

a really easy course to follow with you

can do it on your

own time it's not on a set schedule or


and whether you are just getting into

this or you've been doing it for a while

i promise it has valuable information on

how you can make the most out of your

situation making money at home

if you're interested in taking the class

there will be

a link to contact me either in the

caption of the video

or in the pin comment i look forward to

seeing you in class

thanks for watching share with your

friends so they can get money too

like and comment the video y'all thanks