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to it guys wood palette furniture is

actually a really hot commodity check

out some of the prices here two hundred

and sixty-five dollars for this table

two hundred twenty-five dollars for a

wine rack or that's a shoe cubby you

know look at this for a light fixture

guys this is a real potential because

people love this reclaimed wood look and

so what you can do is you straight to

Google lookup wood pallet ideas and

start going to town people love tables

look at this this is two pallets a

couple of two by fours put together the

cut out a center ring and put in a metal

like a like a pot or something for a

fire pit for a patio furniture right

here this table right here is kind of

what I'm focusing on it's a touch on

that so guys this is an amazing thing

for you if you are handy and I'm gonna

share with you where to sell these as

well so go over onto Craigslist to look

at some of the potential for your market

so what we're looking at here is a table

hairpin legs and this is what I'm gonna

show you in this particular video in my

market I live in Austin Texas they go

for about 175

basically hits one pallet you screw on

four legs and you're done so look at

this this one is $300 this one is 3:40

and you can see this is recent this was

put up yesterday so and then a couple

days ago so this is definitely something

that people are looking up and selling

so one of my little secret weapons here

for this is Amazon hand made when you

make your table and I'll show you all

the steps here in this video you can put

it up here on Amazon handmade have a

huge audience and they mark it for you

for free obviously you're gonna have a

huge amount of traffic look at this

200 bucks 225 200 bucks if you want to

get a saw and cut out a surfboard shape

and do a couple of colors four hundred

and sixty dollars that's awesome so go

to Amazon and hand-made another place to

sell your table and your wares is

marketplace on facebook look at this one

right here it was posted 48 minutes ago

they want $200 for this pallet out side

patio bar here's a counter for people

that are starting their own businesses

you can get them a customized counter

people love these reclaimed walls that

you can build you know out of old

pallets they they will pay really good

dime port so where do you get these

materials my favorite pic is Craigslist

go to Craigslist simply look up wood

pallets people are trying toss these at

the door for free zero dollars free

wooden pallets and you want to get these

ones that are kind of messed up

they look pretty weathered and beat-up

people love the character that is on

here so um there's some times there's

brand new ones try get the ones that are

weathered people are just handing them

out piles and piles of them and you can

get them absolutely for free look at

this this is one example see this

reclaimed wall back here businesses love

accent walls and they will pay

twenty-five dollars per foot for you to

install that so just something to think

about it could simply take off those old

boards and put them on the wall and

you've got a business going look at

these how whether there are people love

this look so you just go over to Google

and look up DIY palette table with

hairpin legs people love this look

wayfarer is selling this one for six

hundred and fifty dollars do you think

you could make that I think you could

I'm gonna show you step-by-step how to

get this going and people love this look

here's another example

and so I like this site right here it's

called home di it gives you

step-by-step instructions on how to make

these tables here are your supplies a

simple pallet and a couple of basic

things that you probably already have

they do say to use a handsaw you know

what if you have a circular saw

definitely use that it's so much faster

and really all you need is hammer nails

you know I I don't really think you you

need like the pneumatic pressure gun

that kind of stuff you don't really need

that and so they just show you step by

step you know number one is you know

take off some of these boards so you're

gonna reuse a lot of these nails too by

the way because they do come out really

easy because the wood is usually pretty

you know soft by the time that they're

done being used as a pallet they will

come right out you just remove the and

replace slats as needed there are

different types of slats and different

types of pallets some of them are closer

together than others look at this this

table we've already seen it once but

they want two hundred and sixty-five

dollars for this and they put together

it looks like five pallets and a couple

of rolling wheels that's awesome if you

are into that kind of thing so you know

just looking at these instructions here

after you've built your table you want

to put it into your living room or nice

backdrop get some nice pictures of it

make it feel homey with maybe some books

on it you know some flowers on it and

take some nice angle pictures like this

and you will have people beating down

your door look at this seven hundred and

eighty dollars that people are charging

for this super simple this is not a

complicated DIY at all people love these


Abel's as well so I recommend home di

t-dot-com for the plans of these tables

and see they just simply you install

these hairpin these are called hairpin

legs I'll show you exactly where to get

them super cheap and then you just slap

some stain on it if you even want to go

that far honestly cuz a lot of these are

pretty smooth from just being rubbed on

a bunch you don't necessarily have to

sand maybe some corners but people like

this rough look it doesn't have to be

perfect in fact it shouldn't be perfect

at all you just simply take out the

nails reuse them make the you know like

I said make them more flush and you've

got a table like lickety-split this is

one palette you can make one of these

tables in probably 10 to 20 minutes of

you know just simply staining that real

quick if you even want to go that far

putting on the hairpin legs taking some

pictures and going to town so where to

get the hairpin legs I like I

found these these are 16 inches but but

1/2 you know that's about right for a

coffee table $15 is your investment

artist shows you where to get the

palettes for free you're making one

table for $15 and you can sell it for

200 bucks or as in my case you know look

at your market my case is a hundred and

75 per table if you were making a table

a day you can make $60,000 per year with

pallets that's mind-blowing and so

simple you're screwing on foreleg look

at this there's obviously a demand here

because people are selling these things

on a regular basis and some of them are

more pricey than others like this you

know if you have a raw wood availability

that you can do that people are selling

the legs oh look at this mmm $75 for the

16-inch hairpin legs I just showed you

how to get for $15

okay so end tables to the skinny end

tables you can simply cut a pallet in

half and make a whole table look they're

trying to sell it for a $195 see what

your market will bear and put it up like

I said

in your area Craigslist the Amazon

handmade and the marketplace in Facebook

people are selling these things like

crazy and another thing you can think

about with all the ideas are some of

these can be made into hanging things

for coffee hooks or bathroom type things

so I did look up coffee hooks look at

this this is a pallet and you can make

this mug holder or you can make like a

coat rack out of pallets there's all

kinds of ideas like I said just look up

wood pallet ideas and you can see like

this is a chandelier if you have any

kind of electrical experience you can

hook up you know even some simple lamp

innards from go to like Salvation Army

and pick up a $5 lamp and use all of its

electrical energies and put it into a

pallet for a light people love this kind

of stuff and this thing right here it's

like a little firewood pit thing you

just get a metal container and you're

good so people like these little bars it

has like a swing open hatch there's

maybe like a little secret compartment

if you like that kind of thing if you if

you like adding little hinges and things

like that this stuff will sell people

are loving this kind of thing and I

really hope this is helping you kind of

get those juices flowing on making some

crafts at home for probably an hour a

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