How To Price Your Art To Sell In 7 Minutes | Explained | Paintings By Justin

so if you've clicked here because you're

trying to figure out the best way and

how to sell your paintings you've

clicked on the right video because not

only I'm going to tell you how to do it

but I'm going to provide you with a

formula of exactly how to sell your art

whether you are a beginner intermediate

or an advanced artist and I'm gonna go

based on things that I've done over the

last few years alright so we're gonna

jump right into this so let's say you

just started painting sometime within

the last six months and most of the time

beginners tend to use smaller canvasses

I know I did when I first started so

let's go ahead and base this particular

price analysis off of a twelve by

sixteen canvas let's go ahead and start

right there okay so here we have a

standard 12 by 16 canvas okay so what

I'm gonna do now is I'm going to talk a

little bit about the measurements and

the beginning point and I'm gonna start

off with doing the price that I would

sell this sort of as a beginner okay and

later on I will put up with the formula

the prices for advanced and intermediate

and at that point you'll be able to

figure it out pretty much on your own

okay so the first thing that you're

gonna need to remember this is one of

the most crucial things that you need in

order to start selling your paintings

for what I believe to be a very pretty

much accurate price okay so we just

talked a little bit about the first

actual size of the canvas which is 12 by

16 so the first thing that you're gonna

have to remember is you are going to

multiply the length times the width

don't forget that length times width

that's going to be the very first thing

in the equation to learning the price

and how to sell your painting based on a

twelve by sixteen beginner level all

right so now it's time for me to make a

little bit of sense to you alright you

are a beginner painter

alright beginner painter you have a

twelve by sixteen painting that you are

selling so remember from earlier we are

going to multiply 12 by 16 that's our

length times our width that's going to

give us a number of 192 we are going to

take the canvas thickness which in that

particular case was a half inch so we're

gonna take 192 we are going to multiply

that by 0.5 in our calculator and that's

going to give us a number of 96

at that point what I used to do is I

would take that 96 and nobody wants to

sell their painting for $96 you know a

weird number like that so rounded up to

$100 so you're a beginner painter all

right 12 by 16 canvas somebody says hey

how much is that you're gonna tell them

it's $100 plus shipping or anything else

and remember frames are not included in

any of this

let's go ahead and move on to the

intermediate okay so the intermediate

one has always been one that I

particularly liked because it was just

very very simple and just very easy to

formulate you didn't have to worry about

decimals this or that now what I did

when I was in the which I don't even

know what category I'm in but let's just

say when I was in the intermediate

category all as I would do was I would

times the length times the width of the

actual painting so if you have a 12 by

16 painting you just times 12 by 16 it

gives you 192 what did we say earlier

round that number up never round down

round that painting that number up to

200 so you're in the intermediate

category 12 by 16

there's your numbers $200 plus any

applicable shipping or anything else

that you may add on the painting but

$200 is your base price all right so

here we have a 16 by 20 landscape

painting and let me just throw this in

there because you probably see the frame

around the actual paintings these

formulas are based without frames any

framing cost will be additional and

there are other ways to figure that out

or if you just add the cost of your

framing or if you're looking to mark

that up that's a whole nother video so

make sure that when you're pricing these

you are not pricing with frames this is

just for the canvas okay so now let's

move over to advanced let's say you are

in the advanced category and now listen

there's going to be a lot of different

you know perspectives out there based on

people somebody might say hey my

painting is worth $10,000 and that's the

good thing about painting you can you

can decide your own value this is just a

guide hopefully this will help you so

let's go let's go to the advanced

category and let's talk sixteen by

twenty for just a minute so we're going

to take our sixteen by twenty we are

going to multiply that number that's

going to give us a number of 320 okay

now what I have found in the advanced

category is we take that number our

length times our width which becomes 320

and we're gonna multiply that times two

that's going to give us a number of 640

now we can round that up to 650 we can

round that up to 700 but that's just a

general figure I would say 650 so if

you're selling a 16 by 20 painting I

would be selling that for about $650

based on that particular simple equation

and it's something that works and it's

something that I have followed for a

very long time let's jump over to the

larger painting and discuss that because

that is a different thickness okay so

let's just go ahead and let's talk let's

talk about this big beast behind me

right here this is that 40 by 60

painting and let's just go back to you

know let's just go back to the beginner

or intermediate areas of this painting

let me tell you how I personally would

price this particular painting so I'm

gonna take that 40 and I'm gonna take

that and when the times or multiply that

by 60 that is going to give me that 2400

number we talked a little bit about okay

that length times the width gives you

the magic number

now the canvas here is three quarters of

an inch thick so we're going to take

that 2400 and we're going to times that

or multiply that by 0.75 that's going to

give us a number of 1800 now that could

be beginner or intermediate you can do

it this way but $1,800 is a very very

good and very very fair price for at

least intermediate or advanced okay this

is just a basic guideline so let's say

$1,800 let's just base that on

intermediate 1800 if you are a beginner

and you paint a 40 by 60 painting so

that 1800 divide that by to sell it for

900 okay that's all it's very very

simple stuff and this is just a guide I

hope you guys really enjoyed this video

use this to sell your paintings

and be confident when you sell never

ever underpriced yourself your art is

more valuable than you will ever ever

think or ever know trust me

you're a valuable person keep painting

stay positive stay safe happy healthy

alive all of the things make sure to

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god bless you all I love you I will see

you in the very very next video peace