How I Sell Paintings on Saatchi Art | Selling Art Online Fast

in this video we will be explaining how

to sell art

on sachi arts as you can see in

screenshots right now you see that i've

sold some stuff

some work on the platform myself and so

we will be focusing

on selling arts because most artists

focus on making art

instead of selling art and as a result

of that

the art that is not selling at all is

spilling up in their studio

up until the point that it becomes too

much and then they think about

quitting because why would they be

making more

of the thing that is not selling in the

first place

and then before they know it they quit

their 35 in some low-level entry job

kind of quitting on their dreams and so

in the next 10 minutes

we will be explaining you how to sell

art on such yards specifically or online

in general and so if you don't have 10

minutes out of your day

to learn how to sell art then let's face

it you're not gonna

figure out how to sell art anyway and so

let's dive right into this video

now there are two things that you want

to do number one is you want to optimize


page for conversion for sales and then

number two

is drive traffic down your art and

driving traffic is gonna be in two ways


seo or driving traffic yourself

targeted art collectives to your sales

page on such

so first let's talk about building your

profile on saatchi and and building that

landing page that can convert

now the first thing that you want to do

of course is having good images

you know having quality photos of your

artworks not just

because you might be providing our

prints on psyche but just in general

this is very important crappy image of

your art will not sell

at all and a lot of people think it

comes over as amateuristic that's not

true at all

amateurism is good there's nothing wrong

with being an amateur an amateur that

that is passionate that is going for it

that's just that it's just small and has


some flaws is very attractive

people want to buy from that passionate


they do not want to buy from somebody

who doesn't care about their own arts

this is not amateuristic this is just

plain old stupid

you know you like if you have bad images

of your art you are showing

an artist that doesn't even care about

his own heart

and that's not gonna sell and so nothing

wrong with amateurism

there is something wrong with you uh

hating your own products

and so so that's just obvious now the

second thing that you want to do

is building a profile with authority

building aspects

with lines in your profile description

in your about section stuff like that

that show that your series that that

show that that

shows some awards shows some magazine

features so

some stuff that builds authority and

sets you apart from the rest now the

third thing that you want to do is

providing descriptions that are


from the descriptions that you provided

on other artworks

and so each artwork needs its own

description it cannot be the same

if you look at profiles on saatchi you

see that

99 of artists have the same description

under every artwork that they post now

this is

duplicate content first of all google

will not like this at all

and will therefore rank the sachi

pages there less high in the google

ranking and so sachi doesn't want that

of course so they're they're gonna

punish those artists

and and give them less credibility and

then other artists who don't do that

give them more credibility

and more traffic on that website and so

you don't want to have duplicate content

for google's sake you also don't want to

have duplicate content for

sashi's sake the audition rate

on your profile will matter which means

that people

watching your art for let's say 10


is completely different than people

watching your art for 10 minutes

you want to go down to 10 minutes mark

where people

read the description of your art and

then go to another artwork and read that

description because they're curious

and then another artwork and another

artwork and not artwork and and

and so you want to make sure that the

bounce rates

first of all the bounce rate on your

image is very low so people don't

go to your image and then go to some

other website or go away to another

artist and you want to make sure that

the time they spend on your art and your


is higher than average you can do that

with descriptions and so

descriptions are very important for

those two main

reasons now this is important this is a

mistake that i made myself

what i try to do at some point as you

can see in screenshots is

provide some extra authority building in

the description itself

with some magazine things some some

stuff that people could then click on

to read further about my stuff

that is not smart why because what

you're doing there is you're

taking that traffic that is already on

the sachi website and then you're

you're pushing it out to another website

this is not

this is not what you should do and so

learn from my mistakes don't do that

because sachi will not like that these

other websites will like that but sad


will not and so so don't do that

do that perhaps on your own website

because you want to have some backlinks

or whatever

you're searching for but don't do that

on their website now let's talk about

the driving traffic part

because this is probably the most

important one

if you don't have traffic coming towards

your artworks on such art and it's


then you're not gonna sell any art and

so this is very important let's talk

about the seo game first

the keyword research type of game now

obviously what you want to do is take

all the

examples and all the tips that i gave in

other videos into account you want to

use google

analytics to find some keyword you want

to do everything that you can

but on sachi art specifically i want to

mention one thing is

is that you can see which keywords other

artworks are using

other artists are using not artworks

they cannot use any keywords but

artists are putting under their artist

so what you want to do is you want to go


artists who are selling on sachi arts

and then you want to look for artists

that have similar art to your art

and then look at the keywords that they

are using these keywords are

driving traffic towers their designs at

this particular moment

and so you want to use those keywords as

well the keywords

that they are using that are relevant to

your art you want to use those

as well and so that is something

specific to to sachi that i would


definitely doing yourself now beyond the

keyword research one more thing that is

very important in the seo game

is which type of art that you make

because some art is seo oriented and

auto art is not seo oriented at all

and so if you are for example making


watery tropical seascapes

and that is very us seo oriented you can

drive a lot of traffic from us here with


if you are doing new portraits you can

drive a lot of traffic

in an seo way there are always people

searching for mute portraits

you know if you are doing something

that's very specific to you that nobody

has ever heard of before

then that is not gonna drive a lot of

traffic if you for example like me

make paintings with lightning

then then that particular type of art

will inherently not really

get a lot of traffic from seo and so you

have to understand which artwork you

have to put a lot of research in

from seo perspective and which artwork

you don't have to put any research in

because otherwise you're wasting a lot

of time and so be very conscious about

that now when it comes to driving

traffic yourself a lot of people

look at such or look at how many artists

are on that website

i think 40 000 plus and then they think

wow this is a lot of competition surely

those best-selling artists must have

insane social media followings that they

can use to then drive traffic towards

touchy art and sell more art and

how can i ever compete to those artists

and and that is somewhat a valid

thought as in yes there is a lot of

competition but when you actually look

at the best-selling artists on such art

you don't see

insane social media followings this is

some simply not true

if you look at the best-selling artists

they have less social media followers

than i have

and and so if you look at the the

featured artists

most of them don't have any social media

followers or basically

very few social media followers on all

these platforms and so

so what they're doing is clearly not

driving traffic from social

media to such and then selling in that

way that's not what they're doing

and that's not how it works and so what

you want to do is

instead of having a hundred thousand

followers on social media what you want

to do

is having a lot of art collectors

that are following you you want to have

targeted a targeted following

what you want to have ideally is


that you know like your art that are

collecting similar art to your art

that are connected to you and then

driving those to

such art if you want to push your your

sales up there a little bit and have

more chance of becoming featured arts

for example now

explaining that would be another 15

minutes which i actually did in another

video called how to find art collectors

on instagram so if you want to go that


i would highly recommend watching that

video and

and if you don't if you want to just

have another video

on how to sell art online then i would

recommend how to sell art

on instagram a lot of the principles

that i covered there

are applicable versace are applicable to

any other social media platform or

marketplace for artists online and so


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i hope to see you again sometime you

know ciao