How to Sell Art on Instagram

hey guys so I just did a blog post

recently about how I use Instagram to

sell my artwork and I figured I'd go

ahead and do a YouTube video on that

also just because I do want to do more

with my youtube channel but I figured if

I'm doing a blog post I can do a video

so this video is about how I use

Instagram to sell my artwork I started

my Instagram account kind of early on in

the days of Instagram so even though I

wasn't super consistent in the beginning

I don't think it was detrimental to my

growth on Instagram just because there

weren't so many people using it and

businesses and companies hadn't really

gone on Instagram yet I can see her so

distracting but then as I started to

post more and I started to make more art

and be more consistent I get people

asking me if my art was for sale I think

now because Instagram is such an

established platform and so many artists

and creators are on Instagram if you're

consistent you will build a following

and it might be slow at first because

again it's free so you're not paying for

ads you're not paying for promotions you

don't have to to grow and build a

following all you have to do is produce

consistent content and you'll find

people or people will find you who like

what you're doing you don't have to

spend a lot of money which is a huge

bonus but you do have to be consistent

so if you have a small tight budget like

I do then Instagram is amazing because

again you don't to pay to promote

yourself or get in front of people but

that means you have to be mindful and

take the time every day to think of

something to post whether that's in the

actual Instagram feed for your real

account or if it's in the stories and a

second thing that I think will really

help you grow your account it's take

good photos and I don't believe this is

detrimental to growing a following on

Instagram because I up until very very

recently I didn't take a lot of time or

put a lot of attention into the photos I

was posting if you don't have a newer

phone that takes good photos then just

do what I do and

a real camera and what I also do because

I'm not a good photo editor I actually

downloaded some presets from Sorella

more and what presets are if you're

using Lightroom backtrack I use

Lightroom to edit my photos and then I

post them on Instagram and so in

Lightroom you can get presets which are

basically just like preset settings for

your photos with a preset just

automatically adjusts all your settings

you can still go in and change things so

I like them because it's super super

fast and you get a really consistent

editing style so your photos look a lot

more consistent and if you do have a

good phone and you do like Adobe

software and you do want to use presets

then you can actually get them for your

phone all you have to do is download the

Lightroom cc app not Lightroom classic

CC classic is for desktop regular

Lightroom cc you can use it on your

desktop and install all of your presets

there and when you download the app and

sign into your Adobe account it'll

automatically update your phone and

you're like Lightroom presets so that

when you go into Lightroom on your

mobile device after taking a photo you

can apply those preset and you can do

all the editing styles that you put on

your desktop but it's mobile and the

last thing when you're actually posting

to your Instagram feed the aspect ratio

that you want to use is like a 4 or 5 or

an 8 10 aspect ratio and that's just

because it takes up the most like real

estate on someone's phone so use that

it's a lot harder for people to miss

your post it's so much easier for them

to notice it and then you're likely to

get more engagement obviously because

nobody missed seeing your photo


alright so third is hashtags there's a

general rule of thumb that I've started

to follow and it's to not use super

super popular hashtags and to also not

use super obscure hashtags so for me the

sweet spot is between like 500,000 uses

and when you're going on Instagram and

you're starting to look up your hashtags

and you're typing in like hashtag art

you'll see how many people have used


art and its millions and then you'll see

how many people have used hashtag

watercolor art hashtag artwork and you

can go through and pick the one that's

closer to 500,000 because that means

that it's popular enough to get searched

but not so so popular and overused that

if you post a photo with hashtag art

that it's gonna immediately get lost and

so when somebody goes into Instagram and

types in hashtag art looking for art on

Instagram your posts gonna be buried

because so many people use it so

sometimes I use very popular hashtags

and sometimes I use super obscure

hashtags like hashtag Shane Reynolds

no one's searching for that but maybe

someday they will so I'm trying to get a

head start by the next thing that I

think a lot of people tend to neglect

not everyone I've seen plenty of people

use this that a lot of people who don't

is to tag your photos you want to always

tag your location and I believe in

Internet safety and I'm a petite single

female so I definitely don't want anyone

to know where I'm at because I'm a

little afraid of strangers but I will

always tag my general location so

instead of tagging my apartment complex

or my county I'll just tag Dallas Texas

as my location and if I'm in a cool spot

working and I want to promote that

business I won't post the photo until

after I've already left

so definitely geo tag location tag your

photos because that can connect you with

so many local buyers or other local

creatives and artists that are maybe

wanting to collaborate with you or for

me I was interviewed on a podcast

recently because of my location tags so

definitely use those because they can be

beneficial the second tag that you can

do is to tag people or businesses and

I'll admit I overdid this in the

beginning when I realized that it was

like a useful thing to do and I would

tag gosh she was it I can't remember the

account that I was constantly tagging I

was tagging them all the time and they

didn't block me but they blocked me from

tagging them somehow and so I remember

one day going in to tag them in my

progress photo which I was posting

progress photos every day and tagging

them every day

I could not tag them and I was like

that's weird and I realized what was

happening and so don't overdo it it is

obnoxious maybe for a finished piece of

art you can go ahead and like tag these

big companies that you're like proud to

use and like support or with businesses

that's something that I've started to do

that has again resulted in

collaborations or other shout outs from

people because I shout at them out I

have a coladas cup or I'm drinking my

coffee and it's coladas I'll tag those

companies in my photos and then if

somebody clicks on the photo then

they'll see all those tags pop up if

you're from Alaska you know what coladas

Brothers is it's a fun way an easy way

to kind of like give back to these other

small businesses or brands that you

really love to use if you are very

consistent they're like oh it's just

like artist who really loves us and

she's tapped us in several photos then

they might want to work with you or even

send you a promotional item or shout you

out which is awesome I have found a huge

increase in like engagement and people

feeling connected to me when I started

to post more photos of myself and it's

because psychologically people relate to

people and so if they're seeing you a

human face and figure in a photo then

they're more likely to feel connected to

that and especially with your artwork

because this is you you're the artist

and this is the art you're creating then

it gives me this sense of like insights

and arts mysterious to people so this

was hard for me just because I wanted my

account to be about my artwork I didn't

want it to be about me and all of us

ladies know if you post a selfie or a

photo of yourself then you ends up

getting a lot of unwanted messages and

maybe they're not dirty or anything but

you just get a lot of like hey very

beautiful and it's annoying and it's

stupid so get used to blocking people

don't be ashamed of blocking people

there's nothing wrong with it if you

don't want that attention block them the

post photos of yourself and kind of talk

about your experience creating the

artwork because art isn't a serious to

people and if you can get a little bit

of light to that then they feel again

more connected and intimate with your

work because they've seen it kind of

come to life and they've kind of gotten

an insight into how it was created

people will feel a lot more connected


if they can see you actually working on

your art or just you as the artist

people want to know you especially on

social media if somebody does leave you

a comment I always always always always

respond to them and instagrams changed

it a little bit where they won't notify

you of older photos that people comment

or like they only notify you of like the

most recent ones maybe from that week I

haven't figured out the timeline so I

try and say on Instagram for 20 to 30

minutes after I post the photo replying

to everyone who leaves me a comment and

when I reply if I don't recognize the

username I'll click on their profile

photo go to their profile look at their

first name and then go back and respond

to them using their first name because

it just feels a lot more intentional and

personal and it helps you as this artist

he's kind of like alone in your studio

get to know the people who are following

and supporting you and try and be more

engaging with those instead of just like

thanks thank you thank you thanks if

they say like oh I love these colors or

oh this is so happy then be like thank

you like I wanted this to be happy or I

was nervous about this color combination

but it really did work out and like your

comment means a lot to me

just try and respond to people like

their people yeah if you leave me like a

heart emoji as a comment I'll still

reply back with like a thank you emoji

it keeps them from becoming a number and

keeps you from getting caught up and

stressed out about I don't have enough

followers because the followers you have

are invested in you and you're invested

in them

when you're posting your photos and

you're writing your captions that can be

really difficult as an artist trying to

write out a caption for my art I don't

always know what to say about it because

I feel something about it and I'm

creating it because of this feeling I

have or this like idea but actually

articulating that can be hard however it

is really important to share some of

these behind the scenes so if you're

really excited about a piece in the

beginning let people know like a lot of

people who follow me know that if I'm

excited in the beginning and I'm like oh

my gosh this is so cool I'm so excited

to share this piece then I'm also

following that up with and I hope I

don't ruin it or if you do something

very personal just share that you don't

have to bury your soul and don't do

anything that makes you feel like

uncomfortable or too vulnerable but

share it little by little and kind of

get your feet wet because of you over

share that hurts you but if you don't

share enough then you can't actually

connect the people and they're just like

oh yeah art because they see art and

target and home goods and art is

everywhere and so for you to connect

with them you have to share what this

art is that was something that was

tricky for me because I wanted people to

see my art and interpret it in a way

that was meaningful to them I didn't

want to interrupt or change their

interpretation but I found if I see

piece of art and I really resonate with

it and I feel something from it and then

the artist is like oh that's why I

painted it and it's totally not what I

was thinking or feeling that doesn't

change my perspective


I couldn't really afford to do this in

the very beginning just because I wasn't

taking in any money really and then the

money I was making off Instagram is

going into art supply its art supplies

are super expensive so once I started to

get a little bit more money than I was

contacting just like sending messages to

these accounts and I was just like oh my

gosh I love your account can I send you

an art print for you to feature and tag

me on and it's cool because then they're

sharing your art with their followers

who you probably wouldn't be able to get

in front of very easily on your own or

maybe ever try and find counts that have

kind of a similar aesthetic to your

artwork so don't pick an account that

maybe has like I don't know bright

colors if your arts very like dark and

moody I feel like I've said this a few

times throughout this video but I think

it is hard for an artist to really

promote themselves

that's just so hard for us and it's just

something yet to get over you have to in

some way or on some level not be

emotional about your work and know that

not everyone's gonna like it be ok with


also you don't wanna come across like

you're just trying to get people's money

so you don't want to always be like

pushing our sales right you don't want

to be like buy my art buy my art buy and

I are all the time or people will get up

annoyed with you what I generally like

to feel out is to do 70 percent like

selfless sharing so just posting

progress photos giving in sides doing

Instagram stories and then 30% selling

so you don't want to not sell and you

don't want to not tell people that

you're arts for sale but you don't only

want to be doing that most of what

you're doing on Instagram because it is

a social media site it's not your

website and it's not your shop is to

share behind the scenes and to connect

with people so then when you do have a

piece for sale don't feel bad about

putting that this piece is for sale in

the caption after you've posted the

photo and giving the price and being

like hey my website is linked above in

my profile and I go to your profile and

make sure that your website is linked

and make sure in your profile bio it

says it's a link to shop my art and also

I'll use Instagram stories to be like

this prints for sale swipe up to shop

and if that just feels like so much like

oh I'm posting a photo and I'm saying

buy my art and then my bio is like buy

my art and my Instagram story's like buy

my art it's too much it's not too much

because I will do that and I will still

get DM on this group of people asking me

like oh is your art for sale how can i

buy your art can i get a print where can

i shop and i'm like and if you're

exclusively on instagram right now you

haven't built a website or gotten on any

of these other platforms like Etsy or

build something off Shopify or

Squarespace then to sell your art

through Instagram all you need is PayPal

and once that invoice is paid then I

ship out their artwork and I always I'm

up front with them and tell them like

I'm not gonna ship your art until you've

finished paying off this invoice and I

don't think everyone's trying to like

steal from you and like once they get

your art in their home they're like I'm

not gonna finish me in that invoice I

think sometimes they just forget just

like when they have that invoice

sometimes you do with the sender in mind

you're like hey don't forget to make

your payment or hey you still want this

art it just protects you gives you a

peace of mind selling your art on

Instagram because again there's really

no buyer/seller protection when you're

doing it this way so the PayPal

invoicing is really wonderful and just

being upfront with people and saying hey

you can make payments if you need to but

I won't send out your artwork until

you've paid off the invoice so take as

long as you need and I'll hold the art

for you really that's all I do and it's

a lot this video is getting kind of long

but when you do all of it or it's become

kind of a habit it's not as much it's

just like little little bits that you

need to remember to do consistently and

then doing all of these things in

conjunction with posting regularly will

really start to build up your engagement

which means your actual followers will

like and comment more which will push

your post to more people if you need to

actually see it all kind of written out

and articulate it better than it is when

I speak you can go click the blog post

link below and check that out and it's

all laid out a lot better I'm a much

better writer than speaker so it's a lot

more organized and articulate on my blog

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more videos like this so yeah I will see

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stupid faces I'll be too annoying oh it

is a huge feat