How to sell art on Facebook: advice and tips

hi everybody and welcome back to my

channel here on YouTube I recently was

asked a question by one of you lovely

followers about how I go about selling

my artwork on Facebook so I thought I

would do a quick video just to share

with you some basic highlights as to how

I successfully sell my artwork on

Facebook okay this is for now just so we

can get this going

this is assuming that you already have a

strong following on Facebook that you

already have an art page slash business

page set up on your Facebook account if

you don't have that then this video is

not for you you need to set that up

before you do anything else and you need

to be able to get followers if you want

me to share with you how I go about

getting followers on Facebook just leave

me a comment below and I would be happy

to do a separate video about that

experience for you but let's just for

now let's just assume that you already

have a specific following on Facebook

that you have people who comment

regularly and that you post regularly on

Facebook people are creatures of habit

they want to see things that are

consistent so if you don't consistently

post on Facebook that is going to be

rule number one post what it is that

you're working on what I do specifically

is I will post progress photos of what

it is that I am currently working on if

it takes me two weeks to do a painting I

will post regular updates of that

painting in progress just to share with

my followers how things are coming along

am i running into any problems any

reference photos that I used anything

that's going to sort of generate more

interest in the painting that I'm

working on and that I intend to sell on

Facebook that is a that's most helpful

if you can do that that way you

are getting feedback from people they're

sharing it with people that they know if

people like things on Facebook they're

going to share those things on Facebook

so you don't want to wait until your

piece is finished and then just offer it

up in a post and say does anybody want

to buy this you want to generate

interest for it first so from the

conception even the sketch that you're

going to be doing you can start out with

that you can always find ways to create

posts now I'm not saying that you have

to post three times a day in fact you

don't want to over saturate with the

same material on Facebook because you

don't want people to lose interest you

want people to look forward to what it

is that you are going to be posting so I

tend to generally post on Facebook you

know anymore I'm doing it probably at

least three times a week more like four

but if I'm really busy three times a


definitely I do have designated days

that I try to adhere to although I am

terrible about keeping a schedule but I

always tend to do progress photos

throughout the week and then on Fridays

generally if I have a piece finished I

will post the painting up for sale on

Fridays but however you want to do your

schedule is fine just make sure that you

stick to some some sort of a schedule

okay so once your painting is finished

then what you want to do is take a good

photo of it it's got to be a good photo

so find a place in your house where you

have good indirect lighting you know

cameras these days I have an iPhone and

most cameras these days have excellent

photo editing software so you don't have

to use you know a camera that where you

have lights and all this stuff you can

use your camera phone and take a really

decent photo make sure that you get the

colors is accurate to the original as

possible make sure that it's light and

airy and have a nice background

sometimes I take just

an image of the actual painting just so

people can see it and they don't have

any distraction meaning its from edge to

edge it's just the painting that I will

post when I'm posting for sale other

times and it's all trial and error you

know I'm still learning to to see what

my followers want to see so sometimes I

will do that where I'll have just the

image of my painting from edge to edge

other times I will do a very nice


I'll have bring in some accessories just

to really dress up my painting but

whatever you decide to do whatever is

for you just make it look presentable

make it look attractive and then

generally when I am posting for sale

once I have my image that I know that

I'm going to use then I will include in

my post sometimes I

since my art I find in many times is

inspiring I'll find a quote that I think

is appropriate for my particular

painting if I paint let's say a bird

I will tend to look for quotes that

pertain to that particular bird or if I

am painting a landscape sometimes I will

look for a quote you know by Robert

Frost or something like that that will

sort of generate some sort of an

emotional connection to the painting and

then after I do a quote I don't always

do a quote but a lot of times I do after

the quote make sure that you give credit

to whoever it is that wrote the quote

and then underneath that give as much

information as you can about the

painting some artists will say this

painting is now for sale if you are

interested in learning more about it

please just message me some people will

do that some buyers will do that most

buyers will not do that unless they know

what it is that you sell your paintings

for generally people just kind of are

embarrassed you know because they think

what if I can't afford it and I have to

figure out whether or not I'm going to

email this artist back and then tell her

no and it just it gets uncomfortable for

a lot of people anybody when they talk

about money it's an uncomfortable

subject so you just want to give your

potential customer as much information

as you can so for example for me I will

say something like I'll give my quote

about it we'll say if I'm doing a bird

if I have a bird painting I'll give a

quote about a bird and then underneath I

will say something like you know this

this painting is now complete and if you

find that it is speaking to you here are

some additional details about it it is

sized 8 by 10 inches it was completed on

watercolor paper using aquarelle

watercolor pencils and then after that

you lift the price make sure you list

how you want to be paid personally I

only do PayPal because it is easy and

most everybody has a PayPal account if

they don't they can easily get one at

least most everybody knows what PayPal

is plus you can print shipping labels

straight from PayPal now so you don't

have to belong to places like Etsy or

Amazon handmade if that's not your bag

you can do it straight from PayPal so I

will list PayPal only please and then

make sure you put on there within the

post whether or not shipping charges

will be applied so if it's free shipping

I usually don't say free shipping I

usually say complimentary shipping

something like that just because it

sounds better than free shipping but

it's totally up to you how you want to

say that so just to go over real quickly

again so you want to make sure that you

have a good photo of your painting you

want to make sure that it's attractive

and that it looks like something that

someone is really going to be interested

in purchasing you want to list the size

if you're painting you want to list the

price of your painting and you want to

list your shipping and how you want to

get paid make sure you do your research

as far as shipping goes because I've

been burned on this I can't tell you how

many times I finally learned how it

works best for me but shipping in the

United States is obviously if you're

from the US is going to be a lot less

expensive than if you are shipping

outside of the US so I highly recommend

that you do your research and you figure

out how much it's going to cost you to

ship that painting

obviously watercolors you go paper on if

you're doing pencil that type of thing

that's going to cost a lot less to ship

because you can slide those generally in

envelopes with a rigid backing and

you're good to go

canvases that's a whole nother story I'm

just now starting to learn how to ship

canvases and and that's a whole nother

deal so make sure that you let the

accurate shipping prices for your

customers so once you have once you have

lifted that then you can again you can

have people just say if you're

interested just message me and then just

make sure that you get back with people

who have any questions or want to know

more about it maybe they want a more

detailed photograph something like that

I would not send them if somebody

requests a detailed photograph make sure

you don't send them a high-quality image

of the entire thing because there are

some knots you eat honest people out

there and they will just say that to

their computer and print it out

themselves and just use it as a nice

print for themselves so make sure that

whatever you send to them you either

have your name on it

or you send them just you know portions

of the painting not the whole thing

that's really big so anyway from there

then people will message me I always go

in order

whoever messages me first they have a

first refusal so they can tell me

whether or not they want it I usually

give them a few hours if they don't get

back with me or if I find that they are

not really interested I will message

them once again and I will say you know

I again have this for you if you are

still interested I will hold it for you

until four o'clock this evening and then

I will have to move on to my next

customers thank you for your time so

make sure you go in order a lot of

people to check the comment section

because some people won't message you

they will say want in the comment

section which leads me to my final point

if you don't want to take messages about

it if you want it to just be quick and

easy for people you can just say in your

description say if you would like this

painting simply type want in the comment

section and I will message you so just

depending on how you want to go what

what way is easiest for you that's how I

recommend that you do it so anyway

that's how I do it

and hopefully this video has helped you

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