ETSY SELLING PROS & CONS Selling Art | Katie Jobling Art

hi everybody so today I wanted to do a

video all about open Internet c-sharp

I'm going to call the pros and cons and

answer some questions I know our lives

can only answer to before I've set up an

Etsy shop I'd love to know your

experiences with Etsy I'm sure that all

the viewers would love to also know your

thoughts if you have used at CSS our Q

feel free to leave a comment so that

everyone else can benefit from everyone

else's feedback so first of all I'm

going to start with the cons all the

negative things about Etsy and the

reasons why I wouldn't open an Etsy shop

so the first one is specific to artwork

and that is the fact that Etsy isn't an

art marketplace so people don't only go

there for art most of them I would say

maybe go for jewelry or for little

things around the home but not

necessarily big artworks that are quite

expensive for example there are websites

like art finder which is purely just for

artwork however I have actually recently

shut down my art final shop because even

though it was an art marketplace website

purely for artwork I barely got any

sales any views and I just didn't like

it just because it's an art marketplace

doesn't necessarily mean you're going to

get everybody wanting to buy original

art for you the next car is Etsy fees so

this is when you add products to your

shop and also when you sell a product

only maybe use a credit card or PayPal

for the transaction it does take a small

cut of that sale we're talking maybe 3%

or something like that so if you're

feeling like big pieces it's not too

much of a big deal because in your mind

you have to set that aside before you

put that money into your bank once again

now however compared to art finder art

find actually takes 30% of the total

price of your product and I think that's

a ridiculous amount the same that you

are the one is putting in all the hard

work in adding the listing and packaging

it up and sending it so in that respect

X is 3 percent or whatever the figure is

is not too bad so one thing that I've

noticed on Etsy is that large purchases

on very often bought on there so usually

they're smaller things maybe

print or stickers or cars or something

that Swan can just like quickly by sales

can be floated for large purchases so if

you've got lots of prints on offer or

little things that are too expensive for

the buyer then that will be a lot better

but if you only sell original artworks

that is quite large or like life in

money terms then you may have to wait a

little bit longer for the sales to come

in obviously just because there's less

sales doesn't mean is less profit

because you could sell lots of little

things and then a couple of bigger items

and make more profit on them so how many

sales you get doesn't necessarily mean

anything but it's how much profit you

make in so if you have to wait a little

bit longer so large purchase then in the

long run you've actually put in less

effort than sending loads of little

packages so will they let see in the

selling platform don't be fooled into

thinking that actually does all the hard


the only thing Etsy does is show it on

their website basically so you advocate

the photos add your photos in and all

descriptions you have to work out all

your shipping policies and return

policies you have to answer all

conversations and basically you have to

look after everything about your store

so I don't want you to be under the

illusion that you just got loaded on

that and then it just cells and makes

money just by itself because that's not

true if you have an Etsy shop and you're

making a living off of it then you will

move like they'd be updating or doing

something to it every single day so I

feel like that's necessarily common

because I knew that going into it but I

do feel like sometimes people may not

realize how much work actually goes into

maintaining an Etsy shop at the moment

they were the actual only cons I could

think of for now artists and prunes

first of all it's a marketplace people

can find you on Etsy and I get a real

marketplace in real life if you just sit

in your art studio making out all day no

I'm going to see you but if you put

yourself out there on the marketplace

even if you're on the end stall in the

corner you're still going to get some

people looking at you and that is the

main reason why I think Etsy is worth

because especially if you don't have a

huge social media following people are

gonna really struggle to find you if you

don't put yourself out there on some

sort of marketplace platform X means all

that handmade unique items and artwork

is definitely that another thing that I

really like about Etsy is how easy is to

accept payments so I don't know if

you've used any of the platforms online

but sometimes it can be difficult with

credit cards and maybe you've heard of

stripe and I don't know I get very

stressed out when I think about how to

accept money because it just it all

feels to business like you know rosette

features completely takes care of that

the customer can use whatever payment

method they prefer and you don't even

have any sort of involvement in the

transaction itself you just get the

order and then send it through and that

is what I find so stress-free another

thing I think is quite good which is

funny because a lot of other people a

lot of videos like a scene like this a

lot of people use this as a con and that

is your shock appearance so a lot of

people say that you can't customize it

enough compared to a lot of other sites

you can actually customize it quite a

lot I feel you can add a banner you can

add a logo you can add an image and you

can reorder what's on your page I really

feel that recently Etsy has made some

changes that you can make your brand

still stand out even on your Etsy shop

page it's important to bear in mind is

it Etsy is its own website it's not

hosting a website for you when you think

about a website like eBay or something

like that you can't have any

customizable things I mean I know eBay

is completely different platform but I

do feel that brand recognition is quite

strong on Etsy another probe which i

think is that it's very easy to look

after especially because they have an

app where you can control all those

listings conversations nearly half of

the work I put in on my Etsy shop is

through the app on my phone when I'm

serving a coffee or something like that

I mean that is just so much easier than

a lot of other platforms another thing

what I think is fair

as that Etsy is a review system those

it's one can leave a review but not only

that they can add stars and they can

also upload their own picture of your

item in their house and I think that is

absolutely amazing granted not a lot of

my customers have done it but the ones

that have I really really appreciate the

fact that they've gone and done that

because I think it really encourages all

the buyers to have a look at your stuff

because it shows that it looks the same

it looks the same as it does on your

website than it does in the customers

hands and I think that is really

important it also gives you a chance to

really show yourself as a business

surgeon because when someone goes on

your landing page on your Etsy shop

you've got your reviews there and

obviously if you're not a very good

business person that's not a very good

thing but if you hold like a lot of

things in high regard like packaging or

being on time and replying to

conversations and making the buying

process as easy as possible the net will

show in your reviews and you will have a

five-star review most most likely and I

think that's a really nice thing that's

imposter because if you feel like you

have done a good job then it shows all

the buyers that you're a good person and

that you do fulfill what you promissed

another thing I think is really

important that a lot of people don't

necessarily think of I know I didn't

think of it until I'd already opened an

Etsy shop it is a fact that when don't

buy something from you so a painting for

example it gives you their contact

details so you can send them an email

and say thank you for your order and you

can stay in contact with them and that

is something like a gallery for example

wouldn't be able to offer because if

those contacts are buyers from the

gallery so this makes it possible to get

in contact with your buyers again in the

future and say maybe I've got a new

collection coming out or would you like

to be a part of my newsletter or

something like that and that is the key

really to build in a proper audience and

grow in your community that love your

work that's what's going to make you

more successful over a period of time


fabulous thing is the status I can't see

this statistics on your Etsy dashboard a

phase it would be called you can

actually go down to stats and that will

show you all the kind of different stats

and analytics to do with your Etsy page

this can be so helpful because I can see

exactly how many people have been

directed to my ex eShop from my website

for my Instagram for my Facebook and it

can barely show you what's working and

they do what's not working also shows

you your like most viewed products and

it's just really really helpful I think

it can also make you feel a bit better

because when you maybe haven't sold

anything for you know however long now

it can make you feel better because you

can see that people are looking and

sometimes people can look at an artwork

for a year or so and be waiting for the

perfect moment to buy it you can see it

doesn't mean that you're not being

successful or building up your career as

an artist it just shows that people need

a little bit more time so for now I

think that all the pros and cons I could

think of about an Etsy shop are those

offered some clearer perspective on open

internet sea shot I've also made a video

about some tips to fill out online I'll

link in the corner of this video right

now for you to go and check that out if

you've not already seen it and I just

want to thank you so much for watching

this video again I hope it's been

helpful and don't forget to follow me on

social media and have a wonderful

wonderful week