3 Reasons Why You're NOT Ready to Sell Your Art

hello everyone and welcome back to my

channel so today I am going to be

talking about something that I get asked

quite a lot but before I get into that I

do want to say a quick disclaimer that

all of the opinions in this video are

just mine

I'm just speaking from personal

experience that I've had your experience

may totally be different you may have

totally different opinions and that's

totally okay

uh-huh you don't have to agree with

anything that I'm saying I'm definitely

not saying that my word is like law or

anything um I'm just sharing my

experiences and what I personally feel

so yeah I just wanted to get that out of

the way um so let's just jump into it so

I get asked all the time am I ready to

sell my art should I start selling my

art how do I start selling my art and

this is a very loaded question because

of course the answer is going to be

different for everyone but I have sat

and thought about it and I have come up

with three different scenarios or three

different ways that you may not be ready

to sell your art so if you feel like any

of this applies to you I don't want you

to feel bad or that I don't think you

should sell your art at all um I just

think that maybe you should take a step

back look at your art look at some of

the things that you do with your art and

maybe just can reevaluate some things

and yeah so I'm just going to jump into

scenario number one you may not have

enough experience or you may be too

young to sell your art now this is a bit

tricky but I do have some experience

with this um so I'm gonna start off by

telling a story when I was oh gosh I

think I was like 14 or 15 I was on

deviantART and I opened Commission's I

was like oh my gosh I'm going to open

commissions and I'm gonna sell my art

and people are gonna buy it and it's

gonna be great and I didn't I didn't

sell a single one I didn't sell any

commissions no one was interested I got

no comments no interaction with the

posts I was making at all

I would post journals I would post forum

postings I would offer my services on

gosh anyone who was asking and I got

nothing and it made me feel really bad

about my art I felt like I just wasn't

good enough I felt like I wasn't valid I

just I felt really bad and the truth of

the matter was I was 15 and my art was

not in a place where I could sell it yet

my skills weren't there I was selling my

art for like stupid cheap like I was

offering $1 Commission's and no one

should be selling their art for that

cheap if you feel like your art isn't a

place where you could only sell it for a

dollar you're not ready to sell your art

yet so I was too young I was too

inexperienced I didn't understand and I

just I wasn't ready and because I tried

to jump in too fast it made me feel

really bad about myself and bad about my

art and if I just didn't focus on

selling my art at all if I didn't worry

about selling it if I only focused on

improving myself I would have been

better off instead I kind of spiraled

into this dark hole of I'm not good

enough so I try to tell every single

young artist who asks me how do I start

selling my art I try to tell them look

critically at your art do you think you

could sell this do you think people

would want to buy this if the answer is

no or if you are in a place where you

don't feel like anyone would want to buy

your art instead of trying to sell it

focus on improving your skills first

especially if you're young and you have

like school to worry about or any of the

things that come with growing up I mean

selling your art should be at the bottom

of that list so like I said if you are

young or if you are inexperienced then

you feel this applies to you I'm not

saying you should never sell your art

ever I'm just saying maybe you should

improve your skills first talk to more

people about how they started selling

their art and you know that the

experience will come and you're in

skills will improve and maybe people

will start reaching up to you and asking

if you sell your art so yeah just keep

working at it and if

your skills will get there so scenario

number two why you may not be ready to

sell your art is you may not want to

work for other people I have also heard

this from so many artists they're like

well I want to be an artist because I

don't want a boss telling me what to do

or I just want to draw pretty pictures

and I don't want to have to listen to

anyone if you are trying to sell your

art you are trying to sell your art to

other people and in order to do that

especially if you take Commission's

you're going to have to listen to other

people and give them a product that they

want I think there's a misconception

about artists that they just draw

pictures all day and people throw money

at them that is so so so far from the

truth if you want to be a successful

artist unless you're like gosh you know

what this doesn't even apply it know if

you want to be a successful artist you

need to make something that other people

want to buy and to do that you need to

listen to what people want and what's

trending what's popular and I hate

saying that but if you want to sell your

art and make money off of it that those

are things you have to pay attention to

I'm not saying that you have to do that

to be a good artist or a valid artist

but if you want to sell things you have

to sell things that people want to buy

and a lot of artists aren't okay with

that they don't want to you know listen

to trends they don't want to draw what's

popular they want to do their own thing

and that is totally fine that is so so

so fine you do not have to sell your art

you do not have to make money off your

art for it to be valid on the flip side

if you do want to make money at it that

is something you need to keep in mind

and like I said that's not okay with a

lot of people a lot of people just want

to do their own things and that's okay

but you just may not make a whole bunch

of money from it in addition to this if

you want to sell commissions you will be

working for a client that client will

tell you exactly what they want and you

need to create a product for them they

may look at your work and say I want you

to change this I want

you to make this different you need to

add this and as someone who's providing

a service or a product for someone you

need to be able to work with them and be

like okay I can do this okay I will add

this and as long as you're of course

being compensated for it you need to

kind of listen to what they tell you to

do they have an idea you have the skills

and if money is being exchanged you need

to provide those skills to that person

and a lot of artists I find don't quite

work well with people or they get very I

don't know just a kind of uptight about

their work and they kind of feel like oh

well if I I'm an artist I shouldn't have

to change anything for anyone and while

that may be true however if you're

working for someone if you're providing

someone a service or a product you do

kind of need to listen to them and give

them a product that they want so that

they will be happy they will come back

they will refer you to other people and

that is difficult for some artists to do

so yeah you just kind of got to be able

to work with people and give people a

product that they want now the third

scenario is something that even I

struggle with a lot you may not be ready

to sell your art if you aren't business

minded I know a lot of artists struggle

with this because we are artists we're

creatives we want to draw and paint and

create and we don't want to be bogged

down by like business and numbers and

analytics and all that stuff but

unfortunately if you want to make a

business if you want to be a

self-employed artist who can support

themselves just with their art you need

to understand the business aspect as

much as you understand the artistic

aspect and like I said this is a huge

struggle but you is and this kind of

also ties back into the second point but

you need to be able to understand trends

and analytics and SEO and how to

properly market your work to get to the

right audience who will buy it and

we'll share it and stuff like that and

it's it's really hard especially on

social media when it feels like you're

just one very small fish in a very large

ocean but if you're business minded you

will be able to stand out more than

someone who is not and that I feel is

something that plays a huge part in

whether an artist is successful at

making money not a successful artist but

successful at making money so those are

kind of some things that I just wanted

to briefly go over I know it's it can

feel really discouraging when you're

thinking about your art and thinking

about how to sell it and how to make

money but I also just want to say you do

not have to sell your art just because

you do not sell your art doesn't mean

that art is not invalid you can be a you

can be totally happy just drawing and

painting and sharing on social media and

maybe making video is maybe not maybe

just drawing in your sketchbook and not

sharing it anywhere as long as you're

making art and you're happy you're an

artist and you're valid I don't want you

to feel like just because you don't sell

your art or you feel like you can't sell

your art yet that your art is somehow

not worthy because I also get that a lot

and that's so not true just I just I

don't want you guys to be bogged down by

thinking that you need to sell your art

in order to be an artist that is just so

far from the truth so as long as you

guys are being art being happy creating

art and having fun with it that's really

all that matters and if you do want to

sell your art it is very hard it is very

difficult but you guys can definitely do

it I don't want this video to be

discouraging to anyone I just want you

to kind of step back and think about

what steps you need to take in order to

sell your art because other people don't

quite understand until they start doing

it and then they get very overwhelmed I

know that is definitely what happened to

me so I just wanted to give you guys

some things to think about if you do

want to sell your art in the future so

work on getting that experience do work

on doing things for other people maybe

try you know doing some work for your

friends first to see kind of how it is

to work for other people

look into maybe business classes I've

taken quite a few business classes on

Skillshare myself not sponsored by the

way I just really liked it they have

some really useful classes but start

thinking about the business side of

things and marketing and and selling and

stuff like that it's a whole other world

that is so important if you want to you

know run a small business which which is

what selling your art is huh so I'm

going to get off my soapbox now like I

said this is not law this is just my

personal opinions on I feel free to

disagree with me if you do disagree with

me feel free to write me a comment a

respectful comment please um but yeah so

like I said I hope I gave you guys some

stuff to think about I hope you enjoyed

watching this painting by the way this

is a watercolor painting that I worked

on and I had a lot of fun with it so

yeah that's all I really had to say

today I hope you guys enjoyed this video

um yeah uh that that's it I hope you

guys have a great day a great weekend

happy Friday and yeah I'll see you guys

in my next video bye guys