How I Sell Paintings on Saatchi Art | Selling Art Online Fast

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in this video we will be explaining how

to sell art

on sachi arts as you can see in

screenshots right now you see that i've

sold some stuff

some work on the platform myself and so

we will be focusing

on selling arts because most artists

focus on making art

instead of selling art and as a result

of that

the art that is not selling at all is

spilling up in their studio

up until the point that it becomes too

much and then they think about

quitting because why would they be

making more

of the thing that is not selling in the

first place

and then before they know it they quit

their 35 in some low-level entry job

kind of quitting on their dreams and so

in the next 10 minutes

we will be explaining you how to sell

art on such yards specifically or online

in general and so if you don't have 10

minutes out of your day

to learn how to sell art then let's face

it you're not gonna

figure out how to sell art anyway and so