SELLING ART ON EBAY *i made HOW much???*

welcome back to my channel for today's

video I've been seeing all of these tic

TOCs where people paint something and

then put on ebay and then ends up

selling for like thousands of dollars so

I'm gonna test that out I'm going to

paint two different pictures one is

gonna be more of like an abstract kind

of five the other one's gonna be more

like a landscape type thing and we'll

see a if they do sell and if I am able

to make money off of them and be which

one sells for the highest price so I

just have these two 8 by 10 canvases

then canvases my expectations are pretty

low but I did see a YouTube video these

girls doing it and there's a dub someone

for quite a bit of money so I'm gonna

paint and finish them all today and then

I'm going to post them on eBay later and

then I'm gonna wait a week and then I

will come back with the results fun fact

I actually really love painting and

sometimes I'll do it my free time I

painted this feel like this and then I

really just like to paint like obviously

like sunset type pic so yeah I feel like

for abstract paintings you have to be

like really in touch with your feelings

or whatever like emotion you're trying

to portray so I don't know how I'm gonna

get into that

a few moments later I finished painting

number one the abstract painting this is



I added some glitter on top because I

think it looks cool thank you

now I'm gonna get started on my

landscape here's my finished product for

the landscape line I don't really know

if I like it yeah I'm just gonna let it

dry and then some pictures and post them


okay so I just finished taking the

pictures I'm gonna try and edit them so

that it looks like they're in something

professional and gallery or something

like that I'll show you the results okay

so they are both up and listed for $9.99

for both of them I think that's a pretty

good deal so yeah I will see you guys in

a week with the results been a few days

since I posted my paintings on eBay and

I did have a bid for both of them but I

think it was fake or like a scam or

something because eBay removed it and it

was for both of them were for $400 from

two different people with like weird

names and letters in their name so I

think it was a scam so yeah they're gone

but yeah no bids so I think unless

anything changes I think this whole like

how to get $1,000 quickly on eBay

selling your paintings is a joke unless

you have like a following already but

I've seen some people make a tik-tok

about it and then that gets them more

traffic I didn't make a tech talk about

it so maybe I should have done that

I guess if anything comes up I'll let

you know if not I'll see you when it's


hi guys okay so it is the final day and

my first painting that I uploaded on

eBay the abstract one it has 48 seconds

left and then the other one has almost

five minutes and so far I haven't gotten

any bids I've gotten 26 views on that

one so there's something but oh it's

almost up three two one zero

but yeah so I got no bits all not so I

don't know that means maybe people just

didn't want

abstract painting or maybe I listed it

too high my other one has three minutes

left so I realized I wasn't recording

that's cool but my second one my second

painting the pastel sunset looking one

that won the auction ended and I got no

bids on that one either

big surprise but I did have 31 views um

so I've come to a few conclusions the

first one being that people on tick-tock

lie maybe who knows and can actually I

mean it's nobody's gonna just randomly

search like oh this type of painting and

then won a bid on it

I feel like you have to have a platform

to show what you're selling like a

following or I don't know um my second

conclusion is that I suck and I can't

paint and my paintings are ugly so

explain it okay if I didn't make my any

money then explain it another way um but

I just thought this was a fun idea to

test out I've been seeing a lot of stuff

going around about this idea of selling

your painting and getting thousands of

dollars and I was like mmm that's

definitely too good to be true

but I have nothing better to do at this

point and now I'm left with two

paintings so if you want them let me

know because I'm selling them because I

don't want them cuz I just painted them

for the purpose of this video so thank

you for watching my video I hope you

enjoyed it I hope

I don't know I hope you had a good time

um I don't know what else I'm trying to

say but I guess keep in mind not

everything you see on tick-tock is real

and yeah that's all I have to say so

thank you for watching please like and

subscribe and I'll see you in the next

video bye