Why I don't sell artwork on Amazon Handmade w/ Lachri

today I am going to be talking a little

bit about why I do not sell artwork on

Amazon handmade hi I'm Lisa the artist

behind block refine our recently on one

of my really old videos comparing my

experience with Etsy and eBay someone

who said that they wanted to hear my

opinions on the Amazon handmade option

so I looked into this briefly when it

first came out and I read a lot of not

so appealing articles so keep in mind

I'm coming out this from an angle of

things I read not my own experience but

the things I read are enough to

definitely make me not interested and I

can't cite my sources because it was a

while ago I haven't read anything lately

but I haven't heard anything positive at

all the first thing that you want to

realize when you're selling online is

ideally you want people to buy from you

you want to build your brand you want to

sell yourself you want your name to get

out there and Amazon is definitely not a

very friendly platform when it comes to

that they're not really good for

promoting your own brand it would be

great if people would just come and buy

from your website now I know firsthand

that is easier said than done

we have to learn business and marketing

and how to get people to our website and

that can take some work even Etsy I

think especially eBay are really good

platforms for doing that for getting the

initial attention from some buyers I

have had buyers who purchased first for

me from eBay and then contacted me later

when they wanted to buy more work but

they knew how to contact me because I

included my business card to end the box

they always know how to get a hold of me

yeah can't do that with Amazon now while

you may not be able to just promote your

own website through eBay or Etsy there

are certain conditions but do a lot you

link back to your site you just need to

read through the Terms of Service and

make sure you understand what is allowed

and is not allowed but you can still

brand yourself on there you can have

your logo on your image you can do a lot

of branding like when I sell on eBay it

always says lock recom for my watermark

so even though there's no actual link

they were able to find my website and

find more information about me because

when people are buying art they want to

know about the artist too and yeah you

can write a lot of that on your

description but that's easier to do

through your website where they can see

more of your work and get a better idea

of who they're buying from you

definitely can

not do that with Amazon well this may

not be the best situation because again

you do want them to buy from your

website it's still a step and getting

them to your website and you cannot do

any of that on Amazon with Amazon you

cannot communicate with your customers

outside of their platform if you do you

can have your account terminated that's

a big deal if you get caught asking for

that customers email address or trying

to communicate them with them in any way

Amazon catches on to that and is not

going to be pleased you actually with

Amazon from what I understand cannot

even include a business card in the box

when you ship your item to the person

Amazon is very clear that the customers

that buy through Amazon are amazon's

customers you're not building your own

fan base or your own customer base when

you use that platform at least with eBay

and Etsy you have your own stores and

they they're really set up in a way that

you can promote your brand and grow your

brand and Amazon is just not presenting

that way another really big issue and

I've read several articles and I'm sorry

I cannot cite the articles I read

because it was a while ago and I don't

remember but you can google all of these

I'm sure they'll come up but several

people have said that Amazon came back

and told them they needed to lower their

prices people who were consistently

making sales at say five hundred dollars

per item Amazon came in and said nope we

need you to drop that price to $300 it's

not like no one was buying and they were

wasting space their items were selling

at that amount but Amazon wants things

to be the lowest possible they decided

that item should not be above a certain

price because other people were selling

it for this amount even though they're

handmade there it's art it's not going

to be the same as somebody else's so

here Amazon is dictating how much you're

going to sell your paintings for if you

use their platform meaning on all the

time they may not do this to everybody

it may depend on the prices you're

setting but that's kind of a big deal

Amazon is known for having the lowest

price in the fastest shipping I mean

that's their whole thing fast and cheap

which comes out to my next point that is

not the reputation you want for your

artwork to be fast and cheap that isn't

and how do we want to be viewed even

with shipping our artwork I know for me

it may take me a few days to get

something boxed properly cuz i have to

go buy a box I don't keep boxes stored

for every size painting that I have

available for sale I have to go buy the

box and the packing materials it's

to take me an hour to box anything then

I have to take it on another day to the

actual post office it's not fast it is

not a fast process for me and it isn't

going to be for most artists most of us

were like as long as you get shipped

within a week we're good but with Amazon

people are going to expect it pretty

much right away that's just Amazon I

mean I know with me if I buy something

on Amazon I expect it quickly that's why

I order from Amazon but we're talking

about art art is not fast and cheap

essentially what you're doing when you

sell with Amazon is you are a drop

shipment person you're not building the

following you're not building an

audience you're not building your brand

you're selling things for Amazon but

it's Amazon's name that goes through

everything Amazon is a lot more

expensive to sell on they take a lot

more in fees listing fees and seller

fees when you sell through them so

there's another strike against selling

with them now I'm not opposed to paying

fees especially if it's something that I

wasn't going to be able to sell on my

own or was having trouble selling I'm

actually ok with that I mean if I sold

in a gallery they're gonna take up to

50% Commission so if someone is taking

20% 15% whatever is not that big of a

deal but the problem is if you're having

to pay these listing fees and the item

doesn't sell then you're out that money

regardless Raz if you look at like eBay

you can list a certain amount of things

per month for free so if it doesn't sell

you're not out anything so those are the

main reasons that I personally would not

sell or use Amazon handmade as a

platform to sell my artwork I just don't

think it's a great idea for what we do I

think eBay and Etsy are much much better

platforms for the work and the brand

that we're creating thanks for watching

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