How to Buy, Sell and Trade Paintball guns online

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so I'm gonna be talking about buying

selling and trading BST so we always

talk about that in the ask us anything

video you always hear me and Jacob and

Nick anyone else in the ask us video

basically say buy a used act buy a used

ego buy use this that and the other

thing but people are always just like I

don't know how to buy you stuff so I'm

gonna go over a few of the basics sort

of on how to buy use because let me tell

you your market for buying new is this

big it's basically going on

to a few websites that sells paintball

stuff brand new and that's it that's

that's what your options are okay your

options unit use is basically those guns

plus all the depend pump will your price

ranges plus a lot of other stuff the

best most ideal price range personally I

would have to say is 550 bucks 500 bucks

your possibilities are amazing for what

you can get for your money amazing stuff

and I'll go into that all later

basically BST stands for buy sell trade

so if you're looking to buy sell and

trade things used all that stuff

definitely you're gonna have to sign up

for a BST group there's a few online

there's if you're looking for old school

stuff pumps Auto cockers McCarter Browns

the place to be that's the best one I

don't really recommend it if you're

gonna be you know doing other things

such as electronic guns or anything else

I mean they do have a form for it but a

lot more Auto Cocker old pumps old

school stuff another one you see the

biggest one being PB nation and once you

start getting into the online forms like

their own websites it definitely gets

very very confusing there's definitely

the it there's its own language it took

me a few months to really adjust and

actually figure out what people were

saying because there's a lot of

abbreviations there's a lot of things

and you're just like the hell does this

mean so there is a there's a lot of ways

it's very confusing it's overwhelming at

first I do understand that it is very

very overwhelming at first

but it's worth it in the end there's

also the tech PB one or you can go to

our forum we have one we have a buy sell

trade part in it and so basically what

I'm gonna go over the language a little

bit first so there's people that are

gonna say one of the biggest things is

gonna be bump you're gonna see people

say bump and then what that means is

like you you have the option to bump

your posts so say your post is like near

the bottom of the list you can bump and

people put bump a period and up symbol

that kind of stuff so it goes up to the

top of the list so people viewing the

page get to see it basically that's what

all bump means there's sig protector um

for Pb nation signature that means they

want you to click on their signature and

it takes you to whatever they want you

to trade there is brand new in the box

basically is what brand be new and in

the box you know brand new in the box bi

and think about that brand new in the

box brand B and brand new in I the tea

box so people put that all the time

put put people also put slightly used

all that kind of stuff so just look out

there's there's basically there's a lot

of I just had a little bit of a brain

fart but there's a lot of different

languages it's going to take you some

time to

used to I would definitely go on like I

think tech PB or PB nation one of them

they have like its own like abbreviation

like thread I definitely go look at that

but if you're just starting out and

you're looking to go into the buy sell

trade what I personally recommend my

favorite is the Facebook bsts and the

reason why is that a lot of people at

Facebook and it's really really easy you

probably check Facebook at least once

every hour depending on who you are if

not more but you're on Facebook a lot

and it pops up right up on your newsfeed

right there so you go ahead and join a

group the other thing is with Facebook

that PB nation in tech maybe don't

really have say you want to buy a dye

gun you go would join a dye paintball

buy sell trade group it's pretty simple

and wanna buy playing clips going to go

join a plaintiff clips buy sell trade

group so I would definitely recommend

going out of the Facebook bsts

because it's all right there you can

check you can creep on your old high

school friends that you want to creep on

you can creep on your creepy ex and you

can look at paintball [ __ ] at the same

time it's the best thing in the world

and I'm in a ton of paintball buy sell

trade groups on Facebook that's really

the only way that I deal now I also find

the best deals on the Facebook the other

thing is is that if you do somehow get

scammed if the person's not that smart

which normally they aren't so they

probably have all their information on

Facebook okay they're gonna have their

hometown they're gonna have their home

field they're gonna have all their

friends on there you can probably track

down their parents it's pretty damn easy

to track down track down the person if

they scam you that's what I like a

little bit more about Facebook people

also put their phone number on there I

mean it's all their whole life is right

there in front of you quite honestly

that's why I like the Facebook now there

is one group there's there's two groups

and I think every paintballer should be

in well one group is there's there's two

there's how big is paintball if you're a

new paint baller I definitely say stay

away from how biggest paintball for a

little bit until you gain some knowledge

about things because you

get absolutely trolled and tore apart to

pay upon the time that you post and

who's there and who's looking at stuff

and there's paintball talked about it

go join that one that one's really

really strict compared to Vegas

paintball how bigoted paintball how big

is paintball is a fun group if you're

just looking at just having a fun time

and posting funny paintball stuff

there's there's a lot of really funny

stuff on there there's basically no

moderation now there is there's one mod

and she basically just makes sure that

no important gets posted so it's still a

Wild West page which makes it a lot of

fun but stay away from that page if

you're new and that kind of stuff don't

post hey guys I'm looking for a cool

sniper rifle paintball gun

you'll get absolutely destroyed so don't

so don't go posting there right away but

yeah like I'm saying there's a lot of

Facebook bsts

I would highly suggest going into and I

look at it all on your newsfeed right

there another thing when you're going in

to if you're deal you're definitely

gonna have to have a PayPal account make

sure you can set one up if you're a

younger person make sure that your

parents have one cousin and uncle

grandparents dog someone has one at

least so you can at least deal you want

to be quick you want to make sure that

you have the money you don't want to

fool around say I'm gonna get paid next

week or blah blah and give people to run

around it's just gonna give you a bad

name you don't want to do that to

yourself because then people aren't

gonna want to deal with you they're not

gonna want to sell things or buy things

or do anything with you so don't do that

be very professional basically that's

the best thing that I could say about

that I mean you just want to be very

professional you want to be very prompt

with payment but the other thing is

don't gift your payment a lot of people

are worried about being scammed and all

that stuff

PayPal is actually a really cool way so

you don't get scammed basically so if

you go off a PayPal send send your

payment as goods and services don't gift

it because if you gift it PayPal is just

like oh you're just being a very

generous person and just giving this

person money if you gift it the person

doesn't send you the gun PayPal ain't

gonna do nothing you you basically

you're kind open heartedly handing

someone free money is basically how

PayPal does it I own

gifted I've gifted to two people I've

gifted the DJ and I've gifted to Chris

and I know actually I've gifted to three

and we've gifted to Joe because we know

them and we know them personally so

unless if you don't if you don't know

them personally don't gift you are gonna

have to pay some fees but it's worth it

in the end because if they don't ship

your gun or if you get a broken gun or

something like that basically you can

freeze their whole entire bank account

you can freeze their PayPal so they

can't do anything it's actually really

cool and then you get your money back

one way or another it's actually really

really cool so definitely don't gift

your payments another thing is if you're

worried about getting scammed take every

single precaution that you can they can

possibly take the deal seems too good to

be true it probably is if they are

selling a Geo 3.5 for five hundred

dollars gifted that's a red flag okay

don't do that definitely pay fees that's

why I always say pay fees because it's

probably a little bit too good to be

true it's probably a little fishy you

know they're probably trying to get all

the money a little bit of money just be

smart just be on the lookout for that

kind of stuff it's pretty simple it's

pretty easy you just don't want to just

go and throw your money at something

stupid like that because you will get

scammed and you will get taken advantage

of but if you take simple precautions

asking them for pictures if you think

the person that that's not their gun ask

them be like hey send me a picture with

with it on a note card or sent with the

gun underneath of a note card so you

know that's not photoshopped unless if

it's photoshopped really good take the

bolt out put the note card there name

date all that stuff make sure that they

do that kind of stuff

ask for very specific pictures that you

can't get off of Google Images okay do

that kind of stuff you won't get scammed

ask for a shooting video then airing it

up and what I mean airing it up I mean

the air being completely off and then

turning on the a si because if it has a

leak you can always stop leak sometimes

if you air it up and shoot it and dry

fire it and sometimes you can make guns

temporarily stop leaking so you want to

make sure that you have a video of them

airing it up showing you that the eyes

work showing you eyes off making sure

that it shoots all that kind of stuff

now basically why we recommend use is

because you can get high-end guns for

very very cheap for half the price okay

I've seen LV ones going for $700 okay

that's a great deal

know why I say the ideal price range for

someone is $550 because you have so many

options I can't even tell you you can

buy a used vanquish 1.5 I've seen going

cheaper come by I use DM 14 basically

any use any use DM after that can buy it

with even cheaper can buy all the use DM

14 for 550 bucks I've seen them going

for that all day long

geo 3s and they're still holding their

value right at 600 650 you can get three

or two point ones for that but geo 3s

and they're kind of in there but I mean

ego 11s g6 are is basically a lot of Bob

long guns not the onslaught but you can

get like the bobble on insight for under

500 bucks sometimes which is a great gun

you're getting a you're getting a 12 I

bought my V come with a brand new vis in

it that was never shot okay the V is

itself is like 200 bucks brand-new or

something I got my V come with a spool

engine with the extra with the extra

bolt and a barrel kit the three and with

three extra backs for $550 the gun

itself is $1200 or 1250 or something

stupid like that I got that plus more

for 550 bucks so as you can see you get

your money's worth and it's it's use

that's that's all it's still good it's

just someone owned it before you but

like I said just take the proper

precautions to make sure that you don't

get scammed and you get what you're

paying for you just want to ask that has

any scratches if it has any leaks that

kind of stuff that you're going to be

concerned about but literally $500 550

bucks you can get a lot of stuff in the

used price range that you can't get you

that you can't get new okay you're kind

of stuck at like an e tech 5

and acts the reflex rails are kind of

stuck right there JT impulses why would

you do that when you can buy a used e

m14 it's not mean it's not diem 15 but

it's going to shoot better than the

reflexes it's gonna shoot better than

the eat X you can get an ego 11 just a

few just an extra 100 or two bucks

Qingyun an lv one that's gonna shoot

better than the e tech 5 so as you see

you're you're saving money you're

getting a great deal

the only thing personally I don't buy

masks used that that's just me one of

the things is I like to physically see

the mask in person if I'm gonna wear it

the other thing is like if you are gonna

buy a mask use be warned have them send

pictures of foam it's kind of hard to

see scratches and pictures that kind of

stuff another thing is if you plan on

buying a mask use ask if it was in a

house I asked if they smoked because a

third smoker your your mask you're gonna

put your mask on and you're not going to

want to breathe if you don't smoke

you're not going to like that you're

gonna hate that I can tell you countless

times where I've seen people wanting

refunds because they put their masks on

and they they feel like they're smoking

because it's it's just covered in

nicotine or cigarette smoke or whatever

and people don't like that it's it's not

coming out of the foam and it's just not

worth it so that's another thing with

used with use masks and that kind of

stuff other than I mean clothes after

you wash it a few times that's no big

deal but I mean you can't it's gonna

stick to the plastic really really good

so that's why I don't personally buy use

masks because I I mean if people

sweating that all the time that's just

me and the other thing is I haven't I

don't really ever see that good of deals

going on masks that I'm just like damn I

have to buy that mask I don't really

ever see that big of a net big of a deal

you know maybe 50 60 bucks for Daiya for

is every now and then yeah sure I see

some nice masks oh and use every now and

then obviously if you want a specialty

mask like zebra grills zebra grills

can't really find those new I mean you

really can't so you have to buy stuff

like that use specialty stuff like that

that's a different story but like I said

don't buy really masks use that that's

just me personally buy

guns and I don't really buy soft goods

used either unless if I can really see

the product because again someone might

try to pull one over real quick not show

you a hole in it not show you that the

threads are coming out on your arm pads

all that kind of stuff so really I just

try to stick to used guns but you can

you can do to use soft goods that's just

completely up to you go do a head that

buyer I mean basically buyer be warned

you know ask all the questions that you

think that you're gonna want to know

educate yourself do all that kind of

stuff so you get what you're paying for

and you're gonna save a ton of money I

buy you know I've bought hoppers used I

bought add I rode it for 60 bucks okay I

bought I used boomstick for a hundred


I've bought all kinds of stuff very very

cheap and I found some really good deals

on stuff and you do save a lot of money

and it's a good way to collect guns and

use a bunch of different guns like all

of us a team insanity have and it's just

it's a good way buy sell trades are

great go join them on Facebook first and

just get used to it you don't even have

to buy you know if you're just looking

to just just look around and just see

what's out there just join a ton of

groups just see which ones have a ton of

members join them and just see how often

people post and see what their posts and

get it get a wide range on what things

are going for in prices and see see how

people negotiate all that kind of stuff

oh yeah another thing p.m. means private

message so when people say PM me they

mean message them privately you know

like go to their profile and hit you

know message so that's another thing and

just get used to the language that's

what I really recommend and when you do

are and when you are ready to buy just

don't gift your payment ask for proper

you know identification of the marker

all that good stuff take get good

pictures of it and just you know be very

smart about it be passive too and don't

be that guy that goes and offers $400

for a $700 gun don't be that guy either

so you know just educate yourself go see

go go look on you know Facebook groups

all that stuff when you

better go on to PB nation all that fun

stuff but the others there's a lot to it

but I hope this video helps you start to

get ready like I said $550 you're in

such a good ideal price range you can

get some of the best guns in the

paintball market for amazing for amazing

deals honestly so I always recommend

buying use we always say it on the ask

us videos buy use it's great stuff if

you take proper precautions you're gonna

get an awesome deal like I did with the

V comm like Nick did with his LV 1 Jacob

did with all of his guns basically so

I'm hope that helps out guys any other

questions post it in either our forum or

on Facebook or you know messages on

facebook PM us or ask us in the comments

we haven't asked us at anything video

segment where you can ask us anything so

thanks for watching anything else that

you want to add if you you know are in

the forms all the time go ahead and add

whatever you think needs to be added in

the comments so deuces