How to Sell Paint

I'm brush dark from beacon painting

Hardware in New York City 110th year the

first 40 years we're across the street

in the store was an A&P in the back of

the stores where they kept horse and

buggy to make milk delivery in the early

1900s we are a full line painted

hardware store selling vendor and more

paints we just took in their newest

display here behind me proud of that we

have a great relationship with bendre

more there's nothing I won't do for the

community and I think they won't do for


anything they need they get we donate

paint a couple times a year twice in the

spring twice to the fall we will go out

and paint over graffiti on mailboxes

will repaint the fire hydrants to make

them look nicer we donate all the paint

for that and all the supplies we have

t-shirts then I find lunch for the

people doing it we had a couple of

events with the ones with the Boy Scouts

Cub Scouts that we did it with we find

out the volunteers we work with the

police department on that the city

councilman Gale Brewer is always here

for that

somebody needs paint because it's for

food on a mailbox or in their

neighborhood they call me and I'll give

them the paint I'll give them the

supplies that we board they can keep her

they can return it either way

the council knows that and I know she

loves that part when she just says cool

for us at beacon and that's the that

solve the problem we do a walkathon this

October will be on our 11th walkathon

that we're doing this year we're doing

it for the benefit of guiding eyes for

the blind the Guide Dog Foundation we

sponsor everything they don't pay for

anything nothing is backed out and we're

going to have cookies and cupcakes pizza

we have a horse and carriage ride we

have gifts and t-shirts for everybody

who shows up children and adults we make

it fun for the kids

my brother Steve takes pictures of every

family in the store there's no charge on

that we just do that we displayed here

in the store and then they can take

their pictures and see it's a pretty

good photographer we give them gifts on

the way out we asked them to make as

much noise they can - kids love it's

totally fun for children making like

bicycles or rollerskates anything they

want and we group the group walking

around Central Park at night and this

year we're gonna have guide dogs there

when I stop you there the guide dogs of

course they can't pet but the puppies

they can't bring the puppies just for

that reason I know a lot of the parents

and all of the kids because of the

walkathon and other events I'll sponsor

anything they need and I like from 8

o'clock to about 9 o'clock you try to

stay outside say hello kind of greet

them as they walk past and make sure

more than every single one just pressing

good community relations there's nobody

else around you and look around at

stores you know people are they run a

good business but they've just business

people we live in the community my

brother and I we work in here we're a

part of it

it's a very politically we're very

passionate and we have the same

political views so we're in support of

them we've never had a problem because

we're a business we seek out ways to


we don't just wait for them to come to

us and everybody knows if they need

something going to Bruce and beacon

the guys who are I really feel for those

who are up against the Sherman Williams

the company on stores and the Home

Depot's and our neighborhood though we

have a few Home Depot's in the city

people do have to travel to them and

people do but if you want to get in and

out quick you want good honest service

friendly service you want to know that

you can turn something hassle-free you

come to us people are willing to pay a

little bit more for that you can't fight

them head on and sort of like a bowl a

bigger guy you can't go this way you

gotta go low to him and I feel any store

owner that wants to do it go to the

local high school tell them you guys do

plays we will donate all our paint

whatever think you need is that a store

in the country that doesn't have a

hundred gallons of bad mixed paint or

discontinued pink it's been sitting in

the basement for 20 or 30 years you

donate that they think you're a god and

they'll love you for it let me add in

the in this journal not just a little

quarter page or a small business car

there that everyone has to do stand out

from them put a big full-page ad in get

a quote from the comedian put that in

with with that then people love the

quotes I had one for Gretchen walks I

said it would be a better world if the

parents that eat the spinach and people

love they take quotes from The Simpsons

about school and people are waiting to

see what we write in that play remember

that and they enjoy that we have a lot

of fun with that and that's going not

just a step beyond but you're doing

something that the Home Depot's won't do

they may home people may spots the

Olympics forgive their response or


and those people will remember that and

at least a minor but they will pay more

money good because they want to support

me and pay me back and that's the way to