HOW TO SELL ON DEPOP ⭐️ packaging, shipping, and everythin u need to kno!

it is so bright in my room right now I'm

a light there I got a big-ass light over

there oh oh wait my fan was going off

the whole time okay what's up ladies and

gentle fish who drinks water like that

so today I am making a video about the

pop I've recently I've recently started

selling on D pop um basically the first

thing you want to do is like take

pictures of the actual items you're

selling and you want your items to like

look really nice so people will be like

oh [ __ ] like this is super nice so I

would suggest the having a nice

background or like going outside

um I sometimes but there's like a tack

right there and I like hang I literally

just hang my [ __ ] so it's like a nice

background you know you want and

lighting to look really nice also I'd

say like the best options are to have

like a model have someone try on the

clothes and like you take pictures or

like or take pictures of self with self

timer um wearing the clothes that you

want to sell or just going outside

hanging up if you want to go outside and

like take photos that would be

beneficial also so whenever you post a

picture you have a you have a

description to fill out about your item

definitely know the measurements of your

items so you want to like measure

definitely at least on pants like I say

pants are like the most important things

like bottoms really measuring them

because when I go to buy items I'll

definitely look look how like the inches

on it like the measurements of the pants

um I don't really do that with tops or

anything but I'd say pants are most

important normally like the tags will

say it but I wouldn't understand trust

the tags um yeah

just measure them if you can like it's

not obviously it's again not needed as

much but I would definitely measure them

whenever you're writing the description

of your item you want to like have it

very informative the more descriptive

you are about the item the more the

person who is current wanting to buy it

know is about the item instead of


questions have like the material type

like what it's made out of how you would

style the item also you want keywords in

your description basically we have just

you have to think like what would you

look up for a specific item like if you

were looking for this shirt what would

you type in for to find it you know

that's basically like how how it works

that's how I like to think of it um in

descriptions sometimes I get lazy and

just like green pants also um you can

choose like a method of shipping you can

either have like your own shipping or

deep ship with deep hop I'd highly

suggest shipping with deep hop so once

you ship with deep up all you have to do

basically with that you select the item

size and they tell you they price it for

you so you can have a small item like

for four dollars and fifty cents for

shipping and then like there's the eight

dollar shipping and it just goes up from

there I normally do the eight dollar

shipping just to be safe I think it's

like up to two pounds but basically if

you choose shipping with deep hop you

don't have to go to the post office and

like pay for shipping yourself because

sometimes at the post office there it's

really iffy on how its measured like how

its weighed in price shipping with deep

hop basically gives you once the items

bought they'll give you a shipping label

that you can just print out at home and

then literally your mailman will take it

yes so if you have a printer at home I

definitely ship with the pop is you can

literally just print it out and be on

its way but if you were to do shipping

on your own all you have to do is

package it yourself take it to the UPS

store they'll weigh it you pay so when

someone actually buys your item depop

notifies you you get like a [ __ ] ton of

notifications when someone buys my stuff

I get a notification from PayPal from

depop and I get a notification in my

email so I get a [ __ ] ton of

notifications when I didn't mention this

but deep hop use this PayPal like you

can't just pay em card or whatever

everything's through PayPal so when

someone buys your item you'll get


I'd suggest messaging them saying hey

just thank you like thank you for

purchasing my item I'll be shipping it


tomorrow that's not just to tell them to

reassure them you know that you you're a

good communicator like you're good

salesmen and stuff you know and not just

not updating them about everything you

know um when every whenever the items

purchased the pop automatically that

gives you the clients information if you

did shipping with Dee pop they'll give

you the shipping label for it if you did

um shipping on your own they'll give you

the person's information like their

address name and everything obviously

with shipping you can like use bags or

like the packaged bags or whatever or

you can get boxes shipping with bags are

cheaper obviously they don't weigh as

much as a box does so I suggest getting

bags when you're shipping first of all I

have these like giant poly malar bags I

watched some girls video and she use

these and I'm pretty sure a lot of

people use these I literally got these

off at Amazon they were like ten dollars

but it literally has like a hundred in

here and you can fit anything in this

thing it's like nine by twelve who's a

foot long so you can literally fit

anything in here um yeah so I have these

Polly Miller bags to ship the items um I

got tissue paper she could wrap the item

make make it look cute you know

obviously you don't need this [ __ ] and I

have boxes also so I also have boxes

these are just tiny boxes you can

normally fit like a shirt in here um

shipping with these so it it is this is

so tiny the boxes you can really only

fit thick maybe a t-shirt in here or

something like very small also when

you're shipping you I've heard a lot of

people like to put little notes in so

for example with this dude who just

bought pants from me but yeah just a

little thank-you like thank you for the

purchase it means a lot to me I really

hope you enjoy the product and then like

thanks like my name that's basically all

it is it's just a little heartwarming

thing you know like I appreciate you for

buying my item that's basically all it

is you obviously don't need it but it's

super nice too it's a nice gesture

so I'm guess I'm gonna take you through

like how I packaged the item

and then it's all steel Odin this is

your package to ship yes

um so yeah that's how you basically

package it it's super easy you could

literally just still a shirt in a box

and ship it and that's theater so after

that obviously if you did shipping with

depop just put the label on it it's out

the door if you were to go shipping to

do shipping at your own go to the post

office they do have flat rate boxes so

you don't exactly need to buy poly

Metalurh bags like I've said basically

all I do is you take your package to up

to the front they weigh it and they they

weighed give you a price for it and you

can choose like what kind of shipping

you want so you can get like three days

shipping two day shipping

overnight shipping one day shipping so

after you pay they'll give you the

receipt which gives you the tracking

information if you did ship even depop

you do not have to worry about this this

is like if you are doing it on your own

once you open up the deep up you'll go

back to the receipt thing that they give

you for the person who bought it you'll

put mark this ship there whatever and

then you'll put in the tracking info and

then yeah that's it they can whoever

bought it can track it um you'll always

get a tracking number with your item

basically it some extra info would

definitely be that deep hop does take

fees depop takes about ten percent of

what you sell your item for so I sold

those pants I just packaged for twelve

dollars deep up took 10% which it would

be a dollar and twenty cents it kind of

sucks cuz I only made ten dollars over

the since it does go through PayPal

PayPal also takes fees that's basically

it I guess by