How To Sell Your Own Product To Restaurants | Selling Mushrooms To Chefs And The Farmers Market


well check it out I can't believe it

Thor actually started milling today

congratulations Thor it's only been six

weeks but I'm excited to see that you

started work on this I'm just kidding I

always give Thor a hard time Thor is a

really busy man but truth be told really

excited to see that this has begun you

didn't really do much today we have some

two by sixes just right here and we use

two by sixes to frame all of our

buildings so that's how we're gonna put

all the walls up and hoger his brother

is here and they started working on this

and I helped get Thor's mill all set up

and we're just gonna roll all the logs

as as we go just underneath here so this

this Lucas mill raises up and then he

can just drop the logs down and put them

in place level them and cut cut to size

whatever he needs for lumber so we're

going to be doing a lot of two by sixes

I will be doing 6x6 for the for the

frame to actually hold the building and

those sit on pyramid blocks and then

everything goes up all the walls go up

with two by sixes and and then all the

shelving that's inside the building we

actually buy the lumber for that because

we want finished shelving so that the

bags don't rip we're sliding those in

and out for the incubation room but we

should have enough here for the new

expansion and we'll be filming that as

that project gets put together the point

of this video today is I've started

noticing that some of my YouTube

comments are I'm getting notifications

for them in my email but they're not

getting saved on the YouTube videos and

I've contacted YouTube directly to try

to get this figured out I'm sure it's

just some kind of glitch but I had an an

interesting comment one of my emails and

I thought I'd make a video about this

so this comes from Benjamin Crowther and

he writes while you are learning and

figuring out your consistency before you

bring on too many restaurant clients

what do you do with excess mushrooms is

it all sold at markets or do you sell

some to fruit and veg stores when you

have too much supply so thank you


that's a really good question definitely

worth a video and if you guys want to

see more videos based on your comments

leave some comments below I'm assuming

the the comment problem will be

corrected but I'll leave my email right

here as well send me an email if you

guys have any questions try to answer

those directly or even just make videos

on it it's a great way to answer your

questions so Benjamin to answer your

question when when I first started out I

had a lot of experience in the

restaurant industry here in the Okanagan

so I started selling to chefs that I

already knew and because I didn't have a

lot of money my farm was actually really

small and I wasn't producing that much I

was probably producing I want to say 30

pounds of mushrooms a week and really

that's just enough for about three

restaurants so I I basically I grew

whatever I could and and it wasn't

difficult to sell to the clients that I

had and I just picked up enough clients

that I thought I could supply every one

or two weeks and and kind of went from

there and if I had a bumper crop well

you know I could I could obviously ask a

favor and since I knew these chefs

personally if I had a bumper crop hey

can you take an extra ten pounds this

week it's usually not a big deal

you know if you're if you're offering

good product restaurants are usually

happy to pick up when you do have extra

because they want they want your

products and they want to make sure that

you're making money and and selling your

stuff so they're usually going to help

you out when you

extra but you know another solution when

you're getting above 30 pounds of

mushrooms maybe you're selling 100

pounds of mushrooms and you have maybe

five or eight restaurants and you might

you might run into a situation where

some restaurants are good that week

because they haven't been selling a

certain dish that has your mushrooms and

maybe your you run into an oversupply

that week well a really good solution is

becoming a casual vendor at a farmers

market and you know it's usually like

thirty dollars every time you attend the

market you just sign up as a casual

member and when you have extra mushrooms

you just plan to go to the market and

and set up a booth and you can use

social media if you have a Facebook page

just to kind of tell everyone that

you're gonna be there and and just kind

of tell everyone that you're gonna be at

the market when you have extra produce

and then you slowly build up your

business from there that's what I did

our our restaurant industry is pretty

awesome out here there's more

restaurants than I can sell to and we

sell do about 40 restaurants right now

but I only started with three

restaurants and I always use the farmers

market to sell when we have a bumper

crop so if I if I think all my chef's

orders are are gonna be sold

I'll start planning to go to the market

maybe like Tuesday Wednesday for the

Saturday market I'll start thinking

about that and I'll kind of a plan plan

it in my in my head which restaurants I

should sell to now and then which

restaurants I possibly should sell to

after the market like Saturday night or

Sunday and it really just depends on how

much we're harvesting and that's really

the art of being a farmer is trying to

keep everyone happy but but but

continuously selling out of your product

so I wouldn't want to be in a situation

where I sell all my restaurants up until

Friday and I don't need to harvest until

Saturday morning but but I need to be at

the market at 6:00 in the morning so I

don't have time to harvest and then I

have no product so then if I harvest

Saturday Sunday and suddenly I'm sitting

you know 60 80 pounds of mushrooms but

I've already sold to all my restaurants

then how am I gonna sell these mushrooms

so it's really being aware of your

clients needs and being aware of the

situation of how how easy it is to sell

your product and you get an idea of your

weekly demand and you'll know if if you

have extra product to sell and and how

to distribute that so that's that's

that's what I do and then and then

obviously if you do all of that and you

still have extra stuff in my experience

there's always chefs that are gonna pick

up your product and and help you out

even if they're not a client and the

longer you're in this business the more

word-of-mouth you get people are you

going to know about your business and

you can tell them hey I don't have

enough product to to take you on as a

client but you know I was really really

wondering if you'd be interested in

trying our stuff we're continuously

growing and I'm gonna be picking up new

clients in the fall or the spring and

just kind of communicate with them that

this is what's going on why don't you

try our stuff now I have a bumper crop

and if these chefs

if these chefs take care of you well

then you take care of them when you have

extra stuff and you you offer your

product when you have it so it's it's

really about creating loyalty with your

clients and in maintaining that that

that illusion of of always being sold

out because that's how you're gonna

create demand for your stuff and you

know if you do it well you're always

going to be sold out like us and you can

always use markets to move your extra

stuff so you know it's really important

to have enough restaurants that you can

consistently supply and you don't want

to ever let anyone down you want to you

want to make sure that you have those

weekly commitments if you've committed

to that so I hope that answers your


I guess the short and long of that is

when you're starting off it's really

hard to have a lot of mushrooms to sell

every week because problems happen all

the time

and you know I think I think keep your

clients small and

we sell to your friends and then once

you get consistent at what you're doing

I think the product is going to speak

for itself

and you're gonna have no problem selling

your mushrooms so anyways Ben I hope you

found this helpful

again you know leave your comments below

or send me an email guys I'll flash my

email right here again and I'm happy to

answer your comments or your questions

regarding mushrooms on this YouTube

channel it's just a great way for me to

have more content for you and it's a

great way for me to kind of give back

for all the subscribers that follow us

I'm happy to answer them so anyways guys

I hope you're having a great day I'm

really excited to see that we've started

milling I will report to you as all the

projects start developing because really

it's just the beginning and I will talk

to you soon