How to sell Overstock items on Facebook Marketplace


what's going on moneymakers another good

day here it's July the 9th 2019 and

today we're gonna talk about tithing

oversight oversight RR now oversight

over stock to arm and use Facebook the

Facebook seller vehicle and flip these

glasses or flip anything I'm using

overstock so so if you want to go to the

Facebook and sell your stuff you know

you generally you have to have the stuff

on hand and then a person to come pick

it up ask to pick it up and then you all

go buy it or sell it or buy it from you

in that's the end of the transaction the

reason why I'm looking at sunglasses

right now um time forward or whatever

cuz it's a nice unique brand and be um

somebody's probably looking for

sunglasses but you can kind of use it

for anything furniture being bad kids

and babies hmm

so a lot of this stuff so you might go

find a nice stroller excuse me

yes see so okay so this is a great

product here um so what you'll do is

you're actually um copy this picture

you'll put it for sale um it looks like

it goes for 191 but you'll be paying

eighty seven dollars so I'll probably

drop it down to 150 um and then this

does have two day delivery

so depending on your delivery cost you

want to add that into your vehicle here

so it might be maybe twenty thirty

dollars so that'll be a hundred dollars

um so one hundred me you got a ninety

one the play wheel with proper profit so

if you got ninety one dollars I'm

probably sell it for another forty five

fifty dollars um so how this works is

you actually put it on your Facebook

market I'm actually gonna do it because

I don't want to give my Facebook

information but you put it on Facebook

market um gain a lot of interest maybe

like five or six people um when they

reply interested or whatever just say um

it's um somebody's looking to buy it I

got a potential buyer but if they don't

come and pick it up in the next three

days you can you guys can get first dibs

on it and that's why it's important to

have that today's shipping that way you

can you can actually generate that two

days and then when it comes you could

actually have it on hand and then you

can contact one of the four or five six

different people um and see if they want

to then buy it so that's a pretty good

unique way to earn money

um just by using Facebook you can also

drive shipping but I wouldn't do that

because uh you know you want to kind of

have the product on hand and I think

Facebook wants you to have it on it and

you also can use this for Craigslist cuz

once you you get it arm saying why he

wants to buy it

um no longer there no longer interested

then you can put it on Craigslist or

either eBay or another site another

seller site and then you can still then

you can actually mark up the price even

further we can actually get the 180 or

192 it actually cost I had this um so

don't click and look

it kind of see ok free this has free

shipping so it's not gonna cost you

anything so that's that's even better

you Add to Cart um it doesn't really

matter which one you pick you can pick

the pink the blue owner in the neutral

month I will probably pick the neutral

one just because you know you don't know

if first it has a boy or a girl and the

other retailer it says that twelve so


yeah you can use the site like over

overstock and overstock is it's good

because they have today shipping I'm you

also can use Walmart

I wouldn't generally do that because you

know Walmart prices are pretty low so

you can probably get the same thing at

Walmart so yeah stuff like and but you

there's another thing that you want to

make sure that's at least 50 to 60

dollars off that way you can make a

pretty good pretty good profit doing it

that way

um let's see what else they have here

arm let's see home improvement bed yeah

stuff you want to kind of stay away from

is like kitchen appliances stoles and

stuff like that

Jeremy is another thing you want to stay

away from only because dirty requires

require sizing and different stuff maybe

watches maybe on ice watches if you know

but I would I would basically stick to

kid stuff cuz a lot who buy kids stuff

up there and uh like fashion so any kind

of clothing or anything like that

because people are you looking for a

nice feel on kids clothing outdoor

I don't know if I've ever tried outdoor

but uh rugs

yeah stuff like furniture rugs oh I

noticed some maybe some nice and some

TVs and and uh

different sets like that but I would

just stick basically to apparel so

sunglasses handbags this really works

real good with handbags and makeup and

sneakers and stuff like that uh

FAR's and then kid stuff so let's look

at that flakes you uh yeah these are

pretty basic you know unless this is a

major name-brand nothing like this night

because you can even buy that stuff from

like cold but you want to get some rare

stuff like me like I was showing you

those top that time for diet designer

handbags here those really those really

can move really really good especially

their arm actual head yeah deals under

150 let's see what they got here it's

got some great shipping right here yeah

so some like this

Dooney and Bourke 'n somebody might like

this so you might new you'll put that on

the facebook site just a picture um say

that you have that for sale for a

hundred and fifty dollars the reason why

you want to go undervalue by at least 20

of the 30 dollars is because if they can

find it on amazon or anything like that

they might be inclined to buy something

like that now again you're gonna have

them you're gonna have to have the money

on hand to actually flip this so you

have to have actual 999 dollars I shall

put this so you actually have to have

the money on hand to

we make this work but if you can flip

something like this you know for me and

Burton they do have like Facebook groups

for people it's looking for luxury stuff

cities this is a nice nice little be

able to try to flip on our Facebook

that's the everybody's into Michael Kors

see what Michael Kors has yet again you

want to look for stuff this that's 13:26

yeah you kind of want to look for stuff

that's over $50 like doing your Birkins

it's have to go here because my board

doesn't have too much anything we can

look at here let's try a watch while

it's maybe grooming tools - oh baby I

know makeup is isn't it pretty big too

so let's look out let the guy from

makeup here

now makeup you're not gonna look at the

actual fifty dollars or whatever it is

off but wow if you can learn this

revision here you can get that off a

little bit it like 18 bucks for this

maybe you'll maybe earn a good ten bucks

off that well fifty three dollars

haha Wow so you can actually get this

market this up first maybe 60 65 bucks

and then they'll look on the internet

and see that oh wow this part this is

really on 80 bucks versus I should

probably buy that right now so yeah

these are really good ways to actually

earn money by putting it on a Facebook

marketplace again you're gonna the

criteria is you're gonna actually

download the picture put the picture up

put the price up and then people once

you get like four or five six people

generally interested just say your

pending on somebody if they don't come

and get it within the next two to three

days your arm contact the next person

that wants it and then once that happens

that transaction happens then okay it's

good but if you don't if it doesn't work

that way with Facebook you can always go

to ebay and flip it on eBay or you can

also flip it on Craigslist credit I know

Craig people look on Craigslist for

stuff but I don't think it's more

makeups type stuff but you can flip this

type of stuff maybe five four inch or

something and then I have to pay you all

right moneymakers have a good day this

is a nice nice way to make money you're

off overstock