How to Master Selling on the Phone

the telephone how to make a million

dollars a year for your company with the

the mere simple device of a telephone

look first of all if you want to do this

you have to commit your company to

understand the value of the telephone as

the most powerful tool in the history of

business and I'm talking about up to

current times including the internet if

you take the internet and social media

combine the two and say grant mr. grant

cardone which of the three do you want

social media the internet or telephone

I'd be like keep your internet keep your

social media I'm gonna use the telephone

in fact the proof is in the pudding a

telephone is much more productive in

fact look everybody's got one there's

more telephones on this planet today

than there are human beings which would

suggest to you that people want to use

the telephone did you know that the

average person on planet earth will make

eight phone calls today that's 250 phone

call us a month that's 3000 phone calls

a year the point of that is this if your

people are only making 8 calls a day

they will be average forever your

company will be average your products

will only get into the hands of average

people look to make millions millions

more for your company you don't need

another ad budget you don't need in

another CRM those are good things to

have you don't need more marketing and

more branding you need more people on

the telephone making phone calls so the

first thing I want to do today is I want

to sell you on the phone and this is

what you must do with your people before

you give them a script or give them a

call calculation or do anything about

basic education and training on the

phone the first thing I'm gonna do is

sell you on the telephone 135 years ago

a guy named Alexander Graham Bell

created this product called the

telephone first telephone call went to a

guy named Watson in that call Alexander

Graham Bell said Watson get over here

see the purpose of that phone call was

this to save time it was not just to

communicate because the real

communication happened once Watson

walked across the estate and came into

the room with mr. Bell and

then they had the communication the

first communication was basically saved

save time so I want you to sell your

people on why they should use a phone

did you know that a telephone call is

one-eighth the cost of an in-person

visit this was done by statistics that

proved out that the average in-person

phone call physical requires a plane

ride for many of you sometimes a car you

had to at least walk across the street

and then sooner or later you exhaust

those people in your neighborhood so at

some point it's gonna be what you're

driving out of state flying out of state

renting a hotel room the average cost of

that is 328 dollars the average cost of

one phone call is less than 33 dollars

that doesn't include the call that

includes the infrastructure the

telecommunications hiring people losing

people anything and everything to do

with the average phone call from a

company if I dropped up the volume of

phone calls out of my company like we do

here my average person makes over 150

phone calls today times forty people

times forty people I could almost

couldn't say it I was shocked so much

times forty people that's six thousand

phone calls a day out of one office one

location right here in Miami that drives

down the cost of those phone calls now

if your people don't know this will they

use the phone no they're not sold on it

many your people are told you can't sell

something on the phone we can't sell the

product on the phone just get them in we

can't actually build a product value

presentation don't give a price on the

phone these are all misnomers about the

phone that had been taught for probably

a hundred years remember the telephone

is only 135 years old sales sales has

been around how long oh my gosh it's

been around since burrows and carpets

and anytime somebody wanted to trade one

product to another person the telephone

has only been around a hundred and

thirty five years that merchants and

entrepreneurs and people that wanted to

do better King Solomon didn't have a

telephone folks he did not have a phone

okay this little device can somebody

fill me a phone this little device today

can do everything the phone

we have today in our hands context email

right I can receive information I can

tweet I can use Facebook this is the

tool for your business to grow and

expand so the first thing we got to do

again three points I'm going to share

with you today how to make millions on

the phone first thing we got to do is

sell your people on this device they're

using it all day long every day for

everything they won't produce revenue

for you they use it for Facebook they

use it to tweet they use it to text

their kids they use it for their wife

they use it but they're not using it to

produce okay this simple device your

people must learn to use to be

productive with it just like they do

everything else how do I control the

communication if I'm gonna run an ad I'm

gonna have inbound calls hey tell me

about your ad how does it work you know

what's the gimmick what's the trick

why are you a higher-priced I don't want

to come all the way over there first


when does this expire you're gonna have

all these questions so the second part

of this is your people once you sell

them on the phone hey guys we're gonna

drive a bunch of traffic that traffic

has an 888 number in it that's gonna

require a bunch of inbound calls inbound

calls are designed to sell appointments

for us to go to them or close them on

the phone so you need scripts for every

possible phone call that would happen if

you're in real estate you need a script

if you're a roofer you need a script if

you're a massage and massaging the

massage business and you want to grow

out your business you need a script if

you're in cosmetology you need a scrip

for inbound calls and what about all the

calls they get dropped okay they get

dropped do you know in this country

alone there are three billion phone

calls every month just in America in the

great USA all right I'm sorry three

billion phone calls every day that means

in the period of one year there will be

one just short of one trillion phone

calls one trillion inbound calls

outbound calls what you doing today

how's it going do you know your people

don't even know how to start a call in

fact they start the call incorrectly

that's right they call

hey mr. Johnson this is Grant Cardone

over a grant cardone sales training

company look you should never use your

first and last name and the company all

in one sentence and you would never ask

anybody the next question which were

your people constantly do how are you

today mr. Johnson you hear this from

people selling mutual funds and from

Wall Street you you get the cold call

hey the reason I'm calling I'll give you

a wrong call right now so that the one

thing your people do when they make this

outbound call are the inbound calls

start trying to get on common ground

with a customer a potential customer or

prospect somebody that responded to your

internet your brand advertisement or

your direct advertisement and your

people start talking about how they're

doing today your customer didn't call to

get a check on how they felt today or

how the weather was in Miami or whatever

the situation is

you got to contract this call because

time kills calls your people need to

learn how to constrict this call keep it

tight and compressed I'm gonna give you

some always of a cold call this is a

different list than the always of a warm

call and different again then from a

very hot call for instance dear people

even know the difference between a cold

call a warm call and a hot call and did

you know that many warm and hot calls

can go cold immediately and in fact

anytime you doubt whether a call is warm

or hot that you need to treat it like a

cold call here's the always of a cold

call for instance number one there's 10

points here 1 be honest transparent and

straight for it you have to be more

honest more transparent and more

straightforward in a phone call than any

other sales environment just because

you're constricted to time they're gonna

hang up on you - you must be interesting

and interest did so I have to walk ok I

have to walk this fine line ok between

being interesting grabbing somebody's

attention and interested like have you

ever considered doing this before why

haven't you done this before

ok did you know you might qualify for

this that's where I've become interested

in the client 3 believe that you can

make a sale on every call you have to

train your people educate your pee

well motivate your people inspire your

people daily to believe that you can

actually sell this product on the first

call it's not true

okay the average sales follow-up call

takes 8 to 12 calls to close a

transaction if they're responding to an

internet lead you need to call the

average internet lead 8 times to get

them on the phone the first time and

another 8 to 12 times to actually close

the transaction so if your people

haven't done the math which I'll be

talking about as a third point

if they haven't done the math they call

two times and quit in fact did you know

75% of all sales people never call back

twice never never make it to the second

call why they don't have the scripts

they don't understand the math and they

don't understand how many calls it takes

because you as the business owner or the

manager have not taken the time to say

look this is the facts the phone is the

most productive device we have more -

what more productive than a CRM a CRM

doesn't work without a telephone you

collect all this data I have the data I

got Infusionsoft I got the best CRM in

the world to collect all my data I'm

using LinkedIn social media I'm using

Facebook to grab data we're spending

money on ads and nobody calls anybody

back ok it is the failure of American

businesses and businesses around the

world that nobody in the company knows

how to take a call or make a call number

four identify and solve problems

identify and solve problems what problem

you're trying to solve today okay magic

questions if I could wave a magic wand

and solve one problem permanently what

would it be you must find that out

number five be logical and structured in

the call I have to have a structure in

the call otherwise your people go all

over the place and run out of time be

respectful be enthusiastic be memorable

how do you sell yourself on a phone call

what's your tonality what's your voice

like if you're an introvert how do you

get your people out of that introversion

and become interesting enough to grab

entertain be memorable be entertaining

enough and how do you use third-party

third-party data credible information to

set yourself a

apart from everyone else I'll give you

one little trick real quick did you know

that if I have a headset on and I'm

taking a phone call

I want my mobile phone in this hand

because I want to text to that customer

that prospect the person asking for

questions I want to text them during the

call it improves your chance at an

appointment by 500% and your chances of

closing a deal by 328 percent by merely

saying can i text you some data while

you're asking the best price or our

proposal or the warranty or you'd like

to see what this products made of or

what the FDA said about this or that I

can text that to you right now texting

during an actual phone call will

increase your appointment ratio your

appointment show ratio and ultimately

bring a cash register and then scripts

okay scripts your people need scripts

they need a format to run off of in

order to control a communication your

people are having conversations

conversations are not selling controlled

communications start change the

conversation hook the customer in create

enough interest being entertaining and

memorable use third-party data and

enclose how do I close when do I quit

selling and start closing it's about

controlling a communication not having a

conversation the last thing I want to

share with you is this look you can make

millions on the phone you know that

there's millions of dollars of

opportunities it's a phone that's gonna

get you there not more ad dollars okay

it's not gonna be another product

another idea another concept you don't

need another big conference meeting you

need somebody picking up the phone

calling it and that means your people

need to do the call calculation I'm

gonna include that calculation in this

presentation so you can see there's a

actual math that your people must do to

know how many calls what's the cost of

every call what's it gonna cost me not

to make that phone call and if I want to

make a hundred grand a year at your

company or 250 or 500 thousand dollars

every sales person I have working in

this organization has done the

calculation of what it costs what would

it take in energy effort

okay how many people they'd have to call

follow-up talk to cold warm and hot in

order to make three hundred and forty

four thousand dollars a year we just

picked out a crazy number it puts them

in the top one percent it's

inspirational to people we do the math

and say okay here's the scripts here's

the pitch here's the manager to help you

do it we give them sales meetings and

sales trainings every day and then say

hey let's hit it

okay millions on the phone folks it's

the most powerful device

thank God Alexander Graham Bell and

called Tom Watson and said come over

here cuz the phone saves time saves


it'll make you Millions so what am I

telling you look three simple things

okay first you got to sell your people

on the phone as a device that can create

more revenue more product sales for you

for the company and for them number two

you have to have scripts folks there's

different scripts for referrals than an

incoming call than an outbound call then

the second call the third call the

fourth call the fiscal you need scripts

laid out for each one of those phone

calls and the third thing is do the math

what's in it for me if I make all these

phone calls this is a ten phone calls a

day or is it 90 phone calls a day or is

it 290 phone calls a day and what would

that get me do the math so three sell

them on the phone - okay scripts they

need them everybody needs him I need

them everybody needs a playbook and

three do the math hey grant cardone here

your friend in sales and in business and

if you don't know it already I'm doing a

live video webcast millions on the phone

comm i'ma teach you how to use this

little device just so you know I have

four companies start it all four with no

money zero money no connections my

education did not help me but learning

how to use this simple little device

right here this phone and calling people

I didn't know

calling people that had money calling

people that could use my product calling

people that could sort support my idea

and that I could actually help made all

the difference all for these companies

make millions of dollars a year and this

simple device was the thing that helped

me grow those businesses whether it was

my consulting business getting

book deal a TV deal getting a radio show

or whether it was the 500 million

dollars in real estate that my company

Cardone acquisitions is bought and sold

this device a telephone or this device a

telephone okay however they change over

the years

it was my ability to get through the

gatekeeper get an appointment create

urgency to control a phone call not have

a conversation my ability to separate

myself from 38 other competitors see

that's what you're faced with every day

okay on this live video webcast webinar

I'm gonna be showing you how to handle

price on the phone how to separate

yourself from the competition how to use

the phone to fill up your pipeline I'm

gonna show you how to get past that

gatekeeper that won't get you to the

decision-maker by the way did you know

the gatekeepers there because that guy's

easy to close you just got to get to him

I'm gonna show you the difference

between communication and conversation

by the way the only thing that'll ever

make you money is communication not

conversations I'm going to show you how

to close on the telephone how to close

an appointment on the phone close the

deal on the phone how to lock both of

them down so they never unwind on you

that will be worth by itself millions of

dollars I'm gonna show you how to

separate yourself in the competition how

to qualify the buyer how to find out

whether you have the decision make or

not what to never say on the phone I'm

gonna show you the 18 mistakes that even

the professional makes and how to never

make them again how to increase your

show rate by 500% no exaggeration how to

how to increase your close rate to

hundred percent no exaggeration using

one simple technique I'm gonna show you

how to make millions of dollars from the

phone that's why we call this millions

on the phone dot-com and look I'm not

just talking to you about phones or how

to sell a product on the phone I'm gonna

show you how I did this on the phone how

you can do this on the phone how you can

start your business on the phone how

your business depends on your abilities

on the phone how to maximize every phone

call every opportunity and how to take

those cold calls that some people think

are dead and turn them into freakin

millions of doll

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