How To NAIL The First 30 Seconds of A Cold Call

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anyways how to nail the first 30 seconds

of your cold call now the first 10 15 20

30 seconds of the most crucial we know

that because the majority of people get

frozen get nervous or get shut down and

the very beginning portions of a cold

call I want to give you some very basic

and simple tips just to help you out to

maybe not get you to a 100% success rate

but get you closest to 100% as possible

remember there's no tried all true way

that's gonna get you 100% success all

the time that's just not possible okay

so in the beginning of a cold call what

a lot of you do is the mistake that you

make is you don't mirror and match

people right away if somebody speaks

very quickly and says hello who's this

you want to speak quickly say hello this

is Brian okay the biggest thing that I

see is somebody will misstep they're

okay now mirror and match I mean you

literally copy them their tone their

pace their volume as much as possible

okay that breeds an air of familiarity

and now takes them farther away from

this is a cold color to maybe I know

this person okay now if I'm calling

somebody where I know the name like

let's say it's John if a male answers

the phone I'm gonna say hey John if he

says hey hello I'm saying hello John

almost acceptably saying like yeah John

that's you that gets him to now say wait

okay wait who's this instead of saying

hello this is Brian I'm looking for John

which is how a typical sales call will

go right you know the difference you see

the difference now that may not be John

I'm saying okay cool can you pass the

phone to John this is Brian again even

if I introduce myself I'm gonna say it

acceptably because if I call and it's

not John hey pass the phone to John this

is Brian you know how many times

and they just passed the phone and

they're like uh and I hear John he's

like who was that they're gonna but

since I did it acceptably the guy

doesn't ask me who was this doesn't

happen every time but you get what I'm

saying it's all about how you do it so I

want to eliminate the feeling of sales

and ignite the feeling of we might know

this person okay from there when you

introduce yourself a lot of people will

say how are you or something like that

stop doing that right they know you

don't give a I know you don't give

a you're just doing that because

you feel it's like the polite right

thing to do it's socially acceptable

throw that out the window okay

everybody else is doing them one of the

biggest tips I can give you a stop doing

stop doing what other people are doing

the majority stop okay you drop that you

get right to the point if you're gonna

ask anything in the beginning say do you

have a minute or you got a second okay

cuz then that's being respectful of

their time that's the one thing you can

ask that now is genuine okay

don't say how are you and all that other

stuff do you have to ask that no

sometimes I get right into it every once

in a while I'll ask if I hear kids in

the background or some kind of

distraction I'll acknowledge it say hey

I hear kids in the background I hear a

lot of you know commotion in the

background is to go ahead and call you

back and they'll say most of the time no

that's cool just make it quick perfect

next after you introduce yourself

it's Brian with Keller Williams real

estate company or whoever is that you're

calling from okay you let them know I'm

only gonna be a second I'm only gonna be

a minute I just have a few quick

questions okay by saying this you answer

their initial question whether this is

in person or over the phone which is how

long is this guy gonna try to keep me on

the phone okay

now usually at this point you're already

near 30 seconds are you at 15 or 20

seconds now your first line get right to

it don't hey I'm calling because the

reason I'm calling is because boom make

it straight to the point

it shows that you're respectful of their

time they're more likely to stay on the

phone with you and they're a lot more

likely to answer okay these are just

some very quick tips for the first 20 30

seconds of the call okay

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