DONATING MY EGGS: Retrieval week || appt's, travel & procedure

hello everybody welcome back to my

channel I just ended a vlog I think like

two days ago

but I'm starting another one because I

want to obviously take you guys through

like the egg donation process and


it is 5:52 right now it is Wednesday the

12th and I got up at 5 o'clock this

morning had to get ready cute shoes on

to go to a Monta it's called a

monitoring appointment it's where they

do like an ultrasound and make sure like

all the eggs are developing and like

everything's just looking good so I have

to do that in El Paso though and that's

an hour and a half away so I had to get

up very early to get ready together look

professional put together can't be

rolling in your PJs to be there at 8

o'clock this morning well I'm gonna go

here pretty soon I just in case there's

traffic or anything probably grab some

coffee along the way and then might get

breakfast afterwards so just wanted to

bring you guys along with me so welcome

to the vlog and I will see you guys in

El Paso

it is now 9:20 - I just got done at the

like at a lab here in town to get my

blood drawn I definitely need some

coffee and I need some breakfast I'm so

hungry I couldn't film anything because

it's like a lot of like private stuff

I'm not gonna bring you guys in to my

vaginal ultrasound the blood drawing is

like I don't know like all like the

medical offices and stuff I feel like I

really can't bring my camera in so I can

only tell you guys about like my

experience afterwards the ultrasound

went really well I have lots of

follicles which is great so gonna be

lots of eggs and then they'll send my

bloodwork over to the office and then

they'll let me know about my medication

my camera's gonna die so I'll have to

check in with you guys later on today or

when I have my next appointment which is

on Friday hey guys good morning it is

5:20 and I really need to go get ready

I have an appointment in El Paso at 8

a.m. and then I have a flight at 1

o'clock to Houston um yeah so that's

what's going on I always say that that's

what's going on I really do have to go

get ready I just wanted to check in with

you guys and let you know that that's

what's happening I'll see you guys later

on in El Paso

it is 756 and I just got to the building

it's over there that I have my

appointment at I like this Drive was so

brutal I'm really nauseous and I've got

a headache I just don't feel good the

first three days of the injections maybe

even for like I was so good the past two

days oh my god I think it's it's been

the past few days that I add the third

injection I feel so sick I just don't I

just don't feel good

Oh anyway my appointments I'm like it's

right at 8:00 and just got to walk to

the door and sign in get my ultrasound

just I feel so shitty and which makes me

really nervous because I already get a

little bit nauseous when I'm on a plane

and I'm especially like the whole like

takeoff and everything and I really hope

this goes way before my flight later

because that'll just be miserable



just got to the airport had changed into

something comfortable to travel

I made it to Houston it's four o'clock

and I'm picking up my rental car it's

through national rental cars and they

drop you off you pick a car in whatever

class you write like reserved it in and

then you just get in the car like you

pick from any of these cars so I just

was like all right I'll pick you like

this white Hyundai Elantra cuz it's like

it's gonna be really good on gas and

we're full okay what an interesting

thing now I need to go find my hotel and

relax because I'm not feeling great you

guys I'm really over the injections I

feel like my like my uterus and my

ovaries like I feel like they're so full

and like I don't know I'm not feeling

great but I have an ultrasound at 8:30

in the morning I know I saw the

medication to take but I'm like can we

just be dying do you have enough eggs is

that like my stomach I'm just so bloated

I'll show you guys when you get to the

hotel when I get to hotel anyway I'm

gonna go take this car I guess so weird

if I made it to my hotel it is so nice

it's one of those like home to suites or

whatever so it has like the fridge and

sink microwave stuff for coffee

dishwasher office area TV I gots to put

your clothes and things and hang up your

clothes in a big king-size bed and we

got a couch a little living room area

and then just a nice regular hotel

bathroom so I'm gonna go get some food

come back do my injections and then just

chill for the rest that I do you see

that sign right there 100% vegan and my

favorite food of all time could eat it

every single day of my life

is Asian food and I got vegan chicken lo

mein and steamed dumplings I'm so

excited so I got it to go I'm gonna go

back to my hotel it's like less than two

miles from the hotel I will be here all

week oh yeah before I eat all my noodles

and I'm like actually food bloated I

wanted to show you guys oh let me show

you these noodles by the way this is

oh good I'm literally gonna eat there

like every day okay so at the doctor

today I weighed 126 pounds which is

normal for me and then you were between

like 123 127 stay in that range but look

at my frickin belly like just all this

bloat down here I'm still bruised but

I'm just so bloated and like full so I

wanted to show you guys before it's just

lo mein in the belly

hello guys good morning it is Saturday

the 15th and I have an appointment for

an ultrasound at 8:30 it's like 8

o'clock right now so I need to head out

soon I wonder show you guys when I'm

running really quickly some jeans and

he's too cute shiny flats and a little

blazer I didn't know they were open on

Saturday I didn't think I was gonna have

like any appointments this weekend but

here I am up early again I got up at

like 7:00

I don't know how exciting this vlog is

gonna be because I can't like actually

bring my camera into my appointments and

stuff I wish that I could but I'll keep

you guys as informed as I can especially

for anybody else who's watched who came

across this video that wants to be an

egg donor or has considered it or

whatever I'm gonna try to give you as

much information as I can and like how

I'm feeling and like the whole process

and everything so yeah I think I'm gonna

go to this appointment and then

afterwards go grab some breakfast or

coffee or something so I'll see you guys

for that

it is now 9:40 my just left Whole Foods

or I'm leaving right now the most

beautiful Whole Foods I've ever seen

seriously so I got um a Cortado it's

either Cortado or cortada will stay a

Cortado since I'm a woman and it's just

I'm pretty sure it's just coffee and

almond milk or espresso and I'm gonna

look something like that

so I got that and then I got in here to

tofu scramble breakfast tacos like black

beans and brown rice and guacamole and

salsa I'm so excited

well guys my tacos are now in the trash

because I ordered tofu scramble tacos

they added egg and both of them and

sometimes it's very hard to tell whether

it's egg or if it's tofu so I took a big

bite of the taco and I'm like chewing

and I'm like oh my god

like I'm eating eggs so they're both in

the trash and now I'm just going to have

to eat my lo mein leftovers for

breakfast you guys this is my current

state right now a little coffee a little

lo mein got my water of course literally

about to just post up right here and

watch Grey's Anatomy it's now 2 o'clock

and I've literally just been hanging out

watching Grey's Anatomy and then I got

hungry and I decided to go back to the I

think it's called pepper grill pepper

veggie grill I'm not sure anyway the one

that has like a hundred percent vegan

Asian food oh my god and they had the

buffet the place was packed you guys

which makes me so happy

it was more packed than all the other

restaurants around it and I was just

like rooting for them because it's a

hundred percent vegan Indianism is

growing so fast and it's so exciting I'm

gonna show you guys what I got now so I

think that's some miso soup it's like

two pieces of vegan sushi some like

sesame balls this is kind of like like

vegan like pork or something strips but

they're super sweet with sesame seeds

really good I've had some of those in

the car on the way here okay so I got a

ton of dumplings because I got them

yesterday and they were so good Oh a

piece of my hair awesome some veggie

rolls some kind of like fried vegetable

thing and then I have no idea but like

some I think has like cabbage and some

kind of like meat substitute fried rice

and I think that's it about to chow down

so hard turn Grey's Anatomy back on eat

all this food and hang out it is now

like 7 o'clock I'm doing my injections

for the last time while I'm doing that

like the three ones that I've been doing

for the past a week for the last time

then tomorrow I have like a trigger shot

and then Monday I take antibiotics

Tuesday I go in for the retrieval at

6:30 in the morning but this is the last

time I have to do like all three and

so happy about that last time then I'm


Oh all done hey guys it is Sunday and I

just got dressed got my new oh look at

my new comers you're so cute

David got him for me and I am I've just

been like researching like local vegan

stuff and I found a lot of stuff I just

nothing's like really straight like

striking my interest really the only

thing that like sounds so good is pepper

tree Asian buffet but I'm not gonna do

that I'm gonna go it's somewhere else

I'm sure there's all these other hidden

places in town but I just can't find

them which is so frustrating about what

of us so I'm gonna go grab something to

eat and then I think I'm gonna get a

pedicure today do a little bit of

shopping just hang out and then David

gets here tomorrow so that's exciting

but I'm super super hungry so let's go

grab some food it is now like a little

past 3:00

earlier I went and got some food at a

Mediterranean buffet it was so delicious

I just like got my plates and set off

Zach by myself

but I have no problem like eating alone

or anything I think it's more awkward

for other people like why is that girl

all by herself

eating several plates of buffet food she

must be so depressed and then after that

I'll show you guys later I went and got

a pedicure I got some bright red nails

and then I just got dressed and ready

wearing my new boots that I love so much

and I'm gonna head to the Galleria to do

some shopping mostly some Christmas

shopping I'm actually getting David like

one or two like really nice gifts that

he's been wanting for a while number one

he lost his wedding ring when we were in

Vegas so I think I'm gonna replace that

and number two he's been wanting like a

really like nice watch that he can wear

for like special occasions and stuff or

just throw on when like when we go out

to dinner and things like that so I'm

gonna look for those two things and then

stop by probably Sephora and get some

makeup stuff that I need just gonna run

around and shop but I felt like dressing

up just a little bit so let me show you

guys my outfit I got these boots when I

was with my Mimi and like Jackson at

this little boutique downtown the jeans

are you know get the brand is universal

threads they're from Target

they're really cute who fit really well

and then the top is from Target as well

and I just kind of tied it up I was

gonna tuck it but I want like a really

nice belt

when I tuck it and this just seems like

kind of more casual yeah so that's the

little outfit I don't know what I

recorded last I don't think I did any of

shopping stuff the Galleria was so

packed and I always feel weird just

walking around like by myself recording

so it wasn't gonna do that I was very

successful though with David's gifts I

got him a David Yurman wedding band and

I'm so excited he's gonna love it and

then I got him a really nice watch from

fossil I just picked up pizza

maude pizza been sitting here eating it

watching Grey's Anatomy but the reason I

picked up my camera is I'm about to do

my last shot this is called the trigger

shot I don't know exactly what that

means I'm actually gonna Google in a

second when I'm done

I got to do this at exactly 7:30 and at

7:29 so let's do this and the mess it

shots are done for this

and hello whoo ow ah there we go

alright guys that's the last shot

hopefully I don't feel like all sick and

stuff after this but that's it get the

eggs ready to go

it is now Monday it's like 2 o'clock I

got up around like 9 o'clock this

morning well like up and out of bed and

I went and got Starbucks and like drove

around neighborhoods and like looking

all these cool nice houses I love doing

that and then I went to Whole Foods had

to make a had to get a refund for some

tacos that they ruined got some lunch

came back change clothes went over to

Ulta let me show you guys what I got at

Ulta I'm actually wearing some lipstick

now I got this mascara from Drew

Barrymore's like new cosmetic line flour

I'm excited to try the bag that's

because the one that I had I didn't

realize was actually tested on animals

and so that's really annoying

so I had to replace it then I got a hair

mask here's the lipstick it's like this

really pretty nude color I usually go

for these colors right here but mine

that I've been wearing is more pink this

is just more like a more nude less pink

oh I'd never gotten anything from

working with you morphe before so I got

these two morphe brushes one it's like a

buffer blender brush and this one's the

blender brush too but those are like my

favorite kinds of brushes it's like you

can use them for your whole eye and then

the last but not least lip liner I

always get the same color yesterday I

got a pedicure and my nail polish got

all messed up so I went and got them

fixed um David lands at like 7 o'clock

so for like 6:30 or something so I'm

just gonna chill and then go shower and

wash my hair and shave and everything

and then go pick him up hey guys

we're back together we were only broken

up or just a little bit I think two

weeks we went to dinner after the

airport and then we went to Whole Foods

and we got not a meal ice cream

strawberry cheesecake it's alright I

would say like

six out of ten and then when we were at


David put this in my bag when I was

looking and then when I went into my

purse to see what it was

he bought me this beautiful watch

he didn't buy the brand citizen um I

have to be up super super early in the

morning I have to be at the place for my

procedure at 6:30 in the morning so

we're gonna head to bed here pretty soon

I'm definitely give David the camera

tomorrow and whatever he can film of the

process I'll have him film especially

like me coming out of how do you

pronounce it anesthesia

anesthesia I've never been under old

Annie before but I will take out my

camera in the morning bring it with me

so goodbye

I'm getting dressed and I got some

people urges a lot and

soon we had

and socks are on this


oh yeah it's really good when we get the

full shot here



if you were to fill up

right the corner in February come back a

spot there you go wait get in that



Shelby how you doing


turn a 15-month song yeah drink your



you gotta drink the juice made up with

the juice

trying to juice felt it's just so crazy

I was like all right before I went and I

like really started me hanging

one like silently but I was like guys

I'm so nervous like I'm so nervous

she said that I may like see I was like

I mean I did this thing to fill this

with I'm nervous just so weird we have

no control over your body

so like right before is the hero had a

fight and then you did the pain

medication and I'm like wow good like

what I just woke up like 10 15 minutes

you probably out for like 30 45 minutes

it's like I'm Ashley wait yeah I just

felt like I'm gonna show you the footage


hello guys we are done we are in the car

it's 9:30 we just ordered some food for

pickup from snooze is it eatery snooze

eatery and am and am eatery and so we

got some avocado toast some hashbrowns

and some fruit and we're gonna go pick

that up and then go back so we can eat

and take some pain medication I'm

experiencing like intense cramping but

definitely like cramping and like it's

going like through the middle of my body

like all the way up

to the stomach of it's very big um yeah

that was pretty quick it was like three

hours total fail I'm pretty good but I

am ready for the codeine and a nap very

tired so the plan for the day is to just

literally pick up food watch movies and

lay in bed I don't do anything I hope

you guys enjoyed the clip of that David

took me totally out of it anyway I will

check in with you guys later all it is

um December 19 what's the day it is

Wednesday um we just let left we just

just left the fertility clinic but

yesterday was a very long and painful

day it hurts to get up it hurts to lay

down it hurts to roll over hurts to pee

and the pain medication that I was

taking was adding to the intense

migraines that I was having which were

like so bad they were making me nauseous

on top of already being nauseous and

then this morning I threw up so we went

back in the doctor saw me we did like an

ultrasound and everything looks good but

he that really took the time to explain

everything to me why I was feeling the

way that I was feeling and like he was

just an amazing doctor he made me feel

very well taken care of so he prescribed

me Oh on top of that I'm so constipated

I'm sure everybody wants to know

um but I'm giving you guys a real review

of how this donation goes so nausea

headaches constipation so I had to get a

stool softener never taking the stool

softener in my life never had this issue

and then I had to get medication for

nausea and then a different pain

medication I am looking forward to

getting some food and going back to the

hotel taking all the medicines and

passing out

I'm also you can't tolerate out what my

stomach is humongous this is definitely

different than what I expected it to be

they made it seem like the recovery for

like the day after is like no big deal

like oh yeah and if you want to go to

dinner later on tonight afterwards you

can I'm like I'm sorry I can't I

literally can hardly go to the bathroom

every time I have to go pee or last

night thank God David's a saint thank

god he's here he's been taking very good

care of me

every time I have to go pee I have to

wake him up to help me get up and go pee

and then anytime I need food ain't have

any more water because it's just really

painful to get in and out of bed and all

of the streets in Houston are super

bumpy and like my ovaries are just

flopping around he was telling me that

normally your ovaries are the size of

the walnut and mine are sides of

grapefruits right now so

extremely sensitive and extremely

uncomfortable but that's the update I'm

not doing great so far but hoping that

once I start taking these new

medications that I will feel a lot

better so we leave tomorrow we were

supposed to leave Friday but they

changed our flights and they are making

us age early so we'll see how that goes

Oh check in with y'all later all hey

guys it is December 28th now and I am

back home finally after being out of

town almost the entire month this is my

seventh day seventh or eighth day being

home out of the entire month and I'm

just chillin today taking it easy and

then tomorrow it's like unpacking and

cleaning and grocery shopping and

getting back to it so as I was editing

the video I'm editing it right now I

realized I didn't close out the video so

I just wanted to quickly do that and let

you guys know that I will be making a

separate video talking about like my

recovery how I felt after the retrieval

the emotions and like how your body just

what it goes through because I did have

a little bit of a hard time and I

honestly didn't feel like back to myself

until like maybe three days ago so yeah

if you are watching this video and

you're planning on donating your eggs do

a lot of research take care of yourself

get your body like in the healthiest

state you can because it's it's got a

really hard on you but again I will make

a separate video about all that stuff

and that will most likely be after like

my Christmas vlog or whatever so that is

all excuse this mess I plan on looking

like this all day um thank you guys so

much for watching don't forget to like

and comment and subscribe and share my

videos and I will see you guys in the

next one