How to sell offshore software development services

So you have an offshore software development company and try to sell your

services to clients in the US and in Europe but it's not going fast enough you want more

clients, you want larger contracts, you are calling here and they're sending

thousands of emails messages on LinkedIn, try to build a pipeline, bring a lot of

leads and prospects but no one is giving you the chance, you are trying to do

presentations to show them what you can do for them,

but they are not biting on it if this is your situation right now then this is the right place for you, stay with me ...

The biggest challenge software companies

have with the sales the marketing and sales are not coping with the technical

skills they have, most of the companies are run or maybe even owned by the

developers, small companies are owned by the same developers who started the

company and larger companies they promoted the developers and they get

into management and they do the sales also and this situation I have seen in

thousands and thousands of companies around the world it's not

different from country to country. Technical people have challenges to do

good in marketing and sales I'm not saying they are failing but they are not

taking it with serious enough education, training, and preparation. Let me ask

you, you are all developers and know what it means to have a

methodology for the software development if I ask you in what way, what method you

are using for the development you tell me I'm using Agile I'm - I'm using

Extreme Programming ,Waterfall this is traditional, I'm using SCRUM - I'm using

this and that, LEAN, you have so many methodologies so many frameworks to use

for a software development and this is how it should be in the sales and

marketing - if I ask you the same question about sales our marketing

what methodology do you use for the sales you would tell me NONE because you

are not taking it serious enough and after that you wonder why it's not

working today in this video I'll give you the tips and the way we

start the road map for how to build the sales skills needed to sell your

company and to place your company where it really deserves. I know you have

an excellent company with good muscles, developing muscles and a lot of

technology capacity but it's not utilized because you are not getting

enough clients, you are not getting enough contracts to get all these wonderful

developers you have busy all the time you need a lot of projects and this

is what we will be working on together stay with me..

Professional companies use a methodology called TAS it stands for Target Account Selling

This is a strategic way to solve and it's a complete

methodology or a framework for how you can build a pipeline and how can you treat

the prospects and you will lead during the whole process and this is

really a science it's not like just a random random set of try and fail procedure

You need to understand that you are not alone in the selling of

software services, there is millions of companies around the whole

world trying to compete with you and they are all targeting the same client

so the minute you when do you think you are alone

trying to save to this poor client getting your message on LinkedIn then

you made already the first mistake I'm on Linkedin and I'm getting

several emails every single day from companies in China in India

in Sri Lanka and Philippines and Vietnam in Russia in Ukraine and Romania you

name it, they are trying to offer me software development services and they

are all writing the same excellent emails and messages and they are trying

exactly the same way to sell me their services and really I don't have

capacity to read all that so the minute I see the email I understand that it's

about software development and I don't even open it anymore so here is the

challenge if you think you are alone in the market trying to go to selling them

you killed yourself from the first minute you need to understand that

it's a very tough and competitive market it's an industry in a growing and every

single day there is many new companies it are establishing and they are hungry

for client and they will be competing with you shoulder to shoulder and they

will be smashing on the same doors like you're trying to knock on very politely

everyday,also remember that the spamming is never the best way to

approach is selling is a complete different ball, it's a different

different art, you need to understand how you can get connected to a client, or a

lead, a prospect in the most decent and respectful way you, if you are

able to bring the client to you to ask you for your services this is

the ultimate goal, this is the optimum way to do the selling, not to go and

offer your services to somebody who you don't know anything about at the first

place. Remember sales is also very similar to building a multi-story

building multi floor building can never rise on the in the sky if there is not a

good fundament, and the fundament is for a sales world in your

relationship with a new client starts not from the first contract with them, in

the first contract you will build the first floor of this building, but before

that you need to put the fundament in place and this is done

during the marketing the sales and the qualifying process you are doing with

your client, if you don't understand this, and if you don't have the tools and the

methodology to do it, then there is no n relationship, no building can rise in

the sky. Remember to set your fundament you have to dig in the ground, you have

to dig deep enough so you can have a strong fundament that can carry all the

floors you want to build with this client, you have to dig, you need to ask

questions, you need to be listening to your client, and before all that you need

to do the research beforehand, before you start connecting to any client or

email a prospect, you need to do enough research so you know more about your

client before you start talking to them. Templates for emails and calls

never work with serious clients, it will never work so take my word for

it and try to understand that what you're doing is done by one million

other salesmen, don't do the same mistake. How you will get the opening with the

client if you don't differentiate yourself from the crowd, from all the

others, you need to be creative and to understand that what will open the

door for you is not information about you, you want to hand over to your client,

it's the information about them that you know and that we will show them that

even before they start doing business with you, you are already interested in their

company and in their interests that you are spending time studying them, and try

talking to them about their problems and how you can help them solve these

problems of the client you need to know in advance before you start talking to

them, if you cannot do that because of the

confidentiality this company has around them themselves,

the bigger the company is the harder to get into it, so then you will need to be

asking the right questions and doing the right assessment beforehand and this

whole process we call it the qualification of the client, it's a part

of the qualification, qualifying the client is about so many other things but

we start with this and do you know your client know your times here is the first

the first key to open a communication channel with them so you can start at

least discussing if you don't know anything then the chances to to start

discussing anything with them would be very very slim so to understand

information about your company to present your company to the client is

absolutely of no significant meaning at the very early stage it's all about your

lead or prospect about your client you have to focus on them and not about

yourself and what you can do don't show the muscles show them the ability to

understand their problems the capacity to listen to them the interest of

knowing their problems and understanding them really well this is what will gain

you their respect in the first place but to get into this stage it's a

harder process, and this is where we focus a lot in our training we are

giving this training and giving this early seed phase of the

pipeline we give it a lot of focus because here is where most of the people

struggle and the whole challenge is how to bring the clients to contact you, not

the opposite, and this is the absolutely dream of any sales but if you have

enough prospects coming to to knock on your door this is absolutely the perfect

setup and we will show you how it's done and it's possible but it needs a lot of

preparing so you will have enough and you

will not it only filling the pipeline but also you need to advance the

prospects throughout the time on the pipeline so you are advancing them to

the next phase and next stage but also you keep pumping in new leads all the

times you don't just close a deal at one time and start from the

beginning with an empty pipeline you need all the time to have a full

pipeline that you are working on and the different stages and this is exactly the

skills I'm telling you about. You need training to do that so we'll help you to

do it if you join one of our classes it's not very

difficult to learn but what again first the mind setting you need to

understand you need to put yourself in the seat of the client what you expect from

a vendor who is offering you their services if you just switch places one

single minute you will understand that all what you are doing now is

really killing your chances, pushing the presentation that

meeting you want them to come into a meeting to just to go through

your PowerPoint presentation and pump all the information in you have

prepared about your company, we have so many manpower, we have so many skills,

we have so many developers in the entry level the mid-level and the pro level,we

have so many project managers, where everyone is telling the same

there is absolutely no selling appeal in this story, if you reached so far on

this video and you're still listening you might notice that I didn't start

talking about my company or what I can do for you or what I'm selling maybe I

mentioned a word or two but I didn't focus on this, focusing on your situation

what you need?, what problems you really have right now?, and I will keep

doing this, and I want you to keep in mind, analyze the way I'm doing

because this is how you can build trust with the people listening to

you. You need to focus on their problems and their situation and to show that you

have you the energy and capacity to to go through it. If you can't show this

in the beginning then how can they they trust you on their projects and

that you will be solving their problems and in the future. So knowing your client

is the first step but this is step number one, but there is a step zero that

I jumped over because I want you to be prepared for it which is normal your own

company when we talk about millions of competitors, this is not really

an overestimation, this is reality and to be different from all these guys, you

need to know what strengths do you have, and I'm sure a lot of them have most of

the same strategies, but you need to focus on your own and you have to

understand what are you really strong points

what's your asset or value you would be capitalizing on when you are doing

this sell, what differentiates you between from the company next door to

you and this is done by a good assessment to yourself look at you the

existing resources you have, and here not only the human resources but

also of course the experience, the location, everything that can count in

understanding your profile. You need to build a profile for your company and you

would not present this this this profile or this package to the client before the

right timing. Timing is everything in sales, if you come with one thing too

early or too late, you ruin the sale. To win a sale you need to do everything in

in a harmony and a good like a symphony, everyone is playing their tone in

the right timing. So understanding yourself and your staff,

your stack of technologies, everything about your company is very

important and it has to make sense why you have a C# developer

group together with with the C++ you need to find a good reason why you have

all of the things you have in your company and how they can

benefit the client in the right project or at the right time

you need to also to prepare references, prepare them even though I'm sure if

you do everything right, you will not need references and I will show you this

in an own placing because this is an important

question, Many of the companies fail to present

good references when they do a sale and I will show you how you actually if you

do everything right, you will not need any references hopefully, but if they are

needed then you have to be prepared with them, you will always be prepared to any

obstacles or objection that will come during the whole road map of the sales

When we talk about big good clients, we talk about complex sales

process it will not just be 1, 2, 3 and you score, you will need to work on the

case so you can win it, and this is a very important mindset you need to have

in place before you start. So once you have assessed your own profile you know

a lot about yourself that you can present your company in a good way,

and also you know a lot of about your clients and then you

can really start the communication in the right way

Here comes the process itself and you after you do your assessment about the

client maybe you will not want to proceed with this client and this is

what we call a real qualifying. Qualifying here will save you and your

prospects a lot of time and energy wasted, maybe for no reason so if you

feel like okay here I have chances, here there is a possibility, and you can

calculate this with a good probability, then the steps the next steps will be

very important how to approach the client and how to start the selling.

In the selling process itself of course this video here is getting very

lengthy and it's not intended to be a full course of Strategic Account

Selling (TAS) but it's like a teaser. It shows you how the thinking in

the whole thing starts and how you can build on it and the whole of

process of assessments of yourself and your clients are done by using good

established tools that will help you do this in a professional way and also it

will not consume your time and your resource, and it also will help you

advance much faster because the cost is very important, you need to do this

process on a top quality level but again no one can afford the top

quality if you don't have the good procedures to do it at the lower cost

and this is what we focus very much on how to automate the process and make

it easy for you and your staff and also easy for the client who will

get involved because once you get engaged with the client you will be

asking them a lot of questions and giving some online forms

to to fill out to help you understand them a little bit better and this is done in

in a nice way that will not scare the client away, this is a very important

that you don't exhaust your prospect before the process itself started, so I hope

this has given you some taste of what we talk about in our company. In Technopolis we do this service the target accounts selling training and

also a case-by-case working so we help companies from the whole world getting

in contact with the clients in the West in Europe, clients in the US,

in Canada, and so on but we do it by training, hands-on training for the staff

so we can really teach them how it's done.

By doing it together and applying these procedures and methodology together then

we transfer the know-how and this is what's very important, this is not a

school, we are not an academy just training people and let with them

face their destiny, we try to apply the knowledge we transfer

because this is what we do for living, we do selling for a living, then this is why

it's very important for us to transfer the know-how to our clients

and get them in the level of being able to do it themselves and replicating this

and building new pipeline, new prospects, and getting closing new deals

all the time. So I hope this videos was very useful to you that you can

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other videos on the channel we talked also about fundraising if this is what

you need to grow your company and we can show you how to prepare your company for

acquisition but for this selling this is an important thing to understand that

selling is not just a random process, selling is a very

strategic project that is built over a lot of years and matured so bring this

skill set to your sales team so you can start seeing results. Thank you for

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