How to Sell More Billboards

let me ask you a question present a

scenario for you let's say you're in the

market for a new car you visit your

local dealership and speak with the

salesman that eagerly approaches you

before you can even get in the door I

needed a new car you tell him great he

says we have plenty you discuss the

various options they have the mid-size

leather seats sporty or sedan but then

he drops a bomb he says let's get your

signature on a contract and then we'll

show you what we've got I don't know

about you but I wouldn't buy from that

dealership I'd get out of there as fast

as I could so we like to see what we're

buying don't we if it's a car a new

phone or a pair of sneakers we got to

see it first

so how do you think our potential

billboard customers feel when we walk in

with only a contract and maybe a map and

some photos of the location something is

missing right we're not showing them

what they are buying the finished


the add artwork were creative imagine

how delightful the sales process would

be for both of you and your potential

advertiser if you presented them some

great-looking ads for their business

before they ever saw a contract it would

be easier to get in the door and get a

conversation going wouldn't it we should

all be doing this for every potential

customer and every renewal every time

but wait I have to wait three days to

get a piece of spec art from my designer

and if I don't have an in-house designer

I have to pay an outrageous fee just for

one ad we know we have been an outdoor

for decades and have seen the same

challenges of selling that everyone else

has that's why we did something about it

we created a program that anyone can use

to create premium outdoor ads in minutes

not days no design skills needed and

super easy to use

tasty ad uses the tools and strategies

that we have been using for years to

keep a 95 percent or higher occupancy

rate on our local billboard network of

twenty three digital displays for nearly

a decade with a very small sales staff

we simply put this method into a program

for everyone else to take advantage of

we offer a free two week trial because

we know you will see the benefits of

using it for yourself and continue to do

so if you use it every day get familiar

with it and really take advantage of it

as a sales tool for creating spec you

ads for every customer you will see an

increase in your sales