How To Sell Out

how to sell out are you a starving

artist hungry for commercial success

learn how to turn those intellectual

properties into actual properties you

will need talent to exploit something to

sell and someone to sell out to optional

desperation step 1 work is an artist for

several years this will not only ensure

that you have honed your craft but also

make you destitute and ready to cash in

if your government is supportive of the

Arts think of moving somewhere else like

North Korea or America step to throw

your integrity aside you won't need it

where you're going mister step 3 turn

your ear away from your own esoteric

artistic preferences and become one with

the masses like what they like love what

they love isn't this fun step 4 stop

being ahead of your time and start

having the time of your life the most

financially successful artists make

their fortunes challenging only a few

mainstream conventions if any step 5

you've completed your masterpiece now

find the right corporate interest to

sell out to it's time to carefully weigh

your personal values against your

monetary potential sometimes it helps to

imagine a scale made of diamonds a big

part of selling out is knowing when to

do it keep an eye out for deep pockets

and avoid internet startups step 6 sign

on the dotted line mr. Commercial Appeal

congratulations you're a starving artist

no more it's everything you ever dreamed

of did you know the clash the who led

zeppelin you to the Ramones sting and

even Bob Dylan have been paid for

allowing their music to be used in

advertising flick back